Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Hunt for Viganò Begins

The Man Called By Jorge Bergoglio To Hunt Down Archbishop Vigano

Here is the man who has been given the task by Bergoglio to hunt down #Viganò. Let us pray that all the Holy Angels bring confusion and obstruction to everything he; Domenico Giani; does to that end!

"If Viganò is afraid for his life to the point where he has to destroy his cell phone and go into hiding overseas, it is not only out of fear of being tracked down by a staffer of the apostolic nunciatures and missions of the Holy See spread throughout the world — the "long arm" of the Secretariat of State that has ordered discovery of Viganò's whereabouts — but also if not principally out of dread for the intelligence capabilities of the Vatican City State's paramilitary Corps of Gendarmes of the Vatican City State currently led by Domenico Giani.

An ex-officer of Italy's much-feared financial police force called the Guardia di Finanza, the current Commandant of the Corps and Inspector General of the combined police and security forces of the Vatican City State is also the lead bodyguard of Pope Francis, just as he was for Pope Benedict. Every member of the Police and Security Forces of the Corps of Gendarmes, just like every member of the fabled Swiss Guards, is a former member respectively of Italy or Switzerland's military or police forces.

When Abp. Viganò served as secretary general of the Vatican City State, General Giani reported to him. Now, in a dramatic turn of events, it is Gianni who has been ordered by his superiors not only to ensure the personal security of the Pope, but equally coordinate in the hunt for Viganò.

[Ordo Militaris Radio] In 2008, the Vatican City State joined INTERPOL, the world's largest international association of police forces with offices based in 192 countries. As a result, the Vatican now has access to tremendous resources and databases through its official police contacts and INTERPOL office locations throughout the globe.

The Vatican intelligence services even have a Gruppo Intervento Rapido (GIR), or "rapid-intervention group," which is known to possess highly sophisticated and innovative technological and logistical assets used in the furtherance of its assignments.

The greatest danger to the life of Viganò is said to arise from Freemasonic elements of the Santa Alleanza or Entità possessing absolutely no moral scruples who will do everything in their power to prevent the archbishop from making any additional disclosures not only embarrassing to the Holy See, but even more, capable of destroying the reputations and concrete chances of certain cardinals from being elected to the Throne of St. Peter.

Outside of Italy, and even inside the country, it is not generally known to Catholics just how well inserted ideological Freemasons are into the intelligence services of the military apparatus of Italy and other European nations, and consequently the Vatican City State, which derives a number of its police, security and intelligence forces from among those nations' ranks.

While it is known that powerful groups of freemasons such as Propaganda Due ("P2"), who in the past had successfully infiltrated Vatican institutions such as the Institute for the Works of Religion (Vatican bank), have been disbanded by the Italian government, it is not known to many that successor groups of dangerous ideological Freemasons have succeeded in reconstituting themselves under different labels and taking control of key dicasteries of the Roman Curia.
Viganò and his heroic whistleblowing pose more than a threat to him personally, they pose a very real and credible threat to entire networks of very talented individuals who will stop at nothing to destroy the Catholic Church as we know it from within, once and for all.

The Vatican's search for Viganò, therefore, is not so much a mission of the Santa Alleanza to accomplish than an exercise of unholy powers to fulfill."
Please Read The Report By Church Militant: Santa Alleanza: The Vatican Intelligence Service



  1. Sounds like a movie plot from Munich where the Mossad team targets an elderly Italian gentleman carrying groceries.

  2. Yeah and that show on Netflix.......MOSSAD 101