Thursday, March 7, 2019

Just Breaking in News: Evil Cardinal Sentenced to Prison for Covering up Sex Abuse

The French Bishops' Conference did not want to comment on Barbarin's move - VIDEO: Statement by Cardinal Barbari

Paris ( [Modernist] Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, sentenced to six months probation for not reporting a case of abuse, will offer Pope Francis his resignation. The Archbishop of Lyon announced this on Thursday in a brief statement to media representatives. "I take note of the court's decision and have decided to go to the Holy Father to offer him my resignation," said Barbarin. Pope Francis will receive him in the Vatican in a few days.

The French Bishops' Conference did not want to comment on Barbarin's move. A brief statement on the website said that the judgment against the Cardinal was being noted and that the outcome of the appeal hearing was now awaiting notice. Barbarin's decision to submit his resignation to the pope was subject to the "personal conscience" of the cardinal. At the same time, the Episcopal Conference reaffirmed its determination to tackle all sexual aggression committed by clerics toward minors.

Diocese of Lyon / France: Statement by Cardinal Barbarin: 'I will ask the Holy Father for dismissal' (French)

Trans: Tancred



  2. If only PF would follow Cd. Barbarin's example and resign

  3. Has Pell resigned? He transferred priests too, but all the opus devils and fssp remnants are prayin' novenas for his intentions. Why don't they demand his resignation like they do Wuerl's? Pell transferred child abusers too and then blamed the bishops who promoted him (they lied to him and deceived him). But if pell's health was so bad he couldn't leave Rome in 2016, how come he's there in jail now? Seems to me pell and the fssp opus devils are the liars and cover uppers of the filth in the Church (they don't protect children or the church--they protect their influential 'friends').

    "The cardinal, who could not travel to Australia for health reasons, gave his statements through a video link on Tuesday.

    "Commissioner Peter McClellan repeatedly asked Pell about Father Gerald Ridsdale, a priest convicted in 1993, 2006 and 2013 of offenses against more than 50 children in Australia. Ridsdale was shifted from one parish to another after regional bishops consulted with Pell on the appointments.

    "Pell was a priest in the Australian town of Ballarat in the 1970s and advised Bishop Ronald Mulkearns about placing priests within the diocese. "Gentle and euphemistic language… was regularly used by Bishop Mulkearns on these occasions, so that some of us were kept in the dark," Pell told the commission.

    "McClellan asked Pell if he had been "deceived" and "lied to" by the Bishop and Monsignor Fiscalini. Pell said that was correct and denied any responsibility for Ridsdale's repeated transfers....But Pell also admitted that he did not find the matter important enough. "It's a sad story and it wasn't of much interest to me," he said.

    Cardinal Pell, who is not accused of sexual abuse, denied knowing about paedophile priests who were active in the Ballarat diocese during his time there as a priest in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Cardinal Pell was a priest in Ballarat and lived in a seminary with a notorious paedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale, in the early 1970s.

    Ridsdale committed more than 130 offences against young boys while working as a chaplain at Ballarat's St Alipius school between the 1960s and the 1980s.

  4. Francis should resign. If the "good" Cardinals and Bishops left in the world had any backbone (I won't write what I'm really thinking if they had any), they would as a group demand the resignation of Francis and all his associates. Instead, we watch them fall one by one.
    The good thing is that they are all radical liberals, now totally discredited. Pell was no real conservative....he was just less bad than the rest.
    But let's see.....there's McCarrick, Pell, Mariadiaga, Barbarin, the 2 liberal Cardinals in Chile, all either gone or badly damaged by sex scandals or money scandals or both(Mariadiaga).
    The one good thing is that day by day, this ruins Francis and his papacy more and more. I read that in the Curia, he has NO supporters except for his tiny circle of perverts and homos (Cardinal Coco, etc.).
    Don't be surprised if one morning, we all are thrilled by the news that Francis has quit.
    Rome and the Vatican will be one big party for days.

