Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Is the New Same Sex Marriage Law in Germany Going to be Extinct?

Volker Kauder (67, CDU): "A challenge to the Constitutionality law of marriage for all "will surely come!" Did Merkel (62, CDU), who voted against, already calculate this?

Berlin - On Friday the "marriage for all" was decided by the Bundestag and in many places a big party followed and there were even first marriage promises among same-sex partners. After the rushing celebrations, will there be wailing and lamentations?

The reason for this are statements by Union Chief Volker Kauder (67, CDU). This was from an interview with the news agency AFP on the question whether the new law will end up before the Federal Constitutional Court: "I am certain," the FAZ reports.

And this means in the plain text: The Federal Constitutional Court has the power and the legal possibilities to upend the new law! Then the "marriage for all" for the time being is again on the way out!

How can that be? In the interview, Volker Kauder expressed his concerns more specifically, saying that supporters of the new regulation should "have a wider debate, rather than quickly get a right-wing out-of-law bill out of the Legal Committee."

He also criticized: "In the near future the question of whether the opening of the marriage is really permissible under constitutional law will also put people who are now homosexual, who now want to marry in the sense of the law, in an unstable state of limbo."

Had Angela Merkel already known that the law would not last long, and therefore openly admitted she voted "No"?

These and other questions will have to be clarified in the coming weeks and months. In any case, these developments are a major obstacle for all fans of "homosexual marriage".

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