Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sacrilegious First Mass With Theatrically Naked Erotic Dancing Man in Augsburg

Edit: there you go. I fixed the title and made it better. It looks like he was wearing a flesh colored skin tight garment while he liturgically danced. Anyway, whatever some lefties might try to make of it, a local priest elicited his enthusiastic approval of it on the radio later.

In the Augsburg Moritzkirche ("City Pastoral Care") it last Saturday an Aberro-embarrassment took place at the First Mass (Primiz) of a priest of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart - With documentary photos

Stuttgart (kath.net) Last Saturday in the Moritzkirche in Augsburg ("City Pastoral Care"), there was a clear liturgical abuse that caused a shakeup of Catholics in the diocese of Augsburg and beyond. As part of the first Mass of the new priest Fabian Ploneczka the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, held a so-called triduum in the Augsburg Moritzkirche. According to observers on site, a dancer dressed only in skintight boxer shorts danced the "theme" of the Vesper service and tried to depict the "Jeremiah Passion of a Prophet" with a ballet insert Church space became a dance floor, even the altar area, according to church visitors attending the event, where the dancer picked up the gospel, humped the ambo almost naked, and lasciviously lolled in front of the altar.

Following a performance by the dancer, the Stuttgart radio pastor Thomas Steiger spoke on the subject of "eroticism of the faith." He praised observers who received an alleged grace and especially of the male body, which, he says, spoke of a "sensual love for Jesus".

Worshipers told kath.net that there was a clearly homophile, yes, homoerotic event in a consecrated church.

The "event" led to the bizarre reaction that a churchgoer shouted loudly that then everyone could undress. He then partially undressed and stood up half naked in the church.

Some visitors left the service prematurely in which also children participated.

Augsburg is the original home diocese of the new priest, but has changed to the neighboring diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com AMDG


Anonymous said...

Can I be perfectly honest?

Roman Catholicism is a dead religion. No one, outside the traditionalists, has even a SLIVER of the Faith, you have aberrances like this happening every damn day and things people held sacred are gone.

If every parishioner is receiving when Confession times are 15 minutes once a week, that's a problem. "Catholics for Choice" is a problem. St. John's Abbey is a problem. SO MANY THINGS.

I would tell every diocesan seminarian and priest this: Either learn the Latin Mass and leave to join the SSPX or FSSP, learn the Divine Liturgy and become bi-ritual or leave and get married, because you're serving a corpse.

Apologies for ranting.

nazareusrex said...

Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The Predecessor of Gebhard Fürst is Walter Kasper.

St. Hildegard of Bingen: homosexuality is the supreme offense against God.

Abortion, homosexuality show ‘final battle’ between God and Satan has come: Cardinal

The Deliverance Novena from vice of homosexuality

Even from just a Medical Perspective it is love to oppose Homosexual Acts


David O'Neill said...

God save our Church from such people. How did a man(?) like that manage to come to ordination?

Tancred said...

I didn’t sign up for what they’re serving at most NO parishes.

Tancred said...

Part of the reason I do this is to connect isolated people to others who are still fighting.

JBQ said...

Ha! No surprise here especially with the links to Walter Kasper.

Anonymous said...






Kathleen1031 said...

Anonymous is correct, our church is gone. It's been taken away by sodomites. If God puts it aright tomorrow we can all rejoice, but if that does not happen we need to accept it and just persevere as best we can. No one has the answer now, but we must hang on.
This example is sheer Satanic worship. What glue held anyone in their seat? Get up, walk out, and don't come back. It's hard to hold Satanic worship with nobody there. Stop allowing yourself to be corrupted and God forbid, your children!
These men worship Baphomet.
Tancred, God bless you for helping.

Anonymous said...

How did this person get ordained? Its an intentional move by the lavender mafia. They recruit these people and ignore others who don't fit their agenda. Its not shocking anymore, its common and has nothing to do with the direction the altar faces. Its an agenda. sick.

Unknown said...

I’m curious. I wonder if ‘on eagles wings’ was being sung at that time.

Anonymous said...


