Monday, May 6, 2019

Cardinal Müller Criticizes Curial Reform: Theologically Clueless

The description of the tasks of the new authority for the doctrine of faith shows "a shattering theological ignorance of the authors of this section.”

Rome ( Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, sharply criticized the draft for the Roman Curial Reform. In the interview with the PNP Müller speaks of "theological ignorance". In the various media is "no conclusive concept of the origin, nature and mission of the Church is recognizable.” Instead of orienting itself more clearly to the concept of the Church of the Second Vatican Council, "the Curia remains lost in the air, because it is no longer clearly assigned to the service of the Pope for the Universal Church." The document was approved by the Pontifical Council of the Pope and is currently available to leading Church offices for consideration.

Müller is also critical that the special role of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith is being relativized. "The draft is a haphazard juxtaposition of 16 ministries that are somehow in the service of the pope, the individual bishops and the episcopal conferences." Evangelization comes first "although it is a task of the whole Church and not specific to the Pope.” Müller finds clear words: "This sketch is for a future Apostolic Constitution to a conglomeration of subjective individual ideas, pious wishes, moral appeals with individual quotations from Council texts and statements by the current Pope."

The former bishop of Regensburg also criticizes the fact that the draft for the curia reform "does not clearly distinguish" between the secular and spiritual tasks of the pope. The secular tasks were "only secondary and by no means significantly connected with the papacy.” The "highest mission of the Pope" was "his teaching as a member and head of the episcopal college.” But even though "the universal teaching of the Church is the basis of existence of the papal primate,” the doctrine of faith now appears only as "any task of the pope among many others.”

Especially in the description of the tasks of the new authority for the Doctrine of Faith shows, says Müller, "there is a shattering theological ignorance of the authors of this section". Thus, basic concepts of Catholic theology such as Revelation, Gospel or Magisterium are being employed “disjointedly or incorrectly.” It remains to be hoped that "this section will be formulated from scratch by a proven theologian and canonist."

Trans: Tancred


  1. "evangelization comes first" means placing doctrine first, since evangelization means publicly upholding and teaching doctrine.


  2. How can the two popes evangelize with mortal sins of faith on their soul.

    1. So a heretic is a Catholic (not Christian) who rejects a truth that the “Magisterium has infallibly defined” to be “divinely revealed” like outside the Church there is no salvation. There is no known salvation outside the Church in 2019 and so the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) cannot be contradicted by any practical exceptions. Since for us human beings there can be no exceptions.But for the present two popes there are exceptions. The baptism of desire, baptism of blood and being saved in invincible ignorance are exceptions to EENS. So they have changed the understanding of the dogma.
    2. A heretic is a Catholic who rejects a truth that the “Magisterium has infallibly defined” to be “divinely revealed” like we believe in there being only one baptism for the forgiveness of sins( Nicene Creed). This is the baptism of water. For the two popes there are three or more known baptisms, all without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. So there is not only one baptism but many theoretical and unknown possibilities.They are all assumed to be equivalent to the baptism of water.
    3. A heretic is a Catholic who rejects a truth that the “Magisterium has infallibly defined” to be “divinely revealed” like EENS, the Nicene Creed, Apostles Creed and Athanasius Creed.They are all being rejected with an irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II.The Council is interpreted by the two popes with alleged exceptions of invisible people being visible. Invisible cases of the BOD, BOB and I.I and in Vatican Council II, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22 etc are all assumed to be visible examples of salvation outside the Church.This is irrational and the conclusion is heretical.

    1. So EENS is contradicted and so is John 3:5, Mark 16 :16 etc.
    2. The Nicene Creed is contradicted.( I believe in more than one known baptism for the forgiveness of sins and they exclude the baptism of water in the Catholic Church).
    3.The Apostles Creed is re-interpreted ( I believe in the Holy Spirit which teaches the Catholic Church today according to the two popes that there is known salvation outside the Church).
    4.The Athanasius Creed is rejected( Outside the Church there is no salvation).
    This is all first class heresy in the hierarchy of truths of Pope John Paul II.
    What the past Magisterium has infallibly defined to be “divinely revealed” is rejected or changed by the present two popes.

    MAY 7, 2019
    Evidence of mortal sins of faith

  3. EENS I agree and all knowledgeable Catholics [and Orthodox] are aware of. But St.Ditmas died without Baptism nor was he under the Old Law saved, as he was a pagan Egyptian.
    St. Paul says that those not under the law are still subject to a law "unto themselves", for the Law is written in the hearts of all men. Pope Pius X wrote about people who are "invincibly ignorant".Of course, one who has doubts about his false or inadequate faith, need to question himself. And we are here to help answer his questions.
    Francis the humble has had and even now still has, access to the faith and teachings to know the Law, without excuse.Those in the far roads and countryside who may not even have heard of the King are still even called to the Marriage Feast, as long as they present themselves properly dressed.Francis and his henchmen, on the other hand, live by the apparent rules of the law [the Pope and Synods and Councils must be obeyed without question], but not the spirit of the Law. Cardinal Muller is incorrect to think that the group running the Vatican is theologically ignorant. The Vatican clique in power is not ignorant, but intentionally understanding that these errors are to undermine the Church.

    1. The New Israel wasn’t established when the good thief died.

      Akachulay, St. Pius IX said most men are condemned because of ignorance, not saved because of it.

  4. "4. But since the Modernists (as they are commonly and rightly called) employ a very clever artifice, namely, to present their doctrines without order and systematic arrangement into one whole, scattered and disjointed one from another, so as to appear to be in doubt and uncertainty, while they are in reality firm and steadfast, it will be of advantage, Venerable Brethren, to bring their teachings together here into one group, and to point out the connexion between them, and thus to pass to an examination of the sources of the errors, and to prescribe remedies for averting the evil."

    Sure Mueller, like Ouellet, could tell us exactly what's going on here (just as Bergoglio himself could) as he "carr[ies] on, full of confidence and joy, the missionary reform he has begun," but, of course, they are his close partners in destruction and so like all lying, double talking, sons of Satan never are they more deceitful than when they appear to tell the truth. "Instead of orienting itself more clearly to the concept of the Church of the Second Vatican Council," is not in quotes in the above article because, of course, that is exactly what Bergoglio is doing: fully implementing the council.

  5. It is all about going back to "square one". That is what Marxism does. It takes the state of a culture at the present time and then builds on it.---Francis is taking the state of the world culture and accepting it much like the Church did with Constantine. He views 2000 years of Christian culture as being obsolete. One example has to do with the Eucharist.---The original role of the Eucharist was when Christ multiplied the loaves and the fishes and fed his people. Francis doesn't believe in that miracle by the way. He doesn't appear to know about manna in the desert when Moses and his people wandered for 40 years either---His reasoning is beyond faulty and appears to be guided by his own personal agenda in regard to sexual mores.