Monday, December 10, 2018

Aberrosexual Spectacle in Vienna Cathedral Prompts Question: “Are there no Catholics in Vienna?”

Rock spectacle in the Vienna Stephansdom for a homophile purpose. Cardinal Schönborn is thrilled and the canons are looking away. An addendum.

An example, which triggers reactions to the aberrosexual-spectacle abroad, which Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has permitted as archbishop of Vienna in his cathedral church, the Stephansdom, comes from the Italian website Messa in Latino.

Already a year ago, Cardinal Schönborn allowed homosexual propaganda in St. Stephen's Cathedral on 1 December. It seems that a humanitarian label suffices to drop all objective misgivings and instead of a necessary admonition, it switches to ready applause.

Messa in Latino
 reports not only the profanation of the Vienna Cathedral on 30 November 2018 by a homophile spectacle, but also raises the question of whether there are Catholics in Austria, because no outcry is heard.

As in the previous year, Cardinal Schönborn allowed a "benefit concert" for AIDS relief, organized by Gery Keszler, the most famous Austrian homo activist, who is himself HIV positive. In St. Stephen's Cathedral a rock version of Jedermann was performed. The overall context was commented on by the Austrian priest Johannes Maria Schwarz:

"Then, however, the staging of everyone in St. Stephen's Cathedral is not just the story of the death of the rich man, but also the death of a powerless church."

Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral defiled: Are there still Catholics in Austria?

from Messa in Latino

No! We publish neither the images nor the video of the recent profanation of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna by "the Austrian artist Philipp Hochmair, surrounded by dancers masked as demons, who enchanted the audience by singing half naked on the Communion bench of the sanctuary".

We do not publish these photos because they disgust!

The former vice rector of the Interdiocesan Seminary Leopoldinum in Heiligenkreuz, Hochw. Johannes Maria Schwarz, said in an interview with an Austrian daily newspaper:

"I am ashamed to God for my Church. Nothing is more sacred to us. The church is the holy place of a divine event, and the holiest of holy places in the church is the altar. "

By contrast, the Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who attended the artistic performance together with homo-activist Gery Keszler, the organizer of the fundraiser [for AIDS patients], finds nothing unusual about it.

Once again, the Viennese Cardinal pretended not to hear the outraged voices that rose from all over the world to defend the sanctity and religiosity, violated by the rock spectacle in the Vienna Cathedral. "Nothing, not even a 'holy' rite of AIDS fundraising, can justify this blasphemy and sacrilege," wrote a Catholic page in Canada.

What must the laity do to protect our faith and our church from such churchmen? Are there any Catholics in Vienna? Is it possible that nobody there recognizes the evil that Schönborn committed? [He’s been doing this for years]

Under normal conditions, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna and the canons would have succumbed to a canonical interdict for what they admitted. Today, silence on such scandals has become the expression of a guilty cover-up and a complicity of Austrian bishops and priests. A Catholic exception is the priest Johannes Maria Schwarz.

This abnormal clerical docility lets us guess that there is much more behind these frequent profanations of the holy places.

Over the past few days, we have expressed our outrage at the appearance of the "Queen of Italian Pop Music", Giorgia, in Milan Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Milan "for a private concert to the Bank Mediolanum" was rented for a concert of the trio "Il Volo” who “wanted so much to be able to sing here at least once.” A concert at a "place like this", also sponsored by a bank, "has no price".

As a pretext, humanitarian paint, evidently suffices for any excuse to rent a consecrated church and stage a spectacle of entertainment that has nothing to do with the holy place.

We must add, however, that the vocal performances in Milan Cathedral were almost a trifle compared to the events in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. Meanwhile, we have already arrived at the thought of being content with the "lesser evil".

A cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, a noble man, an archbishop and a metropolitan goes down in history as the one who allowed the profanation of St. Stephen's Cathedral and the disgraceful sacrilege in it. The same applies to every single member of the chapter of canons. The story does not ecsculpate anyone.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, who is so hard-pressed about the saint, but who is so over-sensible to the Aberrosexual-Pastoral, will sooner or later have to hear the trumpets of the divine judgment, like all mortals.

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando Iudex est venturus,
Cuncta stricte discussurus.
Tuba, mirum spargens sonum,
Per sepulchra regionum.

Text / translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: NBQ
Trans: Tancred


  1. Schonborn, Schonborn, Schonborn, you have a lot to answer for to God. It is also known that you are "beloved" of Francis. The love of Christ for John is obvious. This is the love of the Creator for one of his created. There is no lust. I would not say the same for the misguided love of Francis for Schonborn.

  2. There used to be a contributor here who would write about Francis " when is his good lung finally going to blow out?"

    I didn't before, but every time I read about what Francis said, did, or the people he supports and the agenda he pushes I have caught myself thinking (not actually wishing, because that's evil), the same thing.

    What I do know, however, is that when he does go, and it may be sudden and soon, that his Vatican, and the people who were "beloved" by him like Schoenborn will be in a huge panic. It'll be like a bee hive without a queen. Total panic. Even more so when they all see who the surprise new Pope is.

    Damian Malliapalli

  3. I doubt that person was sincere.

  4. No doubt, our Holy Father, Benedict, is in danger; who will protect him from the woivs who surround him?

  5. That should read, no doubt, our Holy Father, Benedict is in danger; who will protect and save him from the wolves who surround him?

  6. Benedict is not the Pope any longer, or haven't you heard that he resigned freely and in sound mind?
    I doubt if there will be a huge difference in papal leadership style after Pope Francis dies.
    The world of the Pians and the failed restorationism of JP II and Benedict XVI are over.

    1. I’ll just act like most of the German episcopate when he was Pope and pretend that Bergoglio has no authority.

  7. Why are you using the future tense?

  8. Congratulations on making it official.