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Brazil’s President Warns of Violation of Sovereignty — Hildebrand Plans Power Grab in Amazon

(Brasilia) Brazil's new President Jair  Bolsonaro is "worried" about the possible decisions of the Amazon Synod convened by Pope Francis for next October. Literally, the head of state and government of the largest and most populous country in Latin America, in terms of area and population, said: "They want to rob us of the Amazon."

Bolsonaro responded to the Brazilian daily Valor Economico's last week's publication of the Instrumentum laboris, the working document for the Synod. It is "logical" that he is worried about the special synod. This is the second serious warning of the new Brazilian government about the Amazon Synod.

"They are trying to create new states on Brazilian territory."
"It's about the three A: an area of ​​136 million hectares from the Andes across the Amazon to the Atlantic. This large area should be placed under global control in the name of environmental protection. "

In plain text:

"They want to take the Amazon away from us, and we disagree with that. The press abroad claims that I want to destroy the Amazon. In fact, I want the Amazon to continue to be ours. "

For years under the slogan of the three A (in English: AAA Corridor, in Portuguese Corredor Tríplice A or Caminho da Anaconda, in Spanish Corredor AAA - Andes Amazonas Atlántico) forged outside Brazil political and economic plans for the Amazon basin. They aim to deprive Brazil of sovereignty over the vast, low-population, mineral-rich territory. The creeping loss of sovereignty should not come from war, but from international pressure in the name of environmental protection and the preservation of a "unique ecosystem". Bolsonaro speaks of an excuse.

Martin von Hildebrand and the Gaia Foundation

One of the representatives of this plan is the leftist Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia from 2010-2018. In a television program about his government program, Santos spoke in February 2015 about the Triple A Plan and its relationship to ethnologist Martin von Hildebrand, a grandson of the Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Martin von Hildebrand explains Msgr. Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo the AAA Corridor.
Martin von Hildebrand declares in September 2017 Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo the AAA Corridor.

Born in New York in 1943, Martin von Hildebrand grew up in Colombia, where his parents founded the country's first private university in 1949. He graduated in 1968 and spent several months with the rainforest Indians. Since then he has been campaigning for their rights and wants to "give back" to them an area the size of the old Federal Republic of Germany. As early as 1994, the weekly newspaper Die Zeit wrote: "The Rio Earth Summit made the rescue of the tropical rainforest the topic of world politics." The driving force behind this was Martin von Hildebrand. He is convinced that only the mysterious mythical-mystical "knowledge" of the Indians could "save" the rainforest. In the background there is a racial conflict, because "the whites" were identified as enemies. An enemy recognition in which whites energetically helped.

One of them, Martin von Hildebrand, founded the network Fundación Gaia Amazonas, which is supported by the European Commission and countries such as Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. Close ties also exist with the British royal family. José Lutzenberger worked closely with the foundation. The son of Bavarian emigrants was Brazil's Minister of the Environment from 1990-1992. Together with Hildebrand, he had in common not only that they were awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Lutzenberger was accused of having accepted "too much money" from Hildebrand's Foundation in his term of office and therefore ignored the Brazilian environmental protection organizations and listened to foreign votes. Lutzenberger had already founded in 1987 a foundation called Gaia. Hildebrand gave the same name to his foundation founded in 1990. Gaia stands for various forms of a "mother earth" understanding, which extends to cult-like and misanthropic characteristics.

Hildebrand is fascinated by the animistic cultures and religions of the Indians, which he describes as
a specific "cosmology".

Pantheism in the instrumentum laboris of the Amazon Synod

This non-church, pantheistic "cosmological view" of the Indians found its way into the Instrumentum laboris for the Amazon Synod. Close ties exist between the Gaia Foundation of Martin von Hildebrand and Curial Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the political arm of Pope Francis and Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences. Hildebrand himself explained in September 2017 the AAA Corridor to Sorondo.

Hildebrand said back then that he had spun all threads as a networker. For the implementation of the corridor is "ready. “ A year later, however, the election of Jair Bolsonaro made the plan a bummer.

The AAA Corridor, represented by the Gaia Foundation of Martin von Hildebrand.
The pantheistic influences in the Instrumentum laboris were analyzed by Prof. Roberto de Mattei: Amazon Synod: Gentlemen Cardinals and Bishops, do you really want such a Church?  All dubious elements discovered by him in the synod paper can also be found on the website of Fundacion Gaia Amazonas. The Indians claim, and Hildebrand seems to be convinced that their shamans in the Amazon rainforest could influence and cure "energy processes". Because of the health of the world he must therefore be deprived of foreign, that is, non-indigenous, human influences.

