Monday, March 4, 2019

Pastor Shortage in Protestant Church in Germany

Edit: if they only allowed them to marry and have normal lives, the Evangelical Church in Germany wouldn’t be having these problems. They really need to get with the times.

According to a report by the FAS, the number of pastors is falling faster than the number of church members among Protestants

Frankfurt ( The Protestants in Germany also have a pastor's shortage. This has been reported by the FAS (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung). According to the Protestants, the number of pastors is falling faster than the number of church members. According to the report, more and more churches have to share a pastor. Sixteen of the twenty Protestant churches announced that they could no longer meet the needs of pastors until 2030.

Meanwhile, Washington Post asks if Protestant Ministress can streamline her stodgy, dying Protestant mainline church into a progressive, cringey (and presumably more lucrative) Evangelical one.

As mainline Protestant churches struggle with membership losses across denominations, Butler is looking for ways to infuse some of what has made evangelicalism thrive into a more progressive form of Protestantism, two forms of Christianity usually seen at odds with one another.

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