Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cardinal Ranjith Supports Death Penalty

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith welcomes the planned reintroduction of the death penalty for drug traffickers in Sri Lanka, according to a report by UCANEWS

Edit: sometimes I support rational conservative positions on both key pro-life issues, which just goes to show that your political orientation means something. 

Sometimes it seems that you have to go to the margins, like Siberia, to find actual Catholic clergy.

New Dehli ( Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith welcomes the planned reintroduction of the death penalty for drug traffickers in Sri Lanka, according to a report on UCANEWS. The cardinal wants to support the new policy of President Maithripala Sirisena. He wants to have drug traffickers executed, who continue to carry out drug trafficking and other offenses in prison. The introduction of the death penalty in Sri Lanka was already decided in 2004 and has been directed against drug traffickers, murderers and rapists. So far, this punishment has not been carried out, but this is about to change.

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  1. This does not surprise me in the least. The regressive dullard has almost destroyed the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka after having behaved like a bull in a China shop during his time in Rome.
    He's a disaster.

    1. Well, modernists like you have succeeded in:

      1. Utterly eradicating the Church places like France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Quebec, which are now de facto atheist.

      2. Reducing it to a faithless money machine in German-speaking countries.

      3. Destroying the kingship of Christ in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Divorce, abortion, "gay unions" and so on.

      4. Making Protestantism gain millions of followers in Latin America.

      5. Enabling child predators to destroy the innocence of youngsters all over the Anglo-Saxon world.

      6. Leaving the Church in China at mercy of the Communist regime.

      7. Spiritually killing Jews and Orthodox Christians by refusing them conversion to Catholicism.

      8. Make church attendance plummet by destroying the traditional liturgy.

      And so on, and so on.

      So please, before you make such accusations against a good bishop like card. Ranjith, think again and then SHUT UP. SHUT UP.

  2. I met him when he was in Rome. I went to his office in the Propaganda Fide building. I was new in Rome at that time.
    He told me the Church no more teaches the Syllabus of Errors.
    I repeat he said that the Syllabus of Errors is no more relevant in theology or as a doctrine.

    Since like Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was at that time the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Vatican Council II was ' a development'.
    So neither would Cardinal Ratzinger and the Sri Lankan cardinal affirm Feeneyite EENS. It was the same with Sri Lankan seminarians whom he would visit at the seminary where I lived too.

    Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Ranjit interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism and not Feeneyism. So the Syllabus of Errors and EENS would be obsolete for them.
    If they interpreted Vatican Council II with Feeneyism then there would be no objective exceptions, to EENS ( Feeneyite).
    Can you imagine Cardinal Ranjit saying that all non Catholics in Sri Lanka are on the way to Hell unless they entered the Catholic Church before death?
    Can you imagine Pope Beneidct saying all the Protestants in Germany are likewise on the way to Hell?
    They did not say that inter faith marriages are adultery and both spouses should not be given the Eucharist.
    So now we have the New Ecangelisation and New Ecumenism and the Eucharist is being given to Protestants in Germany.
    -Lionel Andrades

  3. These are depressing time for the Catholic Church. It feels like a big turd just moving a little further down the drain every day.

  4. As a Navy veteran, I would point out that the "death penalty" is always allowed in time of war. If someone is shooting at you, you have a right to shoot back. Sri Lanka is in a "state of war" which is becoming more and more like NYC. The penalty is defined as aimed at those already in prison who are manipulating the prison system and killing rivals out on the streets.---As someone who grew up and lives near Ferguson, I would point out the death penalty for Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown tried to kill Police Officer Wilson and all 'ell broke loose in the Midwest. It became so bad that the new Archbishop of St. Louis who replaced then Archbishop Raymond Burke who was "run out of town". had a special Mass of reconciliation in which he declared that the entire region was overrun with "systemic racism" and supported the right of African-Americans to riot in protest of the right of a police officer to defend himself.

    1. More people need to hold these senior clergy responsible when they promote Marxist agendas and urge on social unrest.

  5. I wish people would stop talking about "Cushy vs Feeney". The fact that you need to refer to your own private interpretation of Vatican II means the Council is defective at best, duplicitous at worst.

  6. It’s a significant divide in American Catholicism and the world.