Saturday, June 15, 2019

New Institute of Female Religious Blooms in Vocations Desert

For the tradition-steeped Institut du Bon Pasteur (IBP), six candidates in the traditional rite will be consecrated to priests and deacons on June 29th.

(Paris) In Bordeaux, where the closing of the Archbishop's seminary has just been announced, this year's higher consecrations of the traditional Institut du Bon Pasteur will take place on the 29th of June. Recently, the Institute also started female branch.

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, the Archbishop of Bordeaux, announced a few days ago that the Archdiocesan seminary, which has been serving as an inter-diocesan seminary for several years, will be closed at the end of the current academic year. The reason for the drastic measure is the persistent lack of appeal.

Not directly related to the closure, but symbolic, is that this year's rise in ordinations will be credited to the traditional Institut du Bon Pasteur (Institute of the Good Shepherd) in Bordeaux.

On June 29, Msgr. François Bacqué will consecrate six candidates of the Institute to priests or deacons.

Msgr. Bacqué, born in 1936 like Pope Francis, is titular archbishop of Gradisca and until his retirement in 2011, he was Apostolic Nuncio in the diplomatic service of the Holy See. He himself comes from Bordeaux and was ordained a priest in 1966 for this archdiocese.

The consecrations take place in the church of Saint-Eloi beginning at 9 o'clock. It is the main church of the Institute. At the same time as the consecrations, the 40th priestly jubilee of the founder and Superior General Philippe Laguérie is celebrated.

P. Laguérie emerged from the Fraternity of St. Pius X (FSSPX). The quarrel came when he began to represent sedevacant positions. He gave these up later, founded his own religious community and approached Rome again. In 2006, a year before the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, the Institut du Bon Pasteur was legally recognized as the Institute of the Apostolic Life of the Pontifical Right and returned to full unity with Rome. Since then, it has been under the authority of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which was recently incorporated by Pope Francis as a section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Last April 6, five candidates from the Institute were ordained as sub-deacons, while eleven candidates received the lower orders. Archbishop Emery Kabongo Kaumdowi, Archbishop Emeritus of Ludo and canon of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, consecrated the ordinations.

Ordination of Subdeacons last April in Courtalaine

On March 19, 2019, the feast of St. Joseph, a new branch was canonically established by the Institute in Warsaw. In Poland there are six priests of the Institute in Bialystok, Czestochowa and Warsaw.

On March 25, the first three novices of the still very young female branch of the Institute made their solemn vows. The Servantes Réparatrices de la Sainte Famille were established in Bogota in Colombia and recognized by the Archbishop there. Their charism includes tradition and the traditional form of the Roman Rite. They support the priests of the Institute through their prayer. In a special way they devote themselves to the sanctification of the family, both in prayer and in the apostolate.

On March 25, 2019, the first novices of the new female branch made solemn vows

The International Seminary Saint Vincent de Paul of the Institut du Bon Pasteur is located in Courtalain near Chartres. The female branch can be contacted via the branch of the Institute in Bogota.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Institut du Bon Pasteur (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Let's look at the "handwriting on the wall" instead of the graffiti. The "new Church" of the present occupant is a socialist one. There is no room for the traditional. Prayer is obsolete. There is no viva Christo Rey. There is only the brotherhood (sisterhood of abortion) of the French and Bolshevik Revolutions. It is obvious from the leakings from the Third Secret that this can only be turned around through a divine intervention.---Today's lovable musings from AB Vigano detail how Cardinal Bertone ran the Vatican as Secretary of State. Bertone wrote a book for gosh sakes detailing his version of the Secret. You can find trails on the internet of the real reason for his vilification of the three children. He "dresses like the jack of hearts" and has a similar lifestyle.---That is the real reason for Vatican II. Now, what is open to argument is just how much influence Satan himself has over the entire procedure. For a pontiff to postulate the acceptance of "adultery, fornication, and sodomy" should be a pretty good tip off to his real agenda.

  2. "For a pontiff to postulate the acceptance of "adultery, fornication, and sodomy" should be a pretty good tip off to his real agenda" Francis and his people are the spawn of Satan. Cocopalmeiro and Paglia are perfect examples. Francis is their master.

    These new religious institutes of tradition are a magnificent example that despite the works of Satan , exemplified by Francis and his agenda and associates, that the Catholic Church still survives and grows.

    When Francis is gone (very soon we all hope), there will be a great flourishing of the True Mass and Faith, and religious institutes like these two highlighted here will grow and dozens more new Orders to follow. There is even a movement in Belgium among your traditionalists to restore the Beguines (religious women who lived in community in large or small settlements called Beguinages) and lived similar to enclosed nuns but were not bound by vows. They could leave whenever they wished. Some Beguinages had stores in them, or a school for children (their only contactwith the outside, and their means of support).

    Francis and his agenda and people are like an evil wind blowing thru the Church...a disease. But very soon, their leader, Francis, will be gone. A new Pope, much to the right of Francis, will take his place.....and Francis and his people and program will be only bad memories quickly repudiated.

    Damian Malliapalli

    1. Damian, how can we realistically hope that Bergoglio's gang wil just dissapear so that renewal can start? Next pope is probably Parolin or Tagle. Even if some taditional communities flourish, heretics still usurp all positions of power, with no sign of change. What gives you hope, my brother? We can only hope for some sudden shock from the heavens..

  3. "The consecrations take place in the church of Saint-Eloi" last month we had the great privilege of attending Holy Mass at Saint-Eloi in Bordeaux. The church building, the reverent priest, beautiful art, stained glass, schola cantorum, and the faithful Catholic congregation combine to offer a truly sacred liturgy.

  4. Wonderful news. I am surprised though that Francis hasn't squelched them! Let's hope not!

  5. 12:51

    Parolin is in bad health. He will not be a factor in the Conclave.
    In any case, he stinks more than a barrel of month old garbage.
    Even his old perv butt-buddies like Cupich and Dolan aren't going to touch him.

    Tagle is Asian. He has as much of a chance as an African. None.

    1. Okay, makes sense, but would you agree that whoever is chosen, it will surely be one of their own number? The man is not important, program is. Do you somehow expect an orthodox pope?

    2. Becket was supposed to be a Bishop friendly to Henry’s policies, but it didn’t turn out that way.

  6. Some of the Cardinals, even Francis appointments, are so disgusted by what has happened in this Pontificate, and its agenda, that surprisingly, they are not Francis cheerleaders. The most radical of Francis' supporters are all poison to the more realistic, moderate to conservative, and also the sizable number of traditional Cardinals. These marked men who are untouchables to most of the Cardinals are Parolin, Mariagiaga, Tagle, Cupich, Dolan, Tobin, O'Malley, and several others (Italians and Latin Americans). The only African who might very well be strongly papabile is Sarah.
    Don't look for a Francis clone next time. He is hated in Rome, hated in the Cardinals wouldn't (among other reasons), pick a man to carry on an agenda and a man who is so reviled.....and not only in Italy.
    Look for a man somewhat to the right of Benedict XVI...who takes the name of a Pope known as a champion of tradition (and there's one or two other names than the great name of Pius to pick from) :)

    Damian Malliapalli

  7. Any flourishing religious institute of faithful Catholics should not broadcast its success in attracting vocations. If this tragic pope hears about such a group, he may move to shut it down. He has a tendency to do that sort of thing.