Sunday, January 13, 2019

The New Catholic "Far Right" in France

by Gary Potter] For the first time in decades there is visible on the French political landscape politics rooted in France’s historical Catholicism. From the point of view and in the parlance of secular liberal globalists that makes the politics “far right,” “extreme right” or even “fascist”.

Given France’s position as one of the world’s leading nations, its role as a main actor in history and the lamentable fact that in 1789 it became the first country in Christendom to experience the overthrow of Christian government, the emergence of the new politics inspired by traditional Church teaching is of considerable significance.

It excites fear and loathing in some. One such is Mark Lilla, author of an article about the movement recently published by the New York Review of Books, that flag-bearer journal of the political left in the U.S. He fears that it can serve, at least in its “aggressive form,” as a “powerful tool for building a pan-European reactionary Christian nationalism.”



  1. “powerful tool for building a pan-European reactionary Christian nationalism.”

    We can only hope!

  2. Im not sure what it means to say that no Catholic right has not existed for so long. The Gaullist Party has been around and it only changed its name. It was the Catholic Church that played down support for the Right and for the nation sibce Vatican II. The new Catholic Right is not based in corrupt Rome abd no lobfer defers to its leftist politics.