Thursday, November 1, 2018

Bones May be Vatican Bank Employee’s Daughter Missing Since 1983

Human bones found during the renovation of a Vatican building have been linked to a teenage girl, Emanuela Orlando, who disappeared in 1983.

Bone fragments were found around 7km (4miles) north of Vatican City at its embassy to Italy in the upmarket residential neighbourhood of Parioli, a Vatican statement said.

They were discovered during restructuring work on an annex to the Holy See's imposing embassy compound near Rome's famous Villa Borghese museum.

Rome's chief prosecutor was called in and forensic investigators are working to determine whether they are male or female, their age and date of death.




  1. So that's two consecutive headlines here saying the bones are those of a missing Vatican bank employee's daughter, yet the actual article says that forensics experts have yet to determine the sex, age, or approximate date of death of the bones.

    Not highly speculative and irresponsible click-bait headlines at all!


  2. Every few years the media hammer the Vatican over this allegation whenever they
    have a beef with the Vatican. No evidence needed with fake news.

  3. Nothing to see here folks, just the bones of a poor unfortunate found in the Vatican who probabably wasn’t even murdered. That’s why the verb “may” was used, demonstrating uncertainty, I guess, but why would anyone make the connection between this and the daughter of a Vatican Bank employee missing over 30 years.


  4. What if it is an ancient Pagan Cemetery?

    The Villa in question was a gift to Pope Pius XII from a convert. He accepted the gift of the huge estate and Villa but didn´t enjoy it because he soon died afterwards. What if the bones were already in the estate when it was donated as in a cursed Pagan Cemetery?

    In any case I hope the Holy See will sell the cursed property and donate it to the starving Christians in the Middle East.


  5. “Human bones found in the nunciature are at least 100 years oldˮ

    Sources of investigation: We are waiting for the carbon 14 tests, but the remains have deteriorated and it has not yet been possible to extract the DNA. It is unlikely that they belong to Emanuela Orlandi-LaStampa