Saturday, December 8, 2018

EWTN Wins Battle Over Insurance for Abortion, Sterilization and Contraceptives

The Catholic television station EWTN does not need to include contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacients in the health insurance for its employees.

Birmingham ( An Appeals Tribunal has upheld the concerns of the Catholic television station EWTN and acknowledged an exception to the so-called "contraceptive ordinance" under compulsory health insurance ("Obama Care"). EWTN may waive contraceptive, sterilization and abortifacient benefits in its insurance policies for its employees.

Michael P. Warsaw, Managing Director of EWTN, welcomed the verdict. It was the right choice for the broadcaster and for all those who care about religious freedom in the US. The government and courts have recognized that the contraceptive ordinance is an attempt to unconstitutionally interfere with fundamental rights, he said.

The judgment of 29 November 2018 brings an almost seven-year legal dispute to an end. In February 2012, EWTN sued the Department of Health, then Health Minister Kathleen Sebelius, and other government agencies. The television station saw in the regulation an inadmissible interference with the religious freedom guaranteed by the constitution.

The lawsuit was dismissed in March 2013 as the Obama administration announced its intention to amend the provisions of the regulation. In October 2013 EWTN complained again because the changes had not affected the broadcasters objections. The state of Alabama and the then Attorney General joined as co-plaintiffs.

In June 2014, the court ruled against EWTN. The station appealed immediately. Thanks to a court order, EWTN was exempt from the provisions of the contraceptive ordinance.

In February 2016, most of the judges of the Court of Appeal voted against EWTN, but suspended the verdict until a similar case was settled before the Supreme Court.

Following the Supreme Court ruling, the Appeals Court overturned EWTN's negative verdict in May 2016. The court requested additional information and suggested that the parties to the dispute make a settlement.

The EWTN and government attorneys agreed in October 2018. The Ministry of Justice agreed not to apply the provisions of the Regulation to EWTN. The appeals court followed the settlement with its judgment of November 29.

Trans: Tancred


  1. Some GOOD NEWS.

    Thank you.

    Now, if only Jorge Bergoglio would resign and a faithful abandoned spouse, layman, take his place as functional living, temporary head of the Catholic Church!!


  2. Problem is, all these court decisions and government authorities, and even the Americanist regime and Constitution are ephemeral and will be brought up and overturned with a new manipulated majority consensus. The Constitution must go. We need a Catholic State that tolerates other faiths in their private worship, but forbids public expression outside Catholic morality.


  4. @Constantine: Actually, we had somewhat close to what you wanted before Obama. Obama spoke at Notre Dame with a pat on the back from Father Jenkins and then went after the nuns. As much as the radical Catholic left abhors the Donald, he has brought sanity back into this argument with key judicial appointments.

  5. @ JBQ:The Teaching of Christ the King warrants abolishing the Constitution and suppressing public expression of false sects, including Lutherans and Baptists and Episcopalians. Every religion a different understanding of God, and a different understanding of human dignity and purpose to life. It does not teach, however, that a heretical or evil priest or Pope is a Catholic. Catholicism does not exist in any man, but within only the Catholic faith. In this the State must submit. Elections must be rigged and political appointments made, and opinions and debates expressed, exclusively and according to adherence within the Social And Moral Teachings of Christ King, as understood in Traditional Catholicism.