Friday, October 13, 2017

Anglican Church Hosts Satanic Fashion Show

Can You Say Spirit Cooking?

Edit: Retired Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali condemned the show saying it was, "not acceptable" and could lead people "to areas where we don't want them to go."

"Christians will be outraged. This was not necessary to do. In the sense that Christ's name is being dishonoured, it is blasphemous."

[NZ Herald] A bitter row has erupted after a fashion show featuring satanic designs was held at a historic church.

Leading clerics branded the event "blasphemous" after models dressed as devils and vampires sashayed in front of the altar, reported the Daily Mail.

The show, part of London Fashion Week, was highlighting the work of controversial Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu, whose creations have been worn by celebrities including singer Rihanna.

The runway inside St Andrew Holborn Church. Photo / Getty Images (They turned the inside of the church into a satanic temple, or rather, Masonic Lodge. What's the diff?)
Peter Hitchens recently blocked us on Twitter for accusing faithful Catholics like Eccles of being Pharisees for living out the Greaf Commission in asking him why he won't leave the "Church" founded by an adulterous despot. We were a little surprised he would use a term of abuse like that since it's so often unjustly leveled at him.



Anonymous said...

they're not even trying to hide their satanic symbols much these days, they've pretty much got them all there, two pillars, checkerboard floor, the all seeing eye, the compass, infinity symbols, star of david. Their satanic religion has pretty much jumped the shark at this point

Kenny said...

Anything to get people in the doors.......

JBQ said...

Arturo Sosa, new commandant of the Jesuits, who is from Argentina has stated that he does not believe in the devil. Francis has stated that Judas was "sad and repentant". This is all an attempt to rehabilitate the Church from the morass of superstition stemming from the Middle Ages. Man is good. There is no original sin. Homosexuality is not an aberration. It is an alternative lifestyle. The condoning of pedophilia among certain groups inside the Church is only one fact which jumps out at you. It is not sin. So, what is it?

Kathleen1031 said...

One thing it is not is pedophilia. What is inside the Church is pederasty, the vile and demonic predation of little boys and young men by homosexual Roman Catholic priests and Bishops and whoever. The John Jay Study demonstrated clearly that 81% of the victims of sexual abuse in the Church for decades were and are boys and young men between around 11 to 16. That's not pedophilia, it's homosexuality expressed in pederasty, and it is part and parcel of homosexuality. Boys and young men are called "twinks", and these men love nothing more than to corrupt one of these innocent ones. God help boys today.

Anonymous said...

This isn't much worse than some Catholic "masses" and liturgies I've seen in the USA and in my travels on the road when I a full time job doing something other than teaching...which I do now. In that job I was in every major country in Europe except places like Albania, Latvia, etc. Saw lost of services that were passed off as Mass......and also saw some magnificent real Masses too.
Worst experiences with Mass, where a lot is like this photo....Austria.
Best, where there were many beautiful liturgies...3 countries tied for that honor....Poland, Italy, and France.
Actuall all time worst Mass ever.....when I was in college and invited to a youth Mass..where the Host was Pizza and the wine was beer (Michelob). I left before the communion...but I saw what was going on.
The new head of the Jesuits, and maybe even Francis, would have approved. (it was a Jesuit college near Philly).
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

@Kathleen (Take Me Home Again): You are right. It is not pedophilia. The boys are pubescent. That is the attraction.---Once again, chalk one up for the fairer set. They are not mesmerized by testosterone. They see through the "smoke and mirrors".---The Church has been taken over by the homosexual undercurrent. They have now crawled out from under their rock and are basking in the sun. There is no other explanation.---"Church Militant" for 10.12.17 headlines "Bishop's LGBT Agenda Provokes Ongoing Tensions in Missouri". The Diocese of Jefferson City (State Capitol) has mandated the acceptance of the children of gay parents into her schools. The parents are to be welcomed with open arms. On October 7, there was a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Missouri Catholic Conference.---Missouri is the second oldest diocese after Baltimore in the United States. It was carved from the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and later split into St. Louis and New Orleans. Today, St. Louis has split again to form Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Kansas City-St. Joseph, and Jefferson City.

JBQ said...

While in the Navy, I was privy to visiting churches in Italy and Spain. Each and every one was magnificent. I even visited a church on the island of Sicily. It was poor put also magnificent and you could feel the presence of God.---Here in the United States, cathedrals are being turned into meeting halls. The divine is going away. I speak specifically of St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Basilica of St. Louis. One is so busy interacting and hearing social justice sermons that the loss of the divine is obvious.

Anonymous said...

"One is so busy interacting and hearing social justice sermons that the loss of the divine is obvious"

