Monday, June 17, 2019

Based Bishop Fights Evil City from Helicopter With Holy Water

Edit: while Bishops in the developing world are cowering for fear of the gays, some bishops are using tried and true methods with modern technologies.

[Daily Mail] Ruben Dario Jaramillo Montoya wants to use his position as Bishop of Buenaventura, in Colombia, to purge the streets of evil.
Montoya told local radio station Blu Radio: “We want to go around the whole of Buenaventura, from the air, and pour holy water onto it to see if we exorcise and get out all those demons that are destroying our port, so that God’s blessing comes and gets rid of all the wickedness that is in our streets.”
Local media report the National Army support the bishop’s plan and have offered him the use of a helicopter to carry it out.
They are reportedly working with the priest to work out where they will pour the holy water.



  1. Nice that a Bishop still believes in this. Of course his more progressive colleagues in the episcopate will mock and jeer at such so called" medieval" superstitions.

    Today, at the Vatican, Pope Bergoglio and his associates opened a synod which will discuss the idea of married men as priests in the remote Amazon regions to combat priest shortage. This is total bullshit.
    The reason for the priest shortage is the rot that came from Vatican II, and it's 50 year+ results....not to mention a pope who is not even a Catholic...but a heretic.
    I live near a former Catholic seminary.....Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Overbrook, Pa. It was founded in 1871 by Archbishop Wood, and nicknamed "Wood's Folly" back then, because it was considered too large a campus (then 150+ acres) to accommodate the 60 or so seminarians that were enrolled in 1871. But Archbishop Wood had foresight, and by theturn of the 20th century, there were over 100 seminarians at Saint Charles, over 300 by 1920, and in 1960, nearly 600 seminarians, with 10-15 studying at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, a few at Louvaine in Belgium, and 2-3 at other European sites.
    Along comes Vatican II in 1962-65, and enrollment almost immediately after 1964-65 starts to decline, accelerating after the introduction of the "Novus Ordo" in 1969.
    By 1974, there were 270 1978, 157. Today, thereare about 130.
    The seminary has stayed open all these years because the Archdiocese actively recruited seminarians from other dioceses to come and fill up the empty beds as the Philadelphia vocations collapsed. Today, the number of seminarians studying specifically for Philadelphia is around 44....lower than before the Civil War (1861-1865).
    Enrollment decline has accelerated since the election of Pope much so that the seminary has been sold to Main Line Health Care....a huge Philadelphia area Health service of about 4 hospitals, and dozens of physician offices and special services (ontology(cancer), orthopedic, pediatrics, geriatrics, etc).
    The seminari is looking to move to a 5-10 acre parcel of land. Down from the 79 acres it has now. Likely, only Philadelphia seminarians will reside at the new small facility, most likely not more than 30+ men.
    All the crosses on the buildings of course, when Main Line Health takes residence, will come down. The magnificent Italian renaissance style Chapel of Saint Martin of Tours on the campus with it's tall campanile might be leveled by a wrecking ball or dynamite. The switchboard operators already answer the phone as "Campus Information Center", not as they did only afew weeks ago, saying "Good Morning, Saint Charles Seminary......"
    All the religious pictures will of course come off the walls, probably in the Fall, because Main Line Health will start using many of the classrooms for their own use.
    That's particularly sad, because some are 19th century masterpieces of Catholic devotion.
    But the pictures of Pope Francis they have hanging on the walls can be ripped off and thrown in the trash where they belong.
    If this synod does allow for married priests for the Amazon, it is the end of the Roman Catholic Church, unless some brave Cardinals and bishops (and not just 1-2) stand up against Pope Francis.
    Some people speak of a schism thanks to Pope Francis and his people. If it comes to that, they should gather supporters, including wealthy patrons (and I know from reading that there are hundreds), find a large site, map it out, and build a new Rome and new Vatican, with a good man elected as a new, temporary (it is hoped), Pope. Personally, if married priests are allowed for with Pope Francis and company, I would follow the traditionals or any other group rising to protest this, and consider them the True Church....not Francis, Parolin, and company.

    Damian Malliapalli

    1. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia should donate it to one of the traditional fraternities, e.g. SSPX, FSSP, ICKSP. You'd see how fast SC would fill up again.


    2. Also, the Eastern Catholic Churches allow *married men* to become priests. There are lots of rules & regulations that ONLY apply to married priests.

      For starters, if a married man wants to become a priest, he must get his wife's permission. She must freely consent to it. If she says NO, that's the end of it. (If we ever meet in person, I have to tell you a true story re the wife saying no.) If she says yes, then he goes to the seminary and she receives special formation.

      My pastor is a married Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest who serves our sister parish as well as our parish, is a hospital chaplain, loves gardening and has a good sense of humor.

      As I've posted ad nauseam on other blogs, if the Latin Church wants married priests, they should adopt *in toto* ALL the rules & regulations which Eastern Catholic married priests must follow. Otherwise, DON'T do it!!!


    3. They shouldn’t do it at all.

      There are all kinds of problems with married clergy that don’t get addressed in glowing apologias written by its exponents.

      One thing that militates against Latins having wives would be the requirements of saying Mass daily. The Orthodox require abistinence from marital duties before Liturgy is said.

    4. Married Priests in 2019 is a domestic dispute waiting to happen.
      The type which evolves into tragedy and is featured on