Monday, October 15, 2018

Gofundme Page Shuts Down Appeal for Chicago Priest (Too Catholic)

DETROIT ( - A fundraising campaign that raised $16,000 for a Chicago priest persecuted by Cdl. Blase Cupich was revoked by GoFundMe, which deemed it a "violation" of their terms and conditions. All money was sent back to donors. The priest, Fr. Paul John Kalchik, received nothing. 
Outrage from Catholics, who considered GoFundMe's move an act of anti-Catholic bigotry, resulted in more than twice as much raised — $40,000 — in only 17 hours at a new campaign. [He’s raised over $90,000.]
"I opened up Church Militant just to check on progress, and was floored!" Kalchik told Church Militant Tuesday. "It is phenomenal to see how much people are giving to ensure that justice is rendered on my behalf. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." 



  1. I hope it is clear by now that the hosts of social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are little dictators of thought unto themselves. The next time you hear about "free expression" remember whose freedom they are speaking of. Hint: It's not yours.

  2. You do know that GoFundMe places a 15% surcharge on every contribution. With such numbers, it is a gold mine for those giving a false motive for helping the underprivileged. I tried to cut down the 15% on a contribution and it was rejected. On a figure of 16,000 that would be an additional 2400 to the site. It has turned into a scam.