    Damian Malliapalli

  5. Pell brought Opus Dei into Australia . They owe him.
    It has been our experience to have resided in and attended parishes under pro hx Bishops.
    They would defend priests whom parishioners and rectory employees complained about as being sodomites who promoted the LGBTQ agenda. These Bishops ALSO curried favor with the Opus Dei establishment organization and in doing so were able to polish a fake veneer of orthodoxy knowing Opus Dei would jump to their defense, simply because they had a presence in the their Diocese and could recruit and make money.
    The same Bishops allowed Indult masses , often celebrated by hx priests who love to dress in the lace and sing.
    Beware. The veil of orthodoxy works well for them.

  6. Now Canon 212 is quoting Fr. Rutler this and Fr. Rutler that. Here's the bio of Fairy Opus Devil Rutter: "Father Rutler was ordained to the diaconate in Rome by His Eminence Fairy Fairy William Cardinal Baum in 1980 and received priestly ordination in St. Patrick's Cathedral at the hands of His Eminence Fairy McCarrick Fairy Terence Cardinal Cooke in 1981...For ten years he was also National Chaplain of Legatus...Since 1988 his weekly television program has been broadcast worldwide on EWTN... Born in 1945 and reared in the Episcopal tradition in New Jersey and New York, Father Rutler was an Episcopal priest for nine years, and the youngest Episcopal rector in the country when he headed the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1979 and was sent to the North American College in Rome for seminary studies. His parents, Adolphe and Dorothy, both now deceased, were received into the Church in 1982 by Cardinal Cooke. ...Thomas More College and Christendom College awarded him honorary doctorates, and in 1996 Governor George W. Bush made him an Honorary Texan...was made an honorary firefighter by the City of Dallas. He is a knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre run by fairy fairy Edwin O'Brien.

    New York’s First Annual Escrivá Lecture
    A standing room only crowd turned out on January 14, 2003, for a lecture by Rev. George Rutler entitled, “Reflections on the canonization of the Founder of Opus Dei.”

    A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, "Fr." George William Rutler from New Jersey (not England)
    is a member of the secretive Opus Dei Society of the Order of the Holy Cross...They are setting up ways for the laity to completely take over the Church. Opus Dei has the organization, the clout as well as the money, to galvanize this immense force of "conservative" Catholics herded into convention centers to respond to the publicity and scandal about the priests. Opus Dei exposes the scandal and at the same time provides the response – a Church composed of a lay-religio ministry, consisting of only some priests, who do not receive their calling from God, but from Opus Dei, and only on an "as needed" basis, until, no doubt, when they are "needed" no longer.

    Escriva insinuated himself slowly over the years into the good graces of the reigning popes who viewed what they called a "new form" with suspicion and derision. It is a "new form," resembling nothing in tradition, created without precedent, through dialectics, and irreconcilable with the Faith. Its only foundation is a sea of watery words and ambiguities found in Vatican II documentation. Such a form is given license to be whoever and whatever they like. In its foundational documents it is designed to have a built-in secrecy; a built-in unidentifiability; a chameleon-like definition, an apostolate, confessedly talmudic, which, by scheme and design provides a worldly and world-wide secret political power base under its tight and complete control, all under the name of Catholicism. Even its supernatural elements, which focus on the archangels [St. Michael's media (church militant); Fairy Rutter's church in NY (see bio link above) is Church of St Michael the Archangel]; who also play a major role in talmudic and kabalistic writings and in Masonic halls. The other supernatural focus turns on their one true saint-to-be, Escriva.

    THE RISE OF OPUS DEI George William Rutler The growth of Opus ...
    George William Rutler. The growth of Opus Dei around the world since 1928, and its inculturation in the United States these past few years, must certainly be ...


  7. "reared in the Episcopal tradition" [could've been the jewish or muslim tradition]

    Note how fairy rutter's bio is redefining tradition to mean what the novus ordo vc2 one world religion want 'tradition' to mean--and novus ordo VC2 kooks like F Walker (and all the other opus devil bloggers out there) lap it up and spread it around w/out even realizing it's poison--oh no, fr rutter is a 'good,' 'faithful' priest. Just like Mudder Teresa: "There is only one God and He is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I've always said that we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic."

