Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Consecrated Hosts Stolen for Black Masses?

Theft of consecrated hosts: A wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break into the tabernacle.
(Rome) Late in the evening of March 22, consecrated Hosts were stolen in a church in the archdiocese of Ancona-Osimo from the tabernacle. The suspicion also falls upon Satanists. The responsible archbishop made the following statement the very next day:
"With deep sorrow I announce the news that on the evening of March 22, 2018 in the parish church of San Francesco alle Scale, unknown hands broke open the tabernacle and robbed two ciboria with the Most Holy Eucharist. This is a terrible act that insults God most severely and deeply offends the heart of our local church because there is nothing more precious in the Church of God than the Holy Eucharist.  
It is an outrageous act deliberately committed to steal the sacred species and misuse It for who knows what sacrilegious purposes. Anyone who has committed this act has incurred excommunication, from which only the Holy See, because of the particular gravity of the act (excommunication latae sententiae ) according to Canon 1367 CIC, can absolve.  
Our hearts are joined in reparation and adoration to pray for the conversion of those who have insulted our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Most Holy Eucharist. I call on all priests to celebrate Holy Mass this week for the remission of sins and to hold a moment of worship with the community, if possible on Holy Thursday, March 29th. On March 23, at 6 pm, I will celebrate the Holy Eucharist with the local parish in the desecrated parish church and adore  the Blessed Sacrament of the altar to worship the Lord and ask for mercy. May the Immaculate Virgin and the holy church patron be intercessors.
+ Angelo Spina, Archbishop of Ancona-Osimo. "

"The situation is clear"

The archbishop indicated in his statement what some media have stated more clearly: The archdiocese is greatly worried that the apparently, the deliberately targeted robbery of the altar sacrament - otherwise nothing was stolen - could serve satanic purposes. The Corriere Adriatico headline on March 24:

"Breaking in the Church: Black Masses with the Consecrated Hosts"
The exorcist, Don Paolo Sconocchini, shares the same view in an article in the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino of 25 March. The exorcist has no doubts: "The sacrilegious robbery" is aimed at "black Masses at Easter". The Satanists would ape the "Holy Mass but celebrate it backwards." Good Friday and the Easter Vigil are for Satanists the most important moments of the year.

Don Sconocchini is pastor of the Church of St. Charles of Osimo.
"The situation is clear. Since the consecrated hosts have no value for a thief as loot, the perpetrators have a different goal. The Satanists have a teaching that turns our faith upside down. The death hour of the Lord on Good Friday is a moment of joy for the Satanists."

Crucifix as a crowbar

He also said that a wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break the tabernacle. The crucifix was badly damaged (see picture). Robbers have their burglary tool with them when they go on a heist. In this particular case, the enemies of the Church are at work who have sacrilegiously planned their crime in detail and pulled it off.

In recent years, there have been no similar incidents in the area.
"But it is an open secret that these groups, committed to the occult, gather in holy sites to celebrate their rites."
Satanism is divided into different directions. Also, the role that Satan plays in the different directions is different. Common to them, however, is the rejection of Christianity and the openness to Satan. This is expressed in their symbolism. For them, the number of the animal is important and positively occupied, the three times repeated "f" (the sixth letter of the alphabet, but also the so-called Nero cross, also known as the death rune, as used by the anti-nuclear and peace movement.

The pastor and exorcist speak of "dark powers that are at work in our time." Every generation has committed sins, but there is a difference "from the generation of our grandparents": "Earlier generations still had a clear idea of ​​good and evil. This distinction is becoming more and more unstable and blurred. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Youtube / Ancona Today (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


  1. In the spirit of decency and love for our dear Lord and Savior in particularly this week of remembering, my sincere prayers are for you and your church.

  2. From the view of the modernist in accordance with Shakespeare, "much ado about nothing". Why should those who feel that the Eucharist is nothing more than the passing out of bread with no tabernacle in sight be concerned about the loss of a couple of loaves?

  3. God have mercy on us all.