Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Argentinian Archbishop Aguer Speaks of the “Homosexual Lobby”

"I can assure you that in some diocese the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other", they form "a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are non-practicing.”

La Plata (kath.net) Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata (Argentina), Héctor Aguer, told the Spanish-language press agency ACI Prensa, run by EWTN, that there is a kind of lobby in the clergy owing to the "high" proportion of homosexual clerics. This was reported by the British "Catholic Herald". Aguer quoted Pope Francis as saying that homosexuality had become a fad.

"The Pope has addressed a key issue that is generally not mentioned. I can assure you that in some dioceses the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other, they do not go public [with this theme]. "Rather, they would form a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are 'non-practicing'. "

The archbishop classed it as a fair way of discerning ["discrimination"] if homosexual men are not admitted to the priesthood. It is "a commitment of the Church to choose candidates for the priesthood with full integrity as men. Otherwise, the meaning of celibacy is on the cliff.”

Photo archbishop em. Aguer © Archdiocese of La Plata

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  1. The gay lobby in the Church is the "Abomination of the Desolation" which was prophesied by the prophet Daniel.
    The end is near.

  2. But just wait! Pope Francis, if he says it, has a card up his sleeve. Justify a married priesthood!

  3. Aguer was the one who was an auxiliary bishop along with Bergoglio. When he was up for retirement, Papa Jorge had him "clean out his desk" and be gone literally within 24 hours. All of these critics walk with the fear of retribution from the "king of mean".---Chris Ferrara just passed on in September. He has videos on You Tube about Bergoglio's end game. There is a new synodal Church which is being used as a front for the dictatorial tactics of "the current occupant of the chair of St. Peter". One of these chess pieces is the open acceptance of homosexual relationships and another is the acceptance of divorce as well as fornication. "Amoris Laetitia" formulates this view of the sexual revolution in the Church.

  4. Yes the V2 church wants to humiliate the grace of celibacy almost all novus ordo catholics have advocated for married clergy for decades. Hey and guess what? a married clergy means homosexual priests would have the right to marry their homosexual partner at least that's the law in the USA. And you Mr + Mrs faithful catholic will have to pay the living expenses of these married priets hetero and homo. Congratulations people just keep mocking Catholic tradition.

  5. @Anonymous: That is exactly what is happening. At one parish here in St. Louis, I stumbled upon a gay network. The pastor was removed and/or left because he was gay.---The parish now has a deacon administrator who is married. The wife is in charge of religious education as a pastoral associate which means a salaried position.. Just after the takeover, I attended Mass. I noted a chlldren's procession into the church. The little boy who carried the gifts then went looking for his mother who was in a pew in front of me. The woman who orchestrated the "parade" soon came back to join with the mother. Both held hands. The boy then left.---I traced him to a gay male couple toward the back of church. There were gross physical signs of abuse. I won't go into what those signs were.----After Mass, I waited in my car in the front of church to see what popped up. The two couples then came out together. First, it was the bois and then it was the gurls. There was no sign of the little boy.---I wrote the former pastor before the gay guy with a certified letter. He never responded. Life goes on and I never went back.---As the article says so well, it is all about salaries for those who are "morally challenged". It is important to get rid of the priests and to have the parishioners start paying the salaries. --- The husband and deacon worked in a factory. He basically then volunteered his time at the parish as the administrator. The wife was the one with the salary and she was actively involved in creating a gay network.---My first teaching job was at a Catholic high school run by the Archdiocese and staffed with Sisters of Mercy in uniform. The dedicated priest administrator was forced out and sent into the field. A pseudo nun in partial uniform took his place. The uniformed nuns were ostracized. I now understand just why the lay teachers who formed a union wanted the nuns out. They wanted their jobs and to be paid accordingly.

  6. The Sisters of Mercy were one of the most radical, liberal, dissenting Orders in the USA Church after Vatican II. There were nearly 20,000 Sisters of Mercy in the USA alone before Vatican II, our Philadelphia branch had close to 800 Sisters and 200 novices/postulants in training(1962-63). IN came Vatican II and a hurricane of liberalization in the Order. Within 3 years, the 200+ novices and postulants were down to just 40, and by 1971-72, only a dozen or so. Same in most Orders in the USA and world-wide.
    Remember Sister Teresa Kane, the sour-faced militant nun who confronted JPII in Washington DC at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in 1979 demanding women priests? There were roughly 14,000 Mercy nuns in the USA then....today the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas(a creation of massive mergers of independent Mercy nun branches across the USA) have about 2,200 total USA. Our Philly branch no longer exists as an independent group, but their Motherhouse in Merion,Pa. is still used by them....it's a giant nursing home. Anyone driving thru and remembering the 200+ novices and sisters who could always be seen strolling the grounds at 12:00 pm now are witness to several dozen aged nuns, 70's and 80's walking with crutches, walkers, or getting around on electric wheelchairs. In 5-6 years the Order will be just about gone.
    All this is very much worse since Francis became Pope. There really isn't anything left of our Archdiocese of Philadelphia. No nuns to speak of, only about 300+ priests with a median age of 70, only 17% of Catholics going to Mass....etc etc.
    I think Francis and his people's agenda is to close down the entire Church.....and they're making excellent progress with no brave roadblocks in the way.
    I wish there would be some unexpected, massive movement to rise up and block them.

    Wishful thinking. I'm only 31 and pretty much have never known anything but the crap from Vatican II and Francis. I feel sorry for my parents, my grandparents, and others who knew the Church before and feel bad about what it became. Many of their generation were deep into the Vatican II reforms and helped create what we have today.....but I am sure there are still millions of young and old who regret what it's become, regret having a pope like this....and maybe even regret having been born Catholic in the first place. Very sad

    Damian Malliapalli

  7. Vatican II has little or nothing to do with the decline numbers of religious. The rate of disaffiliation from the Church began steadily but increasingly sharply from just after WWII. Added to that is the profound impact on the stability of parish life caused by demographic shifts whereby millions of people including Catholics change zip codes every year. The efforts and stress of becoming members of a new community of strangers was and continues to be a major reason why people 'drift' away from participation. Add to that was the massive exodus from Catholic life during the papacies of JP II and Benedict XVI both of whom attempted with some success to throw the Church into the reverse gear of nostalgia and restorationism. Those two characters caused enormous and lasting damage to Catholic life.