Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Yellow Vest Priest Faces Charges for Opposing Evil Macron

Edit: a priest leads a chant against Macron inside his church. He’s wearing a beautiful baroque chasuble, but we’re not sure of the propriety of this. Is it a Yellow Vest Mass? Anyway, the priest now faces criminal prosecution, but has appealed to Rome for defense. As the commentator notes, however, this priest certainly has legitimate cause to rebuke Macron and his policies since the Muslims being brought into France are vandalizing churches across the nation. It seems intentional as Macron himself was laughing as Notre Dame burned.

The story about the priest is around, 2:05:


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  1. Macron and his firemen know how to blast yellow vests with water cannon trucks to stifle dissent, but they couldn't figure out how to put water on the fire at Notre Dame for over two hours. Great work overpaid first responders of Paris,France.