Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Did God Comment on the Recent Sex Abuse Summit in Rome?

By David Martin

The worst storm to hit Malta since 1982 produced hurricane force winds of up 133km/h, according to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. The storm, which occurred on February 24, generated the intense sea turbulence that can be seen in the video below. One immense wave in particular rolled over the Ricasoli Breakwater Lighthouse in Valletta, Malta, which was filmed by Ben Cardona for Pineapple Media where he works. The slow-motion effect was added in post-production.
What is interesting is that February 24 was the closing day of the Vatican summit on clerical sexual abuse, which excused homosexuality rather than to address the cause of sexual-abuse in the Catholic Church. The issue of homosexual priests—the very cause of the sex-abuse scandal—was completely sidestepped at the summit.

And who was the key organizer of the summit but Archbishop Charles Scicluna of MALTA, who said on February 22 that decades of widespread homosexuality in U.S. seminaries had "nothing to do with the sexual abuse of minors," and who likewise said that he would never dare point to the category of homosexuality as having "the propensity to sin." Unfortunately, the summit he organized was all about concealing the Vatican’s collusion with homosexuality under the guise of "protecting minors."

A wave of divine justice appears to have collided with the lighthouse in Malta to punctuate the fact that the episcopal beacon of Malta has gone out! We pray this will be a wake-up call for the archbishop and the entire hierarchy as to how Almighty God feels about the infamous summit that served, not to halt, but to further the advance clerical sexual abuse by deflecting the attention from homosexual activity of bishops and priests. 

This negligence was punctuated by Pope Francis’ own statement at the summit's close, when he said, "Those who perpetrate abuse, that is acts of physical, sexual or emotional violence, are primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides, coaches and teachers." Not a word about homosexual clergy.

The hand of divine justice apparently has refused to waivethis negligence. Hopefully, this puts the matter in the rightlight for all to behold from afar.

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MyronM said...

The Ricasoli beacon - The Paraclete light

The fort is named after the brother of John Francis Ricasoli, knight of the John's Hospitaler, who was the main founder (1670AD) of the fortifications at the entrance to the port. Previously, there was only the Tower of Saint Petronius founded (January 18, 1629) by the knight Alessandro Orsi on the feast of the Roman cathedral of Peter the Apostle. Petronius (+ 450AD) was the bishop of Bologna, a city that in the Middle Ages became famous for two tower-skyscrapers (stand until today). The tower of Saint Petronius in Malta survived until February 8, 1821, when it was completely destroyed by a powerful storm.
John Francis Ricasoli died on July 26, 1673, that is, on the day of Saint Anne, but also Saint Paraskeva of Rome. This last one Maltese people worship under her original name Venera. She was born around 100AD in the Christian home of her elderly parents. After their death she became a lonely traveling apostle of the good news. Repeatedly tortured; in the presence of Emperor Antoninus Pius, she was thrown into a caldron with hot oil and tar: she came out of this bath even more beautiful, true Venus. It fell only from the sword: she was beheaded by Roman official Tarsius in 170AD.
In Malta in honor of Paraskeva, a city was even named: Santa Venera. On July 26, 1962, on her feast, Saint George Francis Preca died there. This Maltese priest became famous for the creation of a secular apostolic society (evident influence of Saint Venera), and the extension (1957AD) of the Holy Rosary with 5 mysteries of light, approved for the universal church by Pope John Paul II on the Apostolic Letter 'Rosarium Virginis Mariae' on October 16, 2002.
George Francis Preca was canonized by Benedict XVI on the Sunday of the Holy Trinity June 3, 2007, the octave of the Pentecost. ….

[to be continued in the nest comment]

MyronM said...

