Monday, August 6, 2018

Catholic Governor of Nebraska Will Ignore Papal Opinion on Capital Punishment

Edit: canon law 915 will be invoked in 1 ...2....3... It’s doubtful the local ordinary will do anything about this, but maybe the pope will get involved. Remember all that concern about episcopal jurisdiction?  

Anyway, if you don’t enforce a law, what good is it?

[Kearney Hub] Ten days before the State of Nebraska is set to hold an execution — its first in 21 years — protesters took their message to the Omaha church where Gov. Pete Ricketts worships.

About 40 people gathered Sunday morning outside St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. With its 6116 Dodge St. address, the midtown church also offered protesters high visibility.

Protesters waved signs that said “No Executions” and “Who Would Jesus Kill?” and questioned the governor’s Catholic faith. One waved a picture of Pope Francis above the words “I SAID NO!” in reference to the Vatican’s recent announcement that the death penalty is now completely unacceptable.



  1. The governor of Nebraska took an oath of office which included upholding the laws of Nebraska.

    1. Bergie the Bad ignores the Bible, the laws of the Church, the Ten Commandments, so any politician who ignores him does well.

  2. The laws of the Church supersede human laws. This is not, however, the issue. The issue is that the laws of the Church are binding only if it adheres to the spirit of the Law. How does Scripture say? "The (Pharisees or hypocritical clergy) do honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.:

  3. There are punishment accepted in Heaven God the Father accept the dead of the Son,he did stop it,If this punishment will save there Soul,and repent , Why not,like St Dismas, last minute repentance so be it.

  4. Anon.10:10

    Believe it or not, that's what most faithful Catholics think about this change...ignore Pope Francis and what comes from him about this, and many other things.
    Seems like it's only the liberals who are cheering this. That speaks for itself.

  5. Jesus offered execution as a solution by way of a stone around the neck and being cast into the sea.