Monday, August 27, 2018

Pope Recommends Psychotherapy for Homosexual Children

Pope Francis: Especially in childhood psychiatry can achieve a lot in this area

 UPDATE: The Vatican did not include these papal statements in the official transcript of the interview (Suggesting treatment of children sexually abused by Daneels’ friends?

He even had psychotherapy himself.

Anyway, how does anyone, much less a child, *know* he’s a “homosexual”. Is it because he’s merely eccentric, or is perceived that way because some of his behaviors fit cultural stereotypes? It sounds like marketing for depravity to me.

 Vatican ( When parents realize that one of their children is showing homosexual inclinations, they should send that child to the psychiatrist for therapy. Especially in childhood, psychiatry can achieve a lot here. Pope Francis said this at the press conference on the return flight from the World Family Meeting in Ireland."N-TV"reported this. Specifically, he would advise parents to "pray, not condemn, conduct conversations, understand, and give a place to the son or daughter," the Pope explained. However, he does not regard "silence" as an antidote. The Pope described it as a "lack of fatherliness or motherliness if one ignores one's child" when it shows homosexual tendencies. 

 Trans: Tancred 



Professor Q said...

Doesn't Francis know that modern psychiatrists (at least those following the DSM-5, which is a nasty piece of work from the bowels of Gehenna) don't consider homosexuality a mental disorder anymore?

Or does he, and is he just being a wise guy as usual?

Barnum said...

You do realize the Pope is, just based on the comments reported, slyly supporting homosexuality in children. Where is Gaybriel and his continuity of homoneurotics when you need a laugh?

Tancred said...

They don’t call it being Jesuitical for nothing.