Monday, June 19, 2017

Dutch Sociologist Sees Diversity Has Failed

To solve the problem of Islamism, Muslims have to realize that "the real enemies that threaten Islam are not in Jerusalem or Washington but in their countries of origin and in the midst of their own communities"

Frankfurt am Main ( Multiculturalism has failed. This is the opinion expressed by the Dutch Sociologist and researcher Prof. Ruud Koopmans in a contribution by FAS, as idea reports. He himself had long believed that good integration would not place demands on immigrants. He had been convinced that the reason for integration problems, such as unemployment among immigrants or worse education in their children, was a wrong policy because they did not grant people enough rights and did not sufficiently recognize their culture. In the Netherlands, it was a complete failure when the migrants' culture was expanded. For example, Islamic burials were allowed and many state-funded Islamic and Hindu schools were introduced. Public media must fill at least 20 percent of their broadcasting time with programs for minorities. Despite all these measures, immigrants are four times as unemployed compared to people without a migrant background.

The sociologist sees Islamic terrorism in Europe critically. Thus the interpretation prevailed that it had nothing to do with religion, nor with migrant countries of origin, and that society was to blame. He wonders why there is so much violence in the Islamic countries themselves, where there have been no Western military interventions. The problem of Islamic extremism can not be solved until the majority of the Muslims realize "the real enemies that threaten Islam are not in Jerusalem or Washington or among the European right-wing populists, but in their countries of origin and in the middle Their own communities ".

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  1. I forget his name but the British Prime minister in the late 1960's arrived at the exact same conclusion as this sociologist.
    At the very end of his life he expressed that multiculturalism doesn't work and he regretted his leftist immigration policies.

  2. There still seems to be a premise that the true Islam is peaceful and that extremists are the false Islam. Therefore the extremists threaten the true Islam.

    This is another version of what the politicians say. It is hard to accept this when you read what Islamic authorities and Christian experts say. Even a simple teaching that where Islam rules there is the House of Islam and where Islam doesn't rule you are in the House of War. Some like to make it more complicated than it fact it seems Islam is an extremely simple religion.

    The reason Jihadists do what they do is increase the House of Islam by waging war in the House of War in order to make it submit to Islamic Law. Secondly, to be certain of their own salvation and that of their family. For that reason the Jihadist on the London Bridge stabbed away saying it was 'for his family'. Killing for Allah is akin to being Baptised and dying in a state of Grace and as a Saint. That is why you had no Islamic prayers for the Jihadists...not as a punishment or repudiation but because they didn't need them. Islam has double predestination radically so...and in order to be certain you can 'beat the odds' and be saved you must do Jihad - to kill or be killed etc. Only a 'martyrs' death suffices for salvation otherwise predestination and Allah's arbitrary will apply.

    So go figure who are the Islamic holy ones those most like their leader. Not the passive fit in with the West ones but the active changers and enforcers of Allahs will.

    When the politicians and the Church get that we might a) theologically oppose it as the utter nonsense it is b) realise the odds of changing the impulse for salvation is not in any way overcome with secularist reasoning. The answer is conversion, atheism or war.

    1. In The Great Heresies, Hilaire Belloc predicted the rise of Islam 40+ years before it happened. This book should be required reading for everyone. The fact that he classifies Islam as a Christian heresy instead of a religion would earn him a fatwa like Salman Rushdie if he hadn't died in 1953.

    2. Islam comes from the Nestorian Heresy with dashes of Judaism and Arab Paganism.

  3. Hey clerics! What's that saying about making a deal with the alligator in the hopes that he'll just eat you last?