Actually first 'mass' i know of where people were nude was presided over by jp2--a nude woman brought up the gifts and handed them to jp2 and then jp2 handed communion to topless women.



topless lector scroll to the bottom pic

"Regarding the young women who posed topless for John Paul II’s Masses (here, here, here and here), there was no evidence that the way they appeared was their typical dress, as you surmised. To the contrary, when those photos were taken it was widely reported that those women were actually normal university students in New Guinea who were requested by the local religious authorities to “help” the Pope’s “inculturation” program by appearing with him in “native” apparel." http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B999_M005_Topless.html

Was jp2's program 'inculturation' or turning us back into demon possessed savages? Why is a naked man dancing around your church--who invented theology of the body but jp2? "Theology of the Body" - what a blasphemy!

Tancred said...

Guys like Marx, Wuerl, Cupich.

Tom A. said...

Who do you think made Bergolio a bishop and a cardinal???

Anonymous said...

The whole thing stinks. It's sacrilegious. The new priest should be laicized immediately. But the headline is dishonest. A man in shorts is not "naked."

john said...

JPII had mostly naked women at some of his stadium Masses, mixed pagan rituals with worship. Don't forget the Ecumenical debacles of both JPII and Benedict XVI at Assisi. Additionally, Benedict was one of the ruinous influential theologians of VII. Both also selected the crap.Cardinals who elected Francis, did nothing to curb the rampant perversion of the hierarchy. Francis is the fulfillment of their work.

Brian Wilkinson said...

Another beat up that does nothing to serve the truth but it is sure a crowd pleaser for the sloppy thinking, excitable disciples.
Cyber equivalent of the Rupert Murdoch check out magazines

Edison Frisbee said...

Yeah, that's the real problem here....that, and the fact that you are an imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Hello, he IS a layman. Nobody ordained anyone. The true Church is in eclipse. What you have here is the anti-Church, the church of Satan. Everyone needs to wake up and stop drinking the Kool-aid that this entity is HOLY Mother Church. Hardly anyone knows the Faith enough to be able to recognize that it doesn't even possess the 4 Marks of the Church, oh and there's so much more.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous is correct, our church is gone. It's been taken away by sodomites. If God puts it aright tomorrow we can all rejoice, but if that does not happen we need to accept it and just persevere as best we can. No one has the answer now, but we must hang on. "

Kathleen is partially correct. Agreeing with Anonymous is correct, but saying we need to accept it and just persevere as best we can is wrong. To sit back and accept this is why things like this happen in the first place. If enough people objected in the Church to such things as the destruction of the Mass, the abandonment of Latin, Communion in the Hand, altar girls, lay clothes nuns, rock Masses, liturgical dance, etc. etc., it never would have happened....or have been so isolated that no one would even notice.
The worst thing to do, is accept this garbage. To sit thru something like that is sinful, because you're allowing for the evil (participating in it as a casual guest is giving approval to the evil in the first place). That's why I hope more cardinals and bishops and just faithful object to Pope Francis and his agenda (and it's happening...perhaps too slow). But to accept this kind of thing and hope for the best and persevere is the worst thing to do. Accept and hope for the best? No way. Persevere in the Catholic Faith, yes.
Best way today, right now? With the SSPX and groups like them. Not with the established "church" like this, or the Vatican of Pope Francis.
Damian Malliapalli

TTC said...

Isn't this criminal indecent exposure? Someone in the diocese should contact the police and recommend the priests computer be confiscated and sent for forensics for kiddie porn. This is sexual sociopathy if I ever saw it.

LuAnne said...

This is in a church of the novus ordo sect/post Vatican 2 Council's new religion led by Francis I that mocks Catholicism.

Kathleen1031 said...

I can agree with you as well. You know, I'm divided on this. Maybe I'm getting older, I don't know, but I don't have an activist enthusiasm for this endeavor, this taking back the Church thing. I hate to say it, but it seems a done deal. I'm being a defeatist perhaps, or spiritually discerning this is not my fight, and I'm going to get nowhere with the Francis-bishop we have.
We won't cooperate with Francis-Church. We aren't entirely out, because we are provided a Latin Mass for the time being. We expect it to end at some point when enough force is applied to the bishop to end it, he will. Then we will be altogether out.
TTC is also correct, I'd bet dollars to donuts there's kiddie porn on the computers of those involved. Prancing, dancing men? Oh yeah.
The NO Francis-Church is diabolical. Only God can change it.

