Thursday, June 7, 2018

Irish Government Minister is a Witch

Edit: if they voted for Sinn Fein, they’ll vote for anything evil in Ireland.

A “WHITE” witch has saluted the Children’s Minister for her interest in the Wicca tradition. Katherine Zappone, an Independent TD, has studied witchcraft and its power to raise the “psychic energy” of participants and create a more “sustainable and peaceful planet”, the Irish Sun has learned.

Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone has a history with witchcraft.

Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone has a history with witchcraft And Patricia Weston, who has written about spells and magic, says the Independent politician is more understanding and compassionate due to her exploration of the pagan tradition.

 The Irish Sun tracked down a copy of her book The Hope of Wholeness: A Spirituality of Feminism, written by Zappone and first published in 1991.



  1. ireland has voted for wicked abortion
    what else can you expect of those devils


  2. Not everyone in Ireland voted for it.

    1. most "catholics" in name only VOTE for pro abortion parties, I am a Belgian who even lost his job opposing abortion on the job site in 1980,my employer wanted to force an employee to have an abortion,that was cheaper than paying pregnancy leave , ,never worked again in my life,I vote for no party,they are ALL wicked,I do not believe in the least of evil,abortion is satanic, and most catholics go to mass and communion and vote for pro abortion party,eg the socalled christian democrats,
      in total over the years I lost 350 thousand euros not having work, I took care of my parents for twenty years and now have a small pension,
      at least I am NOT a hypocrite but all the catholics that I know, they do not care about these things
      like the atheists they only believe in sex and money
      I stay out of the church building, they believe in the same things as pure atheists who kill unborn children for pleasure, have not met anyone else in forty years,they are all the same cowards
      want to email,would like that

    2. We need to start another Rexist Party.

    3. who would vote for it ???

      Jesus rebuked the hypocrites of his time

      I no longer believe in "catholics"
      I returned to Jesus simple laws of God ,the ten commandments
      all you have to do is DO what He says, but pay the price of your conflict with the world,even with some of your family who are not "for" abortion but want to do nothing against it, not even stop voting for wicked parties,that is all of them, in the booth
      it is not the world that bothers me but the inertia of my family,only my beloved Mother in heaven now supported me, my dear father now dead did not support me, was a "catholic" and was a good man no doubt but decided that I was too radical in 1980,what else could I have done tancred, let that unborn child be murdered by the company,just for greed, the girl itself did not want it,
      it is the long conflict with my father 1980-2015 year of his death, that pains me and not even once he said"I was wrong"
      but went to Mass and communion every week of his life
      I pray for him, I love him for he was good to my Mother , but he was wrong,christians MUST DO something, even save one life of an innocent, I am proud I could do it, but the company hated me, even sacked me and accused me of theft and such things,God damn them for their evil
      I stand christian but OUTSIDE that "church" loyal to my Lord and Master,Jesus Christ
      the One that will judge me on my last day


  3. Well if the Irish make some noise about this new information, assuming she was voted in and people did not know, then all is not lost. If the Irish tolerate Wicca as no big deal, then they are more lost than even was thought after they selected dismembering for their own young.

    1. "Dismembering" is a powerful opinion. Good for you. I bet that "Justify" wins the Triple Crown and that Wicca will be seen as no big deal.

  4. June 3, 2017: "Leo Varadkar is set to become the Republic of Ireland's next taoiseach (prime minister) after winning the leadership of the Fine Gael party. The 38-year-old will become the first gay taoiseach and will also be the country's youngest ever leader. Mr Varadkar beat his rival, Housing Minister Simon Coveney, with 60% of the votes to lead Fine Gael - the biggest party in the coalition government."

  5. Can there be any doubt that "gay" is the wave of the future both outside the Church and within? The problem is the obvious links between the gay movement and abortion again both outside the Church and within.

  6. I'm trying to contact you via but your contact form is not working. Could you please fix it? Thank you.

    1. I’m not the administrator of canon212. Have you tried his webpage for an email or his twitter?


    The Irish Vote Ref. was rigged from the start.

    When John McGuirk went on World Over show with Arroyo and said we are down in the polls - i said it is all fixed and one big sham.

    At Sky News he quickly conceded defeat before even the Voting was done!

    One big sham.

    Most prolife groups are run by women like Judy Brown, they are honest and tough. Always as a rule sceptical of men at the top of prolife campaigners.
    Irish Prolife vets as Dana or Bernadette Smith should have been at the helm.

    So now we have a psuedo witch and right on cue she has a go at Sisters of Charity adoption- easy target.

    S.O.P. for a diversion when they want to hide something.

    Trump victory proved all polls are rigged. The vote was rigged, prolifers won by a landslide.
    And Rome was silent.

  8. It's stories like this which makes me hope valid Bishops who received Holy Orders Pre-July 1968 start conditionally ordaining & consecrating clerics using the traditional rite of Holy Orders.
    We need the Holy Sacrifice & Sacraments of our Catholic ancestors.
    Ever since the Sacraments & Holy Sacrifice under went "revision" (1965-1973) the world & our Holy Catholic Church has been imploding from within at an unstoppable rate.