Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Strasbourg Attack and Islam Concealed

The attack in Strasbourg, Islam and the "problems" of the media telling the truth.

By Andreas Becker and Martha Burger

The attack in Strasbourg, Islamic terrorism and the media with the self-imposed muzzle.

In Strasbourg, yesterday in an attack on a Christmas market, three people were killed and many injured. Despite being obliged to provide information, the "leading media" are having a hard time telling the truth to their audience. Rita Katz, the founder and operator of Site, a private documentation center for monitoring the activities of the Islamic State (IS), reported with evidence that the jihadist terrorist organization claimed the terror attack and provided  a photo of the attacker which  according to our rights is Cherif Chekatt.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) still wanted to make the listeners of the morning news believe that the assassin was "a 29-year-old Frenchman".

Since when do French people murder innocent people at Christmas markets? This slander of a whole people, however, does not matter to the editorial staff.

Learned media consumers now know by what the media engage in cover up, when Muslim perpetrators are responsible for a criminal offense. Does the mass seethrough it? Above all, how does the population, how does the ordinary citizen use anti-manipulation and contemplates all possible background details in order not to be manipulated by the media, which he financed with a license fee?

Even if Cherif Chekatt were a French citizen, his citizenship is not what determines his act of terrorism, but the Islam he adheres to. The media follows a clear pattern in Islamic terrorism. When reporting on Islam, then either positively or maximally, a "liberal" Islam is contrasted with "another" Islam. Muslims can not be culprits. Any terrorist connection to Islam must be hushed up as far and as much as possible.

This is a gross violation of the duty to inform.

The phenomenon is not new. Just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, whoever dared call Marxism by its name or mention the Soviet Union? On ZDF, to give another example, one Gerhard Löwenthal needed the rest of the editorial staff to be silent or to sympathize with the workers' dictatorships behind the Iron Curtain. We experience the  same concealment with Islam. Not even the name of the terrorist organization could be mentioned. Instead of the Islamic State (IS) the Arabic abbreviation Daesh is employed.

The same media, as they have sufficiently demonstrated, have no problem with actual or alleged perpetrators of other contexts in naming the actual or sometimes supposed connections. The keyword Chemnitz will not be soon forgotten.

When it comes to Islam, however, everything is different, even if the facts are obviously on the table. The media put a muzzle on themselves. They do it with the intention to muzzle the public, the people.

The ORF was named. The same cover-up mechanism has also appeared in other European countries today. There can hardly be any chance of a coincidence.

But let us stick to the example of Austria: when does the ÖVP-FPÖ government ensure that the publicly owned Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), financed with compulsory levies, fulfills its neutral obligation to inform and ceases to be the press organ of various left-wing parties and the lackey of the globalist agenda ?

Text: Andreas Becker / Martha Burger
Image: Twitter (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. The French citizen alleged to have perpetrated the murderous attack in Strasbourg is now diseased according to press reports.

    1. They're being truthful islam is a mental disease.

  2. Das geschicte ist richtig, der fernsehen menschen sind alles links luger.��

  3. He was born and raised in France. Obviously many children of migrants, minds are being poisoned by their sub-cultural enclaves.

    Austria is leading the way by having new immigrants sign a contract to disavow Sharia law and Islamic supremacy. If the contract is broken then they are sent home.

    France and Germany need to do this also. And, Germans, you should know that Americans do not see what's happening in your country, with your governments refugee policy as noble and good, but quite the contrary, we see it as cultural and civilizational suicide, and a dipraportionate self hatred based on the collective sins of 1937 to 1945. Europe needs to transcend this blip in history and draw from the greatness of its Christian past.