Tancred said...

It’s been worshipped in for a millennium by Catholics, and not a few of the current parish were horrified and angered by this evil display.

Tancred said...

Sounds presumptuous.

Anonymous said...

The headline is inaccurate. The man was not naked.

Anonymous said...

When I first started out modeling, afew years ago, I took an assignment in Mexico (one of my first big trips). It was for two fitness magazines (which some people might think is exploitative). But during my stay, I found, thru one of the members of the crew, a "backwater" part of Mexico practically no one (except lunatic USA bible missionaries) ever venture to.
Here, in the back of beyond, I found a town, which had at the time about 2,500 people....all traditional Catholics. It was a small community, but they had at least 10 beautiful churches. Some had 1 priest, some had a small handful of monks, some were convents with a chapel. But I found out that this town was the heart of a small group of traditional Catholics who had turned their back on their diocese, and had established their own town, their own priests, traditional nuns, and monks. There were a few neighboring villages which owed their obedience to this town (not the diocese). There were villages which were subject to the town. They had their own 1-2 Churches in each of their villages too, and their own priests. But in the larger town, there was a large building which looked like an Italian Baroque palazzo (palace) from which ruled their bishop, who was called their "pope". Obviously this was a sedevacantist sect, but they were devout Catholics. The bishop dressed as the Pope. He had six "cardinals", and about eight "bishops". I found out that each bishop governed 2-3 villages , which were called their "dioceses". And in this area there were 2 Catholic hospitals, afew schools, 2 homes for the aged....everything you expect in a regular Catholic diocese. All told, there were about 5,000 people who were in the group, and close to 500 monks, nuns, and 100 priests.
Further off in the hills were villages which once had been Protestant "bible Christians", but for some reason, these villages had turned to Islam. You would swear you were in Morocco or Egypt walking thru them. The people spoke Spanish.....and Arabic.
But the point is I think this is what MAY (unless there is a miracle soon) happen to the True Catholic Faith. There will be a split in the Church. The Faithful will go one way, the Bergoglians, another.
The True Faithful will basically establish their own Church (they have a good start with the SSPX and other groups). They might, if things get bad enough, create their own "replacement Vatican" with their own Pope. They had it all set up in Mexico. Hope it still exists.
But the good thing is that the True Faith of the traditional/traditionalist Catholics will survive, and be there to restore the whole Church when the "Francis vision" of the Church dies out.
It might not happen this way. By some act of God, we might get a true Catholic Pope the next time. I think we might.
But if we don't, I'm 30, and will be part of the remnant traditional Catholic faction , not a member of the dying out mainstream Church clinging till it's last gasp to Vatican II and the vision of Francis.
Damian Malliapalli

Nandarani said...

Respectfully and from a distance, a protestant convert into Catholicism who recognized soon that the services were more Catholic at the Episcopal Church in which I was raised (at the time I attended; it has since changed), and who has spent several years studying in order to move to the mainland for sacraments: that is a delusion under which you are operating now, to remain, and try to 'fight.' But, it is ok to continue because you would have to recognize this on your own. But I only say this because... you are wasting your valuable time. Depending on how old you are, this may become more and more evident and serious as a concern. ANY time wasted is time lost. Every single person has to come to it on his own. But to remain to try to help does not actually make a difference in anyone's life but your own, again because you are wasting your time.

Nandarani said...

That is addressed to Tancred! It ended up far from his post to which I was replying.

A voice that cries in the desert... said...

Amen! This church (our church) is dead.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with the Catholic men in this parish? If they had any backbone they would have pounded this sister boy.

Anonymous said...

Brian Wilkinson, so what is the truth? I would like to hear your opinion on this incident.

Tancred said...

Sounds like despair.

Anonymous said...

Because iniquity shall abound, the faith of many will grow cold.

Anonymous said...