In this archaic context, to put it euphemistically, Marxist, liberation theological, indigenist and climate-mystery currents converge into an unusual alliance. Behind the alleged goals for the protection of indigenous rights, equality, CO2 reduction and biodiversity, especially in Brazil solid economic interests are suspected, to tighten the resources of the huge area of ​​control by certain forces, or at least to withdraw the sovereignty of Brazil and the the strongest emerging country in Latin America.

Keep in mind that Brazil is still a giant white spot on the map of the abortion lobby. The killing of unborn children is only allowed very restrictively. In 2016, WHO and other UN agencies, in concert with NGOs and mass media funded by billionaire foundations, attempted to legalize abortion in Brazil. The pretext was to serve the Zika panic generated by the combined forces. An attempt that failed. With which also the Zika virus disappeared from one day to the next.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, now retired by Pope Francis, spoke of "Herodians with ties in the United Nations want to kill children".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

Deitrich Von Hildebrand was deeply involved with Pope Pius XII in pushing back against the Nazis. He was also lauded by Pope John Paul II who had been involved himself in resisting the Nazis in Poland. In fact, he was hit and knocked down by a German troop truck. ----Just as a point of clarification, he was married for 45 years to his first wife who was his supportive companion. When she died, he married the renowned Alice who was one of his former students at Fordham. It is a shame that this grandson has evidently not read his books and is a supporter of Karl Marx.

cogito said...

The Amazon synod is run by the Germans.

Peter W said...

And Brazil is run by the descendants of the Third Reich.

Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous.

gm said...

Dietrich von Hildebrand, one of the great Augustinian- Franciscan neo-scholastic philosophers of the 20th century, also was a staunch defender of the TLM and Catholic Tradition. He once, in New York, debated and refuted Teilhard De Chardin and his ontological evolutionistic materialism. De Chardin was so devestated by the refutation that he never debated von Hildebrand again. I think vH would be disapointed by his grandson's liberal and modernist theological ideology. I wonder what Lady Alice von Hildebrand thinks about him. In all of her writings and lectures she never discusses the grandson.

gm said...

@Peter W That's exactly what a theological Nazi would say.

Tancred said...

Isn't he a grandson from DvH's first wife?

PW said...

No gm, Teilhard de Chardin fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably that he couldn't be moved for hours. Von Hildebrand was a very clever man but who, unfortunately, thought his own syllogisms were co-extensive with divine revelation and that is a typical AltTrad mistake.

gm said...

Yes, DvH' s son Francis and his wife started the first university in Columbia. Martin's great-great grand father was Adolf vH a famous German artist whose classical Greek mythological sculpture and fountain is still in downtown Munich today. They were a very distinguished and noble family.

gm said...

Dr Chardon the legend in your own mind, actually as reported by the Jesuits who hosted the debate, left in a huff because DvH exposed him as a pseudo scientist- only later did we find out that this was confirmed by De Chardin's Piltdown man cave man hoax. A false prophet preaching an ersatz cosmic Christ. DvH left the debafe and went home to his beloved wife, and de Chardin to his mistress Margarite Chambon.

gm said...
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gm said...

@PW even my auto correct doesn't like De Chardin aka Dr Chardon.

Unknown said...

While I agree with this writing's very valid criticism of the hideous globalist, anti catholic Synod of the Amazon, I must disagree with those who ignorantly claim that the von Hildebrands founded the first private university in ColOmbiain 1949. The truth is the first private university in Colombia was founded in the early 17th century. It was founded by the Jesuits when they were still catholic. The name is Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Tancred said...

Thanks for the correction!

Constantine said...
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Constantine said...

JBQ - in response to your first comment above-and anyone else interested:
Karl Marx said "He who does not work should not eat". He also said that the revolution is by workers, oppressed by the capitalists. And that the greatest weapon against the revolutionary proletariat is what he called the "lumpenproletarist" which are those who don't have a steady job or unemployed. They would collaborate with the capitalists in the hopes of obtaining scraps and handouts. In other words, the welfare rabble, the homeless, and the people living on the moral and social perpheries of society. Sounds familiar? Pope Francis works against working class people. He is not a true marxist, except in the sense of history as struggles. Francis is to the FAR LEFT of Karl Marx morally. But according to classical Marxist thought Francis is a "reactionary". A curious thought. So what is liberation theology about? Certainly not a liberation of workers from oppression. More like liberation of people from moral conscriptions.

gm said...

@unkown point well taken. Sometimes Wikipedia gets it wrong. Thanks

Tancred said...

That’s why the Old-School Reds despise the Post-Structuralists.