    How blithely she contradicts the Holy Bible: "All the Gods of the Gentiles are devils," and negates the Incarnation and Redemption, the Divine Commission and the Catholic Church--yet what opus devil acknowledges the grave offense they are committing against God by worshiping and rearing their children in the Novus Ordo (since it's not the true God, it's the devil they worship according to the Holy Bible)? Their nuns worship Buddha; their priests kiss the Koran and it's all the same as the holy sacrifice of the mass--just another tradition: right Fairy Rutter? Right F Walker?

  8. Interesting how the Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre ( very expensive to join) attracts many of the morally corrupt. We saw this in our past Diocese. Priests whom we knew lived double lives ( according to rectory employees who witnessed it first hand) had their "friend" priests who all joined the Knights together.

  9. I would not say Fr. Rutler is a "fairy", nor mostly all good Catholic priests who prefer fine traditional vestments and the Latin Mass. Calling them "fairies" sounds like something the radical liberal, aged hippy priests who prefer to celebrate Mass ad lib in jeans and a t-shirt with a stole around their neck would say. These guys were/are more likely to be queers than those who prefer lace vestments, gold, and the Latin Mass.
    The filth of Francis and his company of perverts knows no limits. Some of these homo or pro-homo priests have the gall to spread gossip that Benedict XVI is gay, when everyone else knows it to be false, and instead there are a legion of queers under Francis' wing.
    I hope the evil of the Francis papacy and his people is soon brought to an end. Then I hope we get a Catholic pope who is leaning to Tradition. Someone like Benedict XVI or better.....maybe someone a Cardinal....maybe a bishop outside the Sacred College.
    I read reports of faithful Catholics promoting a few excellent Bishops who asshole Francis and his radical cohorts have bypassed for be the next Pope. Some are names we know, others are little know but have excellent reputations.
    I don't think we get anyone anyway near to what Francis is the next time. I think the next pope will very quickly disavow and discredit the Francis papacy.....very subtle if Francis is still alive and hiding in retirement....or very harsh and decisive if Francis has gone to his "reward"

    Damian Malliapalli

  10. Damian, Sadly I think you are behind on the program.
    The disordered tastes are varied. There are quite a few who want to be opera stars and find their self love fulfilled as a star performing in the Latin Mass.
    There is an added benefit for them. Traditionally minded people will to to great lengths
    in their defense when word of their "relationships" leaks out.

    Dining after Mass at a TLM chapel , an older couple asked us what we thought of a certain priest. "You think he is traditional and holy because he wears his biretta and cassock all the time?" The elderly wife had been his secretary in his previous parish.
    Indeed she was correct, as it later came out in court he had been in homosexual pursuit of a young seminarian who was assigned to do his Internship in his rectory.
    Statute of Limitations got him off on a technicality and his larger new parish members adored him for his love of Tradition......until some parents of altar boys and nuns at his adjacent Parochial school complained quietly that he had installed his homo partner as a First Grade teacher in the school. Parents of altar boys who were becoming upset with his unwanted attentions also realized that he was running "vocation evenings" in the rectory along with his "lover" and inviting certain boys to come over and watch movies.
    He was quietly transferred to a Hispanic parish.
    Then there was the Fillipino Assistant pastor in another parish who was," ..very conservative and holy" because "..he even makes rosary beads.",and who had been groping little girls who went to him for Penance for over ten years UNTIL one smarter parents went to the police. ( The others who had complained ONLY to the pastor now came out of the shadows to back them up.
    He is still wanted by the FBI.
    We saw and heard it all first hand and no, you are so very wrong to think a TLM appearing priest is less likely to be a pervert.
    Think about the SSJ......they ran the FSSP's St Gregory Academy and trad parents were thrilled to place their boys in their care and pay well for the privilege.
    Urrutigoity ran off to S America where Opus Dei Bishop placed him in charge of an Orphanage.
    All couched in quiet removals and shady clericalized language.

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me or you a thousand times over ,shame on all of us.

  11. Remember, OPUS DEI KNOWS how to make money.
    All that glitters is not necessarily gold ,no matter how you think it comes out in the wash.