No Tancred - it is not personal despair from Nandar - it is practical wisdom that I have learned too late - you are wasting YOUR precious life - RC is dead - from my studoed I would say up 2000 bishops (of the 5200 world wide)are active homosexuals. From the 1930's, up to 8 million single acts of molestation and buggery of boys worldwide have been committed by catholic priests, bishops and cardinals.

Michelangelo's homoerotic art indicates he was an homosexual - he used naked underage boys as models. The 'Holy' see has been homosexual and paedophile for centuries.

Anonymous said...

"Michelangelo's homoerotic art indicates he was an homosexual - he used naked underage boys as models. The 'Holy' see has been homosexual and paedophile for centuries. "

This blanket generalization is a violation of valid judgement. The "Holy See" has not been homosexual or paedophile for centuries. There have been individuals who were, but not the entire organization or church. Michaelangelo might have been gay, but he was not an active homosexual like some of our "beloved" priests,bishops, and cardinals(McCarrick, etc). There is written documentation that Michaelangelo was , throughout his life, a celibate, chaste man....almost monkish in his personal habits and lifestyle. There is no evidence that he was gay.
The fact that he used naked boys as models, or young men, is no different than art studios today, where classes are conducted on drawing the human form with naked men and women(mostly in their 20's).
True, most of Michaelangelo's frescos of men, or statues of men look like bodybuilders, but that does not mean he was painting homo-erotic art or sculture. The ancient Greeks and Romans all sculpted men, and painted men, as very muscular. Does that mean they were all gay too? Ridiculous thinking.
Though there might have been incidents of homosexual perversity and paedophilia before the 1960's, they are very rare instances. Most cases are very well documented to have occurred in the mid to late 1960's, and continue today.
The fact that many priests (McCarrick etc) who committed sex acts with young boys or downloaded gay porno were ordained prior to 1965 does not mean that there was something worng with the pre-Vatican II Church, or for centuries before that.
It has become habitual, and almost an underground culture in the Vatican and elsewhere only since the 1960's. The destruction of the Mass, the end of discipline, etc. has contributed to it.
Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

Our Church is not dead...Christ's words and promises are true. These evil 'men' have set up and are in full reveal of the ape-church foreseen by Emmerick, Sheen, SAINT Francis, and many others. The SSPX still holds the true Faith, and worships in a way respectable to God; they are forming good and holy priests, and they have a vocations and growth boom...are showing excellent and holy fruit. They are a Pella prepared by God for this time. Read Lefebvre's Bio, and "Open Letter to Confused Catholics"....total eye-openers. If they are in your area (even a mission chapel), worship with them. The Faith, The Church, lives.

And if anyone counters with the FSSP, I would reply that they are part of the problem and they are feeding the beast. Some of the money you give to them goes to apostate Rome. They will only remain as long as modernist Rome gains something by their existence, and as soon as that disappears, they will be squashed as readily and ably as was the FFI.

With the 'canonization' of the raging sodomite Paul VI, the stage will be completely set for the sanctification of sodomy....they will say that canonizations are infallible, and that this man was a poof, and, "well, see...he is holy, but loved men....we must accept and bless same-sex everything". When this happens (not IF, but rather when), what will the apologizers for the false-prophet anti-pope forerunner of the anti-christ do?....they just keep moving the bar and their own personal red-line further and further toward the boundaries of hell. Wake up people....it can't possibly get any more obvious than it currently is.

Worship with the SSPX.....this past Sunday was our final break with the ape-church. I live in one of the few decent diocese left, but I simply cannot give one more red cent, or one more sign of assent to the mockery of Christ and His Holy Church.

DonnaLiane said...

You stand up and protest as it happens! You don’t be silent in the face of public desecration! This was crazy bold evil stuff. Sometimes shock paralyses you but the Holy Spirit mobilises you. Act as the saints would_Or as Jesus in the temple would! Be always ready to act at all times. Especially when you know your territory and your battle. This would not be the first time

Djk2450 said...

