Monday, April 15, 2019

Fire Engulfs Notre Dame in Paris

Edit: as we reported earlier, churches all over France are being vandalized and set on fire by some of the usual suspects.




  1. The symbolic value and timing of this fire is not the least suspicious.

    Behold the smiley face emojis on Mohammedan Twitter feeds.

  2. Don't be surprised if Muslims are to blame. If it is found out that they did it, which is VERY possible, there will be a war in France. No Muslim will be safe.
    They better pack up now and flee to the welcoming arms of heir greatest champion and protector and spokesman, the man who every day proclaims how wonderful they are....none other that Pope Francis.

    If it does turn out to be Muslims, Pope Francis is largely to blame.... he and his pro-Muslim rhetoric. There should be a groundswell among Catholics to force him out. He and his crowd of perverts, who go about quoting and imitating him like the Red Chinese used to do with Mao Tse Tung.

    Damian Malliapalli

  3. Heartbreaking!


  4. Apparently Muslims were already nesting in the Cathedral. The government promises to find new homes for them. Isn’t that nice?

  5. Some CNN B.S. and others have tried to explain it all away that it was an accident caused by renovations. That is "perhaps" true, but that doesn't hold up very well because

    1) The workers were long gone, and the fire started after 6:30 pm
    2) Muslims were living in a room in the Cathedral.
    3). The building was locked and closed, so no one could easily get inside (unless of course they were already inside and hid)
    4). It's Holy Week, the most sacred week in the Catholic liturgical year. It makes perfect sense for Muslims to launch a terrorist attack during a sacred time like this. It would be entirely in keeping with their mindset.

    I have traveled the world and seen Muslim damage to Christian (particularly Catholic), churches and monasteries.
    I have seen Muslim young guys spit on young Catholic nuns in Jerusalem(and the nuns wore the traditional black habits, not the Vatican II fake habits).
    I have read of Muslims denigrating the Blessed Sacrament in Catholic Churches, insulting Catholic tradition and ridiculing the Pope (Benedict XVI).

    If it does turn out to be Muslims who destroyed Notre Dame, look for there to be a real bloodbath in France against the Muslims. Many in France and already blaming them.
    Some in France are blaming Jews????? Jews are good people and not terrorists, so that is really sick.
    But France, and many other countries in that part of Europe will be very, very unsafe for Muslims if they do turn out to be the guilty party....which many in France believe anyway.
    If id does turn out to be Muslims, and Pope Francis nevertheless still mouths off about how misunderstood they are and how much they are victims.....the people in France should en masse e (maybe at St. Peter's) tell him to shut the "f" up.

    Damian Malliapalli