    Unless you know a priest very well or are close to a sincere priest or have close trusted friends who can tell you the true story, you know nothing.

    Images can be deceiving .

  12. The corrupting influence is Vatican II. No Mass is insulated from laxiety of virtue if the underlying premises are evil.Vatican II Dignitatis Humanae states that no one may be denied the equal right of expression, even if the mere opinion of a sole person moves him to express his opinion. Altar girls and women readers and Eucharistic ministers are not to be denied expression of, and struggle against, their "subordinate" status. But if one fights for their opinion they can get a Tridentine Mass. Who are we to judge! Each to his own.

  13. this used to be a solid, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred highly intense blogsite with interesting comments......but the guys who run it are now too afraid to allow all comments and cuck-cowardly-crop all open dissent and substantial disagreement.

    making your world pretty pretty......phony.

    why so scared?

  14. Not scared but prudent and insightful. Who wants on a faithful Catholic website or blog a few embittered, aging radical liberals bent on defending that which in indefensible.....the pontificate of Bergoglio, his actions, agenda, comments, lifestyle, appointments......and the pro-gay tight knit tiny clique of his supporters? Who wants people on a sight rallying behind and supporting evil? Defending the corruption of Vatican II?
    Look, I was in Europe for a few months on work assignments. I didn't bother (like I usually did in the past), to check out Catholic places of interest, monasteries, convents, etc. toI suppose feel reassured that the Catholic Faith is still here. Of course it is, where traditional Catholicism flourishes. But I didn't bother this time because two of the three countries I visited were Catholic, but I am so sick about hearing about the liberal bishops defending Bergoglio, and covering up for homo priests and pedophiles that I spent my off time a secular tourist. Saw a lot I never bothered with before (palaces, museums etc.) Before I checked out churches and monasteries. Maybe I had a calling when I was in my teens (I'll be 32 this year), but a homo priest, and the bad example of Vatican II Popes turned off any idea of that in me long ago.
    But I did work in Greece for a few weeks (fewer than I had hoped...but then my agent got me a shoot in Israel...which was an A++ assignment, so I didn't care in the long run. But Greece was an eye-opener.
    The Greek Orthodox Church has it's own problems, such as the way the Church is run (autocephalous Orthodox churches)....which means each Orthodox Church in each country is basically independent, but acknowledges/respects the Patriarch of Constantinople as "first among equals"...but doesn't really defer to him, or to the Phanar( the world-wide Orthodox Curia/offices in Istanbul). So each Orthodox church being independent has created a a little caos. But there's no ongoing argument in the Orthodox world for "women priests" or "altar girls" etc.etc. There is no thought of throwing out tradition and starting all over again, like with Vatican II. There's an aura of holiness in a Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy that is in the Catholic liturgy only in the traditional Mass. You really feel God is present in a Greek service.....not in a Mass in Rome, even if celebrated by Francis. With Benedict XVI, yes. Francis, no.
    So no one needs on this site, or others, people who disagree with those who are trying to uphold traditional Catholic belief and liturgy. Why defend people like Francis and company who every day do their best to bash the Catholic Church, its tradition, and what it has always stood for? Go be a Baptist, or a Lutheran. Or a Muslim.
    Thanks to Francis and company, I really don't go to Mass anymore. I'm sick of him, his agenda, his socio-economic speeches (nothing to do with Jesus or the Church), his farce of a sexual abuse Synod, his active hoho or pro-homo associates and appointments, his bad mouthing Catholicism and tradition, his open approval for all that JPII and Benedict XVI openly condemned, etc.
    So it's not right for someone to come on a Catholic site and try to defend all this Francis BS.
    There are lot of people who think as I do.....more than you know. Especially in Rome. Because Francis has brought the papacy down so low . Sad but true.

