Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Media Has Long Known Pope’s Dishonesty as He Protected Progressive Predators Like Daneels

“If Coverup Fails”

Edit: this whole media frenzy could have been launched years ago since most of the information has been available for years. Even Mark Shea knew that Bergoglio had rehabilitate the perfidious Daneels.  What’s really interesting is how dead the consciences of these men are!

In 2010 it became known that the then Bishop of Bruges had abused his nephew for years. Cardinal Danneels wanted to cover up the incident, as a secret recorded conversation proves

Brussels ( In 2010, it became known that Roger Vangheluwe, the then reigning Bishop of Bruges, had been abusing his nephew for years. On April 23, 2010 Vangheluwe offered Pope Benedict XVI. his resignation, which one hour later (!) was accepted. On the same day, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel, who was already retired, and former Primate of Belgium, Godfried Cardinal Danneels (archival photo), said: "There has not even been the appearance of an attempt to cover up the matter or to spread over it the mantle of secrecy."

Before the resignation, there was a conversation between the victim, his family and Cardinal Danneels. On August 28, 2010, the Belgian newspaper "De Standaard" published the transcript of this conversation. This was recorded secretly, it documents the perfidy with which Cardinal Danneels at that time tried to cover up the deed of his episcopal brother and to silence the victim.

Mark Vangheluwe, the victim, published the book "Letter to the Pope" in 2017. In it he describes his years of attempts to make his uncle admit his guilt and take responsibility. At the end of this development was the conversation of April 2010. Roger Vangheluwe was thereby cornered. Now he bet on Danneels, who would have probably launched a last attempt for him to get the coals out of the fire for him.

Benjamin Leven has translated on his blog the transcript of the Flemish and provided comments, read yourself in German( see link below). Leven was editor-in-chief of the journal "Gottesdienst" and "praxis gottesdienst" in Trier from 2013 to 2015 (both published by Herder Verlag) and has been the editor of Herder Korrespondenz in Berlin since October 2015, since February 2017 in Rome.

Reading tip: Link to the blog of Benjamin Leven: "If cover-up fails"
"If cover-up fails"

Trans: Tancred



  1. Whoa, this is really uncomfortable reading. Bp Roger Vangheluwe sexually abused his nephew Mark V from age 5 to 18...Oh cdl Daneels!
    What Mark had done was correct: corner the abuser, get the authority involved and force the bastard to admit his sin and take responsibility, and not seeking financial compensation. Glad that Mark has his own family.

  2. I hope I may give my two cents' worth to sexual abuse victims etc.
    1) Do not give up practising the faith as passed down from the Apostles, as outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation, because Christ instituted the seven sacraments for mankind to save their souls from hell;
    2) Continue to pray, especially the rosary(Joyful/Sorrowful/Glorious) every day. Observe still God's commandments and seek the traditional sacraments, preferably from priests who have taken the anti-Modernist oath. Pray, be faithful to God, He will lead you to a good priest;
    3) If you need to see a psychologist, please make sure he has good Catholic moral theology as psychology deals with matters of the soul. If the psychologist is anti-Catholic, atheistic etc, he is going to make you go mad faster, not get you back on your feet;
    4) Don't seek alcohol,drugs, a depraved life as vengeance, because ultimately you still have to save your own soul like all mankind. At death, we have our particular judgement, hell or heaven. No sanctifying grace, no heaven. One mortal sin, down to hell for all eternity one goes;
    5) Don't claim financial compensation, because tithes are from the generous laity. They are not responsible for the harm done to you, seek out the abusers and those powers that be who cover up the crimes. Best is if these abusers are defrocked and pass over to the civil authority for prosecution. But be careful not to play into the enemies' hands of destroying the Church—the absolute secrecy of the seal of confession of sins;
    6) Genuine moral young men who want to be priests should be encouraged & i'm sure they will definitely come forward to seminaries once the void has been created in flushing out scums of the earth, including Modernist hierarchy and clergy who lust for the triumph of VC II.
    This is truly a wake-up call from Almighty God. For so long He kept warning to keep the faith & avoid sin. Yet Catholics became more and more lukewarm to the point of living a pagan life, eg. a clamour for sexual liberation since the late 1960s. So now the Passion to be suffered by the mystical body of Christ.