Friday, August 24, 2018

Guardian Reports of Monastic Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children by Witch Coven

Edit: well, it’s from the Groniad, one of the most evil purveyors of fake news there is. Gee, there’s a lot to unpack [sarcasm, I hate this expreasion] here, and maybe I’ll look at it later, but I noticed that the piece didn’t fail to mention the Irish orphanage with “400 graves” of children run by Ursuline Sisters.

What’s shocking about this is the implication of Satanic rituals. It’s unusual because for years the mainstream press has been denying the existence of ritual abuse. Of course, we never stopped talking about this.

Maybe if we had an Inquisition, we would be less squeamish about rooting out witches.

We thank Randy Engel for this, who says:

Hi Everyone – A few years back I did a series for John Vennari at CFN on the state of female religious orders in the United States with special reference to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).  I made mention of the active lesbian networks that have taken over a number of these Modernist orders.  I had known about the network  from researching the Rite of Sodomy.  

You might recall that Rome selected a  traditional, competent nun superior  to carry out the 2009-2010 Visitation. In connection with my CFN series, I contacted the superior whose headquarters was in Connecticut . I sent her an e-mail explaining that the lesbian network had to dealt with. But it all came to naught.

The  long-suffering laity quietly paid all the bills for the Visitation which in the long run ended up exonerating LCWR and its leadership.  And the long-suffering Catholic laity was none the wiser for the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on still another papal misadventure. 

Like male homosexuality and pederasty, lesbianism in female religious orders is nothing new. Many saints, male and female, have railed against “particular friendships” down through the ages. 

My experience with activist lesbians, especially lesbian religious like Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry who  dominate the Homosexual Collective, is that they are much more aggressive and vicious than their male counterparts. 

Since the McCarrick Affair came to light, I had a passing thought that maybe the Vatican will now be forced to clean out lesbian infested convents and houses of female religious formation along with clerical male homosexual- infested seminaries and male religious orders and dioceses. But, I don’t think that will happen. First Rome would have to face the issue of lesbians and lesbian sexual abuse in female religious orders, and I suspect that it will not want do battle with the more deadly sex of the homosexual species.   Randy Engel
The Guardian:
by Severin Carrell

Scotland editor

Police in Scotland have arrested and charged nuns and a number of other former staff in an investigation into alleged child abuse at a Catholic children’s home.
 The nuns are among 12 people who have been charged by detectives investigating detailed allegations of systematic physical and sexual abuse of children over many decades at Smyllum Park in Lanark.  

 Police Scotland said another four former staff at the Catholic institution would be reported to the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution service, later on Thursday.

The force would not release any further details about the identities of those charged or the offences they face, pending final decisions by prosecutors.

“Twelve people, 11 women and one man, ages ranging from 62 to 85 years, have been arrested and charged in connection with the non-recent abuse of children,” it said.
“All are subject of reports to [the] Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal. A further four individuals will be reported today. Inquiries are continuing, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
 The allegations of abuse at Smyllum Park, including unsubstantiated claims of “satanic” rituals at the home, have been at the centre of a long-running official public inquiry into child sexual abuse at children’s homes in Scotland.

The Scottish child abuse inquiry (SCAI) has been told by former residents that lay staff and nuns at the home, run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul until it closed in 1981, repeatedly beat and punched them, verbally abused and humiliated them for wetting beds and left them without food and that some male and female staff sexually abused the children in their care.

It is alleged that at least one child, a boy aged six, died as a result of a severe beating that prevented him from recovering from an infection some days later.

Gregor Rolfe, a lawyer for the Daughters of Charity, told the SCAI last year that one male former member of staff may have sexually abused children whom he took on holidays. Those allegations were reported to nuns but not passed to the police.



  1. Distraction from this

    They have files and files on RCC true, false or halftrue doesn´t matter to the Cabal when one of their own is in trouble.

    They pull out the files and publish them to distract and hurt the Church just like in Ireland about the fake news of that Religious Order. Counter sue is what they should do.


    2. There are cabal members doing their best to give sibstantiation to the whole thing on the inside.


  2. Yes, correct Tancred. Classic Diversion tactic employed by them.

    Why is the Remnant Newspaper giving credence to false Conversos?
    Has the Remnant been infilitrated or are they blind?

    Not the first time the Remnant Newspaper has fallen for fake names or pseudomyns such as Mark Shea who writes under a fake name. How many others? Any cointelpro can write about George Soros who they say is most likely dead- he is just a figurehead.

    St. Gallen´s mafia is another diversion tactic to take the spotlight away from those who have been Infilitrating the Church for 2000 years. At every level of the Church they have now penetrated even at the top.

    Among the homosexuals after Vatican II word got out that they could enter and continue their lifestyle and enter they did. They were used by the Infilitrators as a 5th column to hurt the Church, drain Her of good Priests, drain her finances, demoralize Her, and so on. Rotten fruits of both the Infilitrators and Homosexuals.