Sunday, June 9, 2019

Pope Francis Turns Predator Over to Secular Arm

Decision as a result of serious allegations of abuse against clerics of the Diocese of Ciudad Real - The victim is accused of abusing several minors in a seminary

Madrid ( Pope Francis has dismissed a Spanish priest in the face of serious allegations of abuse. As the Diocese of Ciudad Real announced, the decision "for the good of the Church" was final. The entire Catholic community of the Diocese of Ciudad Real was on the side of the victim, it said.

The victim is accused of abusing several minors in a seminary. According to his diocese, he had already been given a secluded life in the monastery in a canon law procedure. But the man did not stick to that. In a lawsuit in front of a secular court, he faces a prison sentence of several years. 

Edit: he couldn’t be satisfied with having a fulfilling life of doing penance for his sins and good for people, he had to follow his compulsions to prey on young people.  It’s not clear here why he had access to minors in monastic seclusion.

Trans: Tancred


  1. It's an addiction. It is similar to alcohol and heroin. You have to admit your weakness to a "higher power". In a secular society, there is no higher power. "A man (woman) who counsels himself (herself) has a fool for a guide".

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