Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Freemasons: "Notre Dame Should Be Profaned and Turned Into a Temple of Culture"

France's Masons want to take advantage of the devastating fire of Notre-Dame de Paris to profane the cathedral and benefit the state.

(Paris) The year is 2019. In Cameroon, politics and business are secretly controlled by Freemasonry. In France, Masons are increasing the pressure to take the ruined cathedral of Notre-Dame church and rebuild it into a "secular" cultural temple.

This was decried by the episcopal conference of the country in a public appeal. The first signatory is the chairman of the Episcopal Conference, Msgr. Abraham Boualo Kome, Bishop of Bafang and Apostolic Administrator of Bafia.

The appeal of the bishops expressly includes the request to stop the Lodge Members, Rosicrucians and Sorcerers.
"At this very moment, in some parishes of our diocese, in the parish councils and even in some diocesan bodies, there are more and more people of increasing responsibility belonging to Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians or dedicated to witchcraft. Such a situation requires clarification. " 
The bishops emphasize that they will not only "recall the fundamental lines of the Magisterium" but to "want to impart precise, pastoral directives" over such more or less secret and occult groups, "to faith in Jesus Christ, dead, buried and risen, to proclaim and to fortify."

Freemasonry controls politics and business in Cameroon

Only last July 5, the United Grand Lodge of Cameroon wrote to the Prime Minister of the country with the demand to use their lodge brother Desiré Mama Ndjikam as responsible for the important project of Manoun Lake.

The Freemason Ndjikam already holds numerous influential posts that are heavily used, including Conaroute, the National Road Construction Council.

The bishops are concerned about the increasing influence of the Masons in the African country and the ever-new and always unabashed demands.

The Grand Lodge of Kamerung was formed in 2001 from four lodges which were then combined in the District Grand Lodge of Cameroon under the Grand Lodge of France.

The bishops recall that "the Christian religion is not our invention, but the religion revealed by God Himself to Moses, fulfilled and completed in and by Jesus Christ. Our faith is based on the truths revealed by the Lord. The truths are called dogmas. No Catholic can contradict them without denying his faith. It is about the dogmas of the Most Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. "

The bishops also affirm that it is strictly forbidden for Catholics to belong to the Rosicrucians and similar groups, as their teachings contradict the truth of the Gospels. The Rosicrucians, according to the bishops for explanation, see no person in God, but only as a kind of spiritual energy, the source of all material vibrations. The path to declared pantheism is not far away.

The bishops call for a solid teaching of the faithful in the truths of faith, which must be free from ambiguity. The reason for this, according to the bishops, is that ignorance is the most common reason that people fall prey to sects and Gnostic associations.

The faithful are called by the bishops to "unceasingly" profess their own faith in Jesus Christ, who died and rose again.

The call of the bishops knows no false compromises. Such a stance is, unfortunately, seldom found among Europe's bishops, which is why they hardly resist the Freemasons any more.

Fire as an excuse to turn Norte-Dame into a temple of culture

Last June 17, the French newspaper L'Opinion published an interview with Jean-Philippe Hubsch, Grand Master of the Great Orient of France, the country's most influential Masonic leader.

In the interview, Hubsch proposes nothing less than to profane the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, which on 14 April fell victim to a fire of unknown cause, and to turn it into a public temple of culture.

The quirky lodge brothers in France immediately plunged into activism to raise funds to rebuild the cathedral, which is the country's best known national landmark. The Masons speak of a "gesture of republican solidarity," but do not mean disinterestedness.

The Archbishop's Press Office of the Archdiocese of Paris, and even Archbishop Michel Aupetit of Paris, have personally spoken out since the conflagration to emphasize the Church's indispensable role as a place of worship.

In June, Archbishop Aupetit said in a sermon:

"Separating culture and worship is the result of ignorance or ideology. A culture without cult becomes an unculture. It reveals the abysmal religious ignorance of our contemporaries by excluding the concept of 'divine' and the name of God from the public sphere by invoking a secularism that excludes any visible spiritual dimension."

But the aproned brothers in the Masonic lodges will not let up. The cathedral of Notre-Dame is to be taken from the church and converted into a "secular" [Laicistic] temple of culture. Not cultus, but culture, the motto can be summarized with the small difference of only one letter, which is crucial.

Do you hear about it in the big media?

Were there public voices in the big media supporting the Church in France and in Cameroon?

There is nothing more to be heard.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


vetusta ecclesia said...

Norte Dame belongs to the State. The Church has unrestricted use of it.

JBQ said...

@vetusta ecclesia: That would open the door to an interpretation based on the French Revolution and not Joan of Arc.

Trad101 said...

All Catholic churches in France built before 1905 are property of the state. A sad fact resulting from the infamous Laicete Law of 1905. Masons have controlled France since 1793.

JBQ said...

I was not aware of the complete takeover by the Masons. The same is starting to bubble in the U.S. My hometown paper is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It is as Judeo-Bolshevik as they come.

Anonymous said...

They own everything lock+stock+barrel.
Traditional Catholics are now, sadly,a tiny irrelevant minority.

Anonymous said...

American NYC tri-state area V2 bishops led by Cardinal Dolan would love to turn Notre Dame de Paris into a Masonic temple. 900 years of the TLM in Paris are just way too many for Tim Dolan.

Tancred said...

I’d be really shocked if he weren’t a Mason.

Constantine said...

So are SSPX churches under the French State?

Anonymous said...

Community of Saint John Priest a very holy man was raked over the coals by Russia Today,

RT, 3 years ago for allegedly paying off 2 African teens in Cameroon. The whole thing

smells like a set up. Bishops and Priests have had suscipious deaths somehow RT missed

that point.

Galapagos said...

Throw a few spoons full of Ajax on your breakfast cereal, Kona. It'll bring a tear to you eye.

Trad101 said...

Re Constantine. If the church buildings in which the SSPX conducts it services were built before 1905 and was used as a church before that date, then that building is state property.
Of course the Laicete Law does not apply to new church buildings constructed after that date or old buildings recently renovated for religious use.
For example, Sacre Coeur in Paris was constructed in 1914 and is as far as I know owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris.

Anonymous said...

Tancred said...

It’s perilous to be a Catholic priest in Russia. RT used to be Pravda, and has some issues with its editorial staff. Also, in the past, advertised pornography. I haven’t read RT in a while.

Tancred said...