Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Richest Church in the World Pays Abuse Victims 5,000 Euros

Bundestag vice-president Kubicki "If we consider that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust.”

Berlin (kath.net) An abuse victim is typically paid only  5,000 Euros for compensation in Germany in the past few years by the Catholic Church. This was reported by BILD, citing the Central Coordination Office. This had been recommended until autumn 2017 for 1788 applications of 8.7 million euros in compensation, which on average is only 5,000 euros per victim. Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki made heavy criticism of these compensatory payments: "If we bear in mind that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust." Those affected are outraged by these low payments. "For years, the richest church in the world has been offering ridiculous compensation payments to its victims. 1000, 3000, 5000 Euro are a new humiliation for those affected," says Matthias Katsch of the victim association Eckiger Tisch. "In the US, victims were awarded millions of dollars, but there the state carries out the proceedings, in Germany because of the statute of limitations, the church itself.

Edit: it has more to do with the German Church being a spiritual, welfare arm of the Bundesland.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


  1. The individuals themselves must be allowed to go on trial & expiate their crimes. Our donations have been used in the spurious attempt to buy their silence by associating the laity with their heinous acts. This must end or there won't be a semblance of what we've known as the OHC&A Church for our children & grandchildren to adhere to.

  2. Abuse will go on in the Church as long as so many in the church defend the abusers: What a laugh riot: church militant ain't interviewing pell's victims (THEY ARE DETRACTORS (Gloria TV)!), Lifesite "News" ain't releasing any (EXCLUSIVE!) Vigano letters (they're doing a novena for his eminence's intentions), and Frank Walker has deleted his link to Milo's (that brilliant sodomite catholic) piece on pell's innocence but has 2-4 other links--Po' Pell won't be allowed to say mass in his solitary confinement cell (as if N.O. Pell ever said the black N.O. 'mass' when there wasn't a big 'assembly' audience to confirm the spiritual presence of Satan (whenever 2 or 3 not one altar devil alone).

    Pell believes that Adam and Eve are a myth: so the atheist asks (not lifesite 'news' or gloria tv), where did original sin come from? If there's no original sin, then there's no need for a savior to open heaven for mankind. There's no need for a sacrifice and there's no need for a mass. Ergo has Pell EVER confected the sacrament (or any N.O. perfidious pedophile fink engaging in plain vanilla penetration w/a child who is an unwilling participant)?



    Pell's Easter proclamation is that Euthanasia is A-OKAY as long as it's for the pain. But oh them Colombians--maybe Lifesite news and henry weston should start a novena for the colombian euthanizers' spritual and temporal welfare and their intentions.




    Pell is innocent (because he said so & we believe him). He'll be freed on appeal (we're praying novenas). And lest any of their readers doubt, they don't even report the news: "his lawyer described one of Pell’s offences as a “plain vanilla sexual penetration case where the child is not actively participating”." "A second impact statement was submitted from the father of the second boy Pell abused. That victim died in 2014 of a drug overdose, when he was 30." [of course if they never mention the dead accuser they don't have to pray for him or consider his temporal and spiritual welfare]

  3. I think Pell is a malevolent snake. I’ve always thought he was an evil political creature. The testimony of his victims and witnesses were very convincing, not to mention his own tolerance and encouragement of deviant subcultures in his diocese.

    1. It doesn't matter what you think Tancred...look at the evidence presented in the court, Pell is not guilty. Many lawyers, be they Catholic, protestants, agnostics, homos who hate Pells belief systemm, agnostics and atheistic are standing up in support of Pell.

  4. What matters is what the jury thought. It may be unjust to put a man in jail based in events happening beyond statute, but I still think he’s guilty of what some of his accusers say he did.