Thursday, July 4, 2019

Austrian Bishop Says Pope Fears Final Judgement

Edit: one of the only decent bishops in the Austrian Bishops’ Conference.

July 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun, in a short commentary published on the Austrian news website, reminds us that Pope Francis said in January 2019 that he will not abolish obligatory clerical celibacy, adding that he does not “want to appear before God with this decision.”
Bishop Laun quotes these latter papal words after first presenting Pope Francis’ words that “celibacy is a gift for the Church.” 
With it, Bishop Laun points out that Pope Francis is aware that the abolition of obligatory celibacy on his part would be a decision that he would one day have to answer for before God. 



  1. This pontiff continues his assault on the traditional Church. The "reform of morality" or what is considered to be moral behavior is reminiscent of George Orwell. He is probably the final pontiff as predicted with a Marxist model not needing one.---So, what about "thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church"? When he gave away the relics of St. Peter, he sent a message. As stated from a blog entitled "What Catholics Believe" which is SSPX, Francis is now the "successor to Christ" and not St. Peter. He is now wiping out the entire line of popes for a traditional Church.---Marxism is a sociological phenomenon which starts over in an evolving society as proclaimed in the writings of Teilhard de Chardin. Actually, it now appears that Francis equates himself as a prophet who is equal to both Mohammed and Christ Himself who will create a new world order.---At a police officer funeral of Monday, the auxiliary bishop gave the homily. He is all of five foot tall and basically illiterate so that he does not offend any one. Cardinal Glennon who died in Ireland after being made a cardinal and buried in the same Basilica was short in stature but tall in spirit.---There was no mention at all of Jesus Christ. There was only the statement of the compassion of God. Man is now equal to God Himself and makes his own rules. There is no longer a need for a Redeemer.---The creation of a new world religion without the Christianity of Jesus Christ is now seen. In order to have a one world religion, you have to remove the primacy of one tied to Jesus Christ which rules the world. The ministers in this new world order are a clan of gays who have a stilted view of reality.---Jesus the Christ came to fulfill the old law and not to destroy it. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob along with Moses set the tone for preparing for the then new world order set by Jesus the Rabbi. Now, we have "a legend in his own mind" who is attempting to do the same.---Malachi Martin who read the Third Secret was able to label it for what it is. It is called apostasy and a rejection of the message brought to us by our Redeemer. He calls us to overcome our fallen nature.---The ascendancy of a gay culture in the priesthood to the very top is very telling. The chosen followers of Christ were rough hewed men who were mostly married. They were fishermen who were to become "fishers of men".---This apparently anti pope gathers gay men around him in direct dichotomy to the actions of the Rabbi.

  2. No, he won't abolish it; he'll let his fellow hireling-bishops do it, and then, instead of disciplining them, he'll engage them in neverending "dialogue." And the phony faithful of the conciliar church will nod their heads and go along with this wonderful fruit of the most wonderfullest of all councils!