Thank you JBQ for this insightful contribution. It's true. Here is Philly, our former great Archbishop, Cardinal Rigali, renovated our Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul, got rid of a lot of the Vatican II crap which the liberals tried to ruin the place with (removing statues and putting up banners, etc.) He brought in great designers and restored our Cathedral and the altar to looking like a true Catholic Church again. BUT, along comes little Archbishop Chaput, OFM.Cap. ashe next archbishop after Rigali retired and we were jettisoned back to the early 1970's all over again. In came a wooden table altar to sit in front of the magnificent altar Rigali installed, the mansion which had been home to the Cardinal Archbishops of Philadelphia was sold, our Catholic newspaper was shut down, parishes closed by the dozen, schools closed, and vocations (which were almost non-existent since Vatican II anyway), declined to the point where our seminary had to recruit young men from dozens of other dioceses...even overseas, just to stay open.
There are hundreds of copies of Chaput as bishops in the USA. BUT the person who is driving this loss of the Divine is Pope Francis himself. His priorities are always the justice and politics. I have heard him talking withn the month about North Korea, earthquakes, tornados, transsexuals, LGBT individuals,climate change,Trump, the plight of Rihinga Muslims in Myammar, and always his favorite topic....refugees,migrants,and immigrant Muslims.
Not once about Jesus Christ, Catholicism, the Virgin Mary, our Faith....or God.
Benedict XVI was a pope who tried, by the way he spoke, dressed, acted, and with regards to our Faith and traditions to bring us back to where we should be as Catholics...even though his effort was not courageous enough. For a brief time it showed signs of working, but the entrenched radicals like Francis didn't like that...and forced him out.
Francis is like nearly all(not all, but nearly) priests since Vatican II. If you want to understand this disaster in the Church, look no further than most of our aged priests, the even older nuns who run the show in most parishes, our bishops. BUT before Francis, the Pope was usually different. You could look to "The Holy Father" and see the Catholic Faith. Not anymore. Francis is just like all the rest of the burned out Vatican II clergy.....and perhaps even worse.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

Just to fill in a few of the cracks on information. Justin Cardinal Rigali came from St. Louis and received the red hat in Philly. He had originally been sent from the Vatican where he was an official by JPII to straighten out the situation in St. Louis. Archbishop John May had led a rebellion against the Vatican which presaged Francis. He became head of the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Conference and brought a liberal agenda. Rigali was sent by John Paul after he visited St. Louis in 1999.---Rigali was transferred to Philly and Burke was sent in from Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I do not understand the politics but Rigali did not like Burke. He left his nun sister (Charlotte Rigali) in St. Louis to keep an eye on him at the chancery. With the death of John Paul, Benedict ascended the throne. He removed Burke from St. Louis under pressure from the left in the U.S. I have emails from the chancery to prove it.----When Rigali retired in Philly, Chaput was sent in. Rigali moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he was welcomed with open arms by Bishop Stika who had been his auxiliary in St. Louis. Rigali still resides in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update JBQ. Yeah, Rigali was a much better Archbishop than Chaput, who always used to be on EWTN, and all the neo-cons thought he was destined for greatness....a cardinal's hat. Then came along Francis who doesn't much care what kind of loser becomes a Cardinal, just so he's a radical like himself.
But Rigali was a great Bishop. I was born in the last years of Cardinal Krol, a TRUE Archbishop and Prince of the Church. A little known secrete was that he disliked most of what came from Vatican II...but of course had to play the game.
Rigali probably didn't like Burke because of that rumor (if true it's sick), about Burke authorizing a mamn who became a woman to be a nun and try to found a new religious Order? Maybe he didn't know he was a transgender,,,,but if he did, I lost a lot of respect for Burke.
Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

Rigali has plenty of his own skeletons. Philly was left in a total mess.....mismanagement, negligence, and worse. He wasn't the 'conservative' scion so many would like to romanticize.

Anonymous said...

You're not lying Kathleen. I went to a Catholic Camp in Michigan in 1980 at age 10 for two weeks. I spent two weeks dodging the camp directors son who was after me. I was ten years old, didn't know anything about anything but knew that fruitcake was after me. I was never so relieved as when my parents came to pick me up. I was out of there and by the Grace of God before that homo could get to me. Just a few years ago I googled that guy's name, and surprise surprise, he was busted for pederasty.

JBQ said...

Actually, I knew about the transgender nun and the religious order. I didn't know much but it was in Burke's portfolio. As for Susan, she is right. There has to be a reason that the entire Vatican is ducking the Third Secret. Bertone' was one of the worst of the lot. He even had the nerve to write a book. He patently lied in print. For quite a period of time, he was the "second in command" as Secretary of State. He went to Fatima and had photo ops with Sister Lucy or as some say a stand-in Sister Lucy. His own perverted lifestyle is known. The entire Third Secret was confused into irrelevance. It sure looks like the Mother of God knew what she was talking about. The entire superstructure is "wormwood". It has been riddled with a homosexual underground which has come out from under its rock with the ascendancy of Francis. The episodes in regard to Paglia (mural in the Cathedral) and Coccopalmeiro (cocaine sex orgy in the offices of the CDF) are entirely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet there'll be another huge scandal about the Vatican and active homosexual clergy there since the rise of Francis...right before Christmas. It'll make the issue of the Fraternal Correction of Francis etc. look like nothing. It'll be so big, that rancis won't be able to hide from the scandal, or deflect it to someone else. It'll be his mismanagement exposed. And he might be finally driven into exile for it.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The had a big canonization in St. Peter's today officiated by Pope Francis. Thirty-fivbe new martyr Saints and two other Saints. Beautiful day, but only a reported 35,000 went to participate in St. Peter's. I remember John Paul II and Benedict XVI having huge crowds for something like this, even Paul VI. But the biggest of all, were two occasions officiated over by the great Pope Pius XII....500,000 people both times, for the proclamation of the Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1950), and the canonization of Pope Pius X (1954).
Does anyone else think that 35,000 (and I watched the YouTube which looked like even less), sounds really low? Below the usuall for sure.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

All saints declared by francis are null and void, as he is not the pope, but the diabolical false prophet.