    Damian Malliapalli

  15. A Trad priest who was the head of ecclesi dei, told us if we have no Catholic church to go to we may go to the Orthodox . Valid priests with Apostolic Succession and valid sacraments. We followed our wonderful Byzantine Catholic pastor into the OCA
    Orthodox Church of America. After five Byzantine Catholic pastors , three of who were practicing sodomites, one defrocked ,one died of AIDS leaving a wake of boy victims in his path, five of who committed suicide,one victim was only ten yrs old......and then finding out two of our Bishops knew about what all of them were and used our donations to pay for his AZT meds....we finally left and found a home.
    Raised as a Traditional Catholic who loves the TLM, I have only found one priest and community who celebrated it the same. The local RC Bishop banished him and replaced him with a homosexual who loves the Latin Mass pomp and music.

    The OCA is wonderful. It is not nationalistic like the Greeks or the Ukrainians. While celebrating their culture with food and some of the hymns , The Divine Liturgy is in English. The priests I have met are so well educated in the Scriptures and in the History of the Church , no RC priest compares in our experience.
    Good Catholic priests are transferring over in droves to the Orthodox because they have been suppressed by their own Catholic Bishops and they know they will be squashed every time they try to preach and teach the whole of Christ's Truth.

  16. No it absolutely is NOT.

    You know what is spam?
    Spam is going to a Catholic Mass and receiving the sacraments from a priest who was recruited into the seminary by a homosexual seminary rector of sodomite Diocesan Vocations Director. No Proper intention to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders equates with an Invalid priest and invalid sacraments.
    Spam is receiving sacraments and going to Mass with a sodomite priest who confesses his sins of pederasty to another like minded "priest".
    Both are excommunicated individuals so no validity to their Mass or sacraments.....

    That IS being SPAMMED.

    1. The OCA is the Democratic Party at Divine Liturgy.

  17. Catholics are the most uncatechized group in the world.

  18. I wonder how the original Tancred treated his fellow Eastern Rite Catholic Christians ?
    ( who were not yet called by the title "Orthodox" until well after the Fourth Crusade massacre)

  19. Oh yeah, Souvlaki Stephano and Bogdan from the old neighborhood are well catechized. /s

  20. Tancred would have regarded modern Orthodox living in the USA as politically unimportant heretics like the Johannites.

  21. Then Tancred was a fool, simply because there were four serious efforts to reunite the East and the Western Church after 1054.
    It was the Eastern laity who refused because the Fourth Crusade launched by the Venetian aristocracy to recoup financial losses from the first three decided to sack the Eastern CATHOLIC churches instead of heading to the Holyland to protect Christian pilgrims. Priests and laity were murdered and relics and wealth stolen.
    The Pope who followed excommunicated all persons who stole and trafficked in these items ,most notably the false crusaders. St Mark's in Venice is filled with these thefts.
    Don't believe me ? Read Vatican archivist and paleographer Barbara Frale's own research from the Vatican's Secret Library where she is still employed when she did her PhD thesis for her Doctorate from the University of Venice.
    Where do you think the Shroud came from? Why do you think Pope JP2 returned some relics to the Eastern Orthodox?
    It is sad that RC people do not know their own history much less why and what their own church teaches.

  22. As far as being "politically unimportant", please direct me to the passages in Scripture where Jesus Christ instructs His Apostles and disciples to become 'politically"important.
    From what I can determine the present occupant of the Chair of Peter has become one of the most politically important globalists for the communist NWO there is.
    You must be very proud.

  23. Catholic friends of mine who attended a dinner sponsored by the Papal Nunciature , were quite impressed by this speaker who was invited to give this talk.
    I ask you where are the present day non heretical catholic prelates giving yalks like this to their priests and laity?
    Why was an Orthodox priest invited by the Papal Nuncio in DC at the time to give this presentation?

  24. Here's a free book by one of the Vatican's own one time Scriptural scholars , published in 1983 ,that might enlighten you on the History of the Church and the so called schism between the East and the West.

  25. It’s a fun club. Everybody loves the gyros.

  26. How does Mrs. Strongilis make those dolmades!

  27. The Orthocucks. The uncouth peasant lottery winners of the Christian world.

  28. There is no question of Francis resigning from an office that he never held.
    Quite simply Francis has never been a valid pope.
    What is required is for the official church to now recognize this fact.
    The valid pope is Benedict who only resigned the ministry but not the office of pope.