But what does the storm of Feb.24, 2019 mean? Is it God's wrath only against the perverse primate of Malta? No. Here is the explanation of this sign (after this long introduction):
The lighthouse in Ricasoli plays its usual role: it shows sailors the way to the great safe harbor on the island, which houses the hypothetical apostolic see of St. Paul. The Maltese people have a national holiday on February 10 to commemorate Saint Paul Shipwrecked. The apostle converted the prefect of Malta Publius and his home, and through them all the people there.
A lone beacon on the breakwater resists the storm and still emits beneficial light. The day 10 February in 2019 fell on Sunday, so we can talk about the year of Saint Paul Shipwrecked. On which ship did Paul the Apostle sail? Roman! The Roman nave, that is, the Roman Catholic church, crashed, but saint Paul survived, He a Roman after all. With him survived the holy Catholic faith. Paul is the prefiguration of the great convert. Who is this convert who will save the Faith at this time of the fall of the church in Rome? We find a hint in the maritime scenery of the presented film. The names of the people associated with this place are: John Francis Ricasoli, or 'God's Grace Little Frenchman Rich Loner' and then shipwrecked AD60 Paul, or 'Little One' and then Venera (Paraskeva), or 'Venus' and then George Francis (Preca), or 'Farmer Little Franchman' .
We have 3 men and 1 woman. Let's collect men's names (without repetition), and we'll get 'God's Grace Little Frenchman Lonely Rich Farmer'. Rich of the Faith! What cultivates this Farmer? God's soil, or the Holy Church! 'Venus', or the Morning Star, means the Virgin Mary herself identified with the Holy Church. Because there is 'Fleur-de-Lys' in the coat of arms of the city of Santa Venera, we are dealing with France, the eldest daughter of the Church and consistently with a symbolic couple Frenchman and Frenchwoman pointing to the unity of their origin and the significance of Our Lady's apparitions in France and the role of Saint Poverello from Assisi in the history of salvation. In fact, the Two Ones are the Apocalyptic Woman and Her Son-Man, or Her Spouse, Roman, a humble son of the Roman Catholic church, rich in faith, but someone living in the countryside, unknown to the world, and yet the defender of Our Holy Mother Church, of this Great Nave sailing through millenniums in a stormy sea. But in the end the Nava will reach the Great Harbor. The light that leads to that Harbor is the Great Convert. Who is he? This is the One promised by Jesus Christ: the Second Comforter, Paraclete! Next to Him, there will gather a Little Remnant from the Roman Nave.
Someone may notice that the storm was on February 24, not February 10 - yes, but the number '14' means a radical change. In the circumstances highlighted here St. Paul occupies the place of St. Peter, 'The Little One with the Sword' stands on 'The Rock', the Little Remnant - in the place of the great crowd.
What we are currently observing in the Roman Catholic church is not a crisis but an epochal breakthrough!

cogito said...

Archbishop SickLoony of Malta is almost as absurd a character as Cdl. Cupich. See no evil....

Trad101 said...

Re 'Unknown @ 2:24', Interesting symbolism, but you have omitted that other great Frenchman, Jean De Vallet who oganized the defense of Malta in 1565.

MyronM said...

The space for a comment by 'Eponymusflower' is too small to describe all the details. That is why I will mention only the knight Alof de Wignacourt. To commemorate the date of his (Feb. 10, 1601) acquiring the dignity of the Grand Master of the Order of Hospitallers, he arbitrarily set the date of the St. Paul's shipwreck in Malta as February 10. Alof de Wignacourt died on September 14, 1622, so of course he could not know that on February 10, 1638, King Louise XIII will consecrate his kingdom of France to the Virgin Mary in thanksgiving for the conception of his firstborn son. On September 5, 1638, the desired Delfin was born, the future King Louis XIV known as the Sun King.
Alof de Wignacourt belonged to the order of John the Baptist, who baptized with water. And Louis XIV, the King of the Sun, is fire. So on February 10, water and fire meet through the person of St. Paul the Apostle Shipwrecked. Fire and water are the attributes of the Holy Spirit, but also Paraclete, who is full of the Holy Spirit, although he is not Him. The Great Convert Paul the Apostle is the prefiguration of Paraclete, the great monarch of the end times, who has Roman and French origins simultaneously.
This is the real meaning of light in water on the Ricasoli breakwater on February AD2019.

Cameron said...

What else does Unkown know!! Glad someone has noted this storm, just as the falling in of Coccopalmerio's titular Church, dedicated to St Joseph in the Forum, was a sign.

Anonymous said...

(I) am sending this photograph (http://www.diocesidiroma.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/FALEGNAMI.jpg) of Saint Joseph with the Child after leaving the Roman church under the name of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami or Saint Joseph of the Carpenters. Radical change: August 30, 2018, Saint Joseph took off the heavenly protection from the church, not only the one under his call (fallen roof = taken off protection), where there was that construction disaster, but in general from the Roman Catholic church as such. Now She is completely open to the elements and the spirit of this world. Satan can now rush around the church without any embarrassment. The titular head of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami is the "cardinal-deacon" Francisco Cocopalmerio, the one caught by the Vatican police in Holy Week 2017, participating in a sodom orgy at the Sant Uffizio Palace (congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith). Because he was presiding over the assembly, he would probably be celebrating a black mass. Rome really lost yhe faith (which the Holy Virgin foretold in La Salette in 1846) and only look like the Antichrist will appear there. Devastation and decay of the Roman church will now progress faster and faster.

On August 30 (the day of the catastrophe in Rome) the church mentions Saint Felix and Adauct, a Roman presbyter and an anonime believer who joined the martyrdom of the first: every Catholic is an 'Adaukt' because man joins the martyrdom of the High Priest Jesus Christ.
On August 31, the Church mentions Saints Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, followers of Jesus Christ, who buried His body. These two patronage also the funeral of the Mystical Body of Jesus, who until recently was alive in the Roman Catholic church.

Whom (in his arms) Saint Joseph brought out from the Roman church after removing the protection (roof)? A Little Boy. Who is he? The Little = Paulus! Of the two famous prisoners of the Mamertine prison, one - Saint Peter - remained in the lower church of Crucifixion (under San Giuseppe dei Falegnami), while the second one - Saint Paul (= the Little) - was just brought out of prison by Saint Joseph the Protector of the Church. The glorious Apostle Paul is the figure of the great convert - the Paraclete who will renew everything.