Thursday, July 6, 2017

Scholas Occurrentes: Pope's Video Message for a "Culture of Encounter" Without Christ

(Rome) In Jerusalem, a multi-day congress was held at the Hebrew University of the Pontifical Schola Occurrentes Foundation. Pope Francis transmitted a video message to yesterday's meeting. The Pope turned to the international audience in Spanish. As in the past, the Embassy lacked any relation to religion. The words "God", "Jesus", "Christ" or "Lord" did not pass the lips of the Pope. He called for a global world of unity in diversity and a "culture of encounter".

Scholas Occurrentes is a project in cooperation with state and private schools founded by Jorge Mario Bergoglio when he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires. After his election to the Pope he gave the project the legal form of a papal foundation and settled it in the Vatican. In the meantime, more than 400,000 schools in over 80 countries are involved worldwide, according to the Foundation.

The project wants to educate "peace", "dialogue" and "encounter".

Scholas Occurrentes is regarded as a favorite project by Pope Francis, which has been criticized several times in the past. It was known that the pope's name was used for gambling, and that the foundation, on papal instructions, refused a substantial donation by the incumbent Argentine president, apparently because he belonged to the "false party", and finally that the foundation supports gender ideology with its publications in Spanish speaking areas. All in all, doubts about the "pedagogical revolution" that Francis was pursuing with the Foundation were voiced.

"Civil Society" instead of Christianity?

The project is therefore very popular with ministries of education, school authorities and administrators because the religious aspect is completely thrown out. Neither God nor Christianity play a role. They are not even mentioned. The project focuses on "civil society" education on "peace, peaceful coexistence , dialogue and encounter."

In his numerous speeches and messages, which Pope Francis addressed to Schola's Occurentes in the past four years, Christ and the Christian faith never appeared. In his videotape, Francis spoke of "variety" and "diversity" that "breathe all the same air" and "inhabit the same earth", which is "the common house." Everyone has "their history", but "all live together". This is also the model given by Jerusalem. It is about "openness", as the Church chief emphasized several times, and is therefore "without prejudice."

According to the Pope, the goal of Scholas Occurrentes is to create a "culture of encounter". The Pope said "no to unity," but yes to "commonality in cultural diversity".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: CTV/Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. These people are nuts, all you can do is like Pius X suggest and punch them in them in the face and no need to worry about automatic excommunication, that's only in force with a Catholic bishop/priest/pope.

  2. According to Francis of Assisi, there will come a "great destroyer". Francis believes that the Church is "out-of-the-mainstream" and needs to be brought into the real world as he merges Church and state. That is the pristine goal of Communism and he has bought into it. The only "fly in the ointment" is that Jesus stated profusely that "My kingdom is not of this world". Francis believes that utopia can be achieved on this earth.---According to the works of Malachi Martin, there will be a future pontiff who will preach that there is no sin and only social offenses. We have what has been predicted. Man is the victim of his environment and only the destruction of capitalism can save him. There is no original sin and man has no lower nature which must be disciplined.----As stated previously in various understandings of Francis, without sin, there is no need for a Redeemer. The God-man hanging on the cross was only a symbolic act. There is no need for grace to overcome one's failings.---This can be seen very easily in the treatment for alcoholism versus that of modern day drug addiction treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous portrayed that man was helpless within his environment and needed the help of a higher power. Modern day drug treatment says that this is bogus. Man only needs to reach inside and to control his own environment with the help of counseling to discern his own weaknesses.