Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pope Provides for Predator Presence at Youth Synod

Edit: Considering that most cases involving predators involve degenerate clergy preying on minors of the same sex, is it wise to continue promoting the outdated but highly corrosive revolutionary sexual ideologies of the late 60s and the individuals, like Rosica, who are its fanatical proponents? 

If I were a Canadian parent, I wouldn’t want Rosica anywhere near my children, or anyone else’s children.

I’d go a step further and say that this initiative and the Vatican’s current endorsement of it is a sign of the absolute irreformability of Francis and his clique of aberrosexualist collaborators.

Two staff members of Thomas Rosica’s 'Salt + Light Media' are auditors of the Synod of Bishops who can attend meetings and speak out. Rosica is considered a proponent of liberalization of the Church teaching on homosexuality.

Vatican ( Four employees of P. Thomas Rosica's "Salt + Light Media" are participating in the current synod. Two of them belong to the 50-member group of auditors. Canada's Catholic youth is thus represented exclusively by "Salt + Light Media" employees.

The auditors attend the synod meetings and are allowed to speak there. However, they have no voting rights. 34 of the 50 synod auditors are younger than thirty.

The two other employees of "Salt + Light Media" are collaborators of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops.

Rosica, himself a member of the Vatican Press Office, considered this circumstance to be "a strong sign of confirmation by the Pope" and recognition of the Church's mission of "Salt + Light".

The media project supports Pope Francis and will soon broadcast the documentary "The Francis Impact". It is a continuation of "The Francis Effect", which represents the pontificate as extremely positive. The announcement text for "The Francis Impact" states that Pope Francis is "for many people in the world the most authentic and credible moral authority". [lol]

Father Rosica has recently caused a stir by saying that Pope Francis will break with Catholic traditions whenever he wishes, "because he is free from disordered attachments." has reported this: with Pope Francis a 'new phase' for the Church begins

Shortly before it had become known that Rosica wanted to say a “Mass” for "LGBT Catholics". After this project became known, Rosica canceled his participation. In 2015 he had argued that the Catechism of the Catholic Church should find another language on homosexuality. has reported here: Canadian media priest and Vatican advisor will preside  LGBT Mass

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  1. This is where "the rubber meets the road". Strong discordance is released in regard to the sexual beliefs of Pope Francis. It appears very clear that he wishes to normalize homosexual relationships even to the point I am told through the Archdiocese of New York that this includes espousal of gay marriage.

  2. All to help the false church to encourage young people to "discover" their sexuality and accept and live it ---even if sinful.

  3. This "salt" has definitely lost its taste and is only fit to be trampled underfoot. And the "light" seems identical to that mentioned in Victor Hugo's last words - "I see black light."

  4. It's no wonder that kathnet is singing for its breakfast.

  5. We don't have a Pope, unless he chooses to behave like one. Otherwise, as he himself says he's just "bishop of Rome".But even bishops need to behave as bishops to have any teaching authority.

  6. I had thought the Vigano bombshell would be the beginning of the end for Francis. Maybe it is, but there has to be something even more explosive around the corner coming that will bring him, and all his cronies down and out.
    Like I recently read on the Internet yesterday, Vigano has more up his sleeve. Hopefully it is enough to send a tsunami thru the Vatican to clean house.

    Remember the gay orgie that was held in the Vatican last year, and the police came and broke it up? A high profile Monsignor , a favorite of Francis was hosting it. He was due to be a bishop until then, a secretary to Cardinal Coccopalmeiro.
    It turns out that this Monsignor wasn't officiating.....Cocco was. He's apparently an active homosexual. Someone tipped him off that the police were coming and he fled.
    This is the kind of trash than needs to be cleaned out.....Francis being #1

    Damian Malliapalli

  7. Jail time. The trouble is that Francis is also a sovereign. Maybe Thailand will invade the Vatican and then everything will be sorted out.

  8. In regard to the gay orgy, it is stated that Cocco was present as the gendarmes made their entrance. They talked to him, found out who he was and his elevated status, and then allowed him to leave. ----You have to understand the geographics of this event. The large apartment house sits on the border of Vatican City and Italia. One entrance actually opens into Italy. That is why the cocaine could be brought in without a problem or the use of diplomatic pouches.----The police who came in were Vatican City police. That would be like the New York City police arresting the mayor who was present at a loud party. You just wink and open the door and round up everyone else.

  9. Well lads, after the therapeutic venting of collective outrage, what are you actually going to do about the sources of your discomfort, push needles into episcopal Voodoo dolls?

    1. Im practicing combatives and amassing lawyers, guns and money.