You are correct on most points. God established the Catholic Church on earth and satan has done his best to destroy it since day one. However, in the end, God and His Church will win. He said so.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen1031. I also wonder why the congregation doesn't get up and walk out on "services" like this one. Do they enjoy the "entertainment?" I am shocked and disappointed, especially by the older parishioners who just sit there and take it! Can't they lead the younger people by example? Repent. Pray unceasingly, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

M. Prodigal said...

The faith is not dead! And the Church is not dead and never will be. Granted, there is a false church that many think is the Roman Catholic Church but it is not. It is not holy, it is not one, it is not apostolic, and it is not universal although nearly so. The wicked things happening and the wicked ones who do them....well, this has been long planned. Bl. Pius IX write a Syllabus of Errors back about 150 years ago. St. Pius X wrote against modernism 100 years ago...the devil is patient and carefully planted the evil ones so that they rose to very high places and, in turn, appointed others like themselves. We know the media and almost all areas of education have been taken over. We know that millions of souls have been lost to Christ and His Church and that millions more have fallen to the false church. Do we remain and fight? YES! On our knees. We are the little ones. It is up to the few of us left who know to pray to do so and to live as holy a life as we possibly can. The false church hates holiness! It hates the Truth too. The persecuting of faithful religious orders and persons is there for all to see. Priests who speak the truth find themselves set aside. It is a time for saints! Saints are the ones persecuted for their faith and this is certainly going on in the false church.

Anonymous said...

For all those people sitting in the pews and do nothing to prevent this then they deserve the punishment that's coming to them and for them is it any wonder that their children do not attend mass considering how weak and perverted the congregation are for allowing this to continue. Sodom and Gomorrha have entered into the Catholic Church at Augsburg Moritzkirche the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Carlos said...

I am the one who said ROMAN Catholicism is dead. And I stand by it.

There will still be the extradiocesan organizations like the Fraternity, SSPX, etc and the Eastern Churches.

But if it doesn't reform soon and excise the tumor soon, and TAKE ACTION, it will be a reality.

It's like a morbidly obese man who goes to feast on a large pizza, 5 plates at the local Chinese buffet, sixty chicken wings and an extra large Coke after being told that he's close to death. Egregiously making the situation worse.

Tancred said...

If only the Church were a mere human institution.

susan said...

The SSPX IS Roman Catholicism....pure and undefiled. Educate yourself Carlos.

Unknown said...

Dios los perdone por semejante sacrilegio contra la Santa Eucaristía.

TradCat4Christ said...

He said He would be with His Church until the consummation of the world. He also questions in St. Luke whether or not He will find Faith in the Earth. And as the New Testament mirrors that of the Old. Noah's Ark is probably a good representation of how small the numbers of the faithful will be in the last days.

If everyone else laughs at you, mocks you, is blind to the truth, disrespectful, impatient, angry at you for practicing your religion; you offer it up to God you ask for guidance and you pray, and pray hard for continual clarity.

These people are right, YOU alone are responsible for your salvation. When you attend these masses you condone the gathering whether you intend to or not. As much as you want to try and reach out to every person possible and explain truth to them they still hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

If anyone needs help finding the Tridentine mass please email me. I would stay away from those societies that try to "sift" Catholicism out of what Vatican 2 has created. You are better off going to mass and praying for them, and receiving valid sacraments.

We have gotten to the point where the "new rite" of priestly "ordination" has been changed for so long that you have absolutely no clue what you are getting. And where there is doubt, Christ is not present.

When I started going to Mass we were in the basement of a house. We have been in a chapel for a long time but IF you HAVE to stay at home because there is no CATHOLIC mass, then stay home and BE CATHOLIC.

Pray your rosary daily, and on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation get your missal open it up on your knees in front of a crucifix and pray your mass!

Remember Our Lord does not count your intentions against you. MAKE an act of spiritual communion. It is not as personally gratifying as actually receiving Our Lord; but the amount of resources and Masses on DVD and Webcasts are all out there.

Faith comes first. Keep the Faith. If you consistently surround yourself with the faithless then you will be abandoning your obligation.

TradCat4Christ said...

***Correction*** The Lord knows your intentions to receive and hold Him in your heart. You just need to remember He is there and needs to stay there!

Anonymous said...

Now what could be more wholesome or natural than that?