Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fatima Canonization With 80 Cardinals and Bishops Coming Up

Vatican announces details of the Pope's program in Fatima.

Vatican City ( KAP)  Around 80 cardinals and bishops are expected for the canonization of the shepherd children of Fatima on 13 May by Pope Francis. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the Portuguese Shrine on Friday in the Vatican. Two thousand priests will attend the Mass with Francis. More than 40,000 people also wish to join the event as pilgrims, according to spokeswoman Carmo Rodeia.

Francis travels to Portugal on 12 and 13 May to sanctify Francisco (1908-1919) and Jacinta Marto (1910-1920). The 13th of May is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Marian Apparitions, which lasted from May to October 1917. With millions of pilgrims, Fatima is now the second largest place of pilgrimage in Europe. 

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke announced that before the canonization, Francis would meet the oldest priest of Portugal, a 104-year-old. Prior to this, a brief meeting is planned between the head of the Church with Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

The Pope will be welcomed by President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on 12 May at the Air Force Base in Monte Real. After an interview and a visit to the chapel of the airfield, Francis goes by helicopter to Fatima, 40 kilometers away.

There he will first pray privately in the Chapel of the Apparition before he sends a greeting to the faithful in the evening and prays the Rosary with them. Subsequently, Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin, with thousands, will celebrate a Vigil Mass on the square of the Shrine.

With the Sacred Ceremony on the 13th of May, the pope brings the seer children, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, into the list of the deceased who are allowed to be venerated in all Catholic churches worldwide. For the third seer, Lucia dos Santos (1907-2005), the beatification process is still ongoing. There were speculations that on the same day, she could also be blessed or sanctified. However, such a step would be unusual.

According to Rodeia, 350 clinically ill people are expected to attend the Mass of Saints; an encounter of the pope with them is expressly provided for. Francis then wants to have lunch with the bishops of the country. In the afternoon he leaves Monte Real for Rome.



  1. Very confusing to be sure. Malachi Martin who was an advisor to Pope John stated that the pontiff believed that the shepherd children were little more than hysterical sheepherders. JPII was the opposite. He believed that Our Lady saved his life when a Muslim proxy of the Russians tried to take it.----Francis has given every indication that he pretty much follows the beliefs of John in this regard. There were six apparitions on the 13th of six continuous months. Our Lady will not let us down and will offer discernment to straighten this out. There is no way to "cut the baby in half". ----Francis tried to walk the tight rope by canonizing both John and John Paul at the same time. Either this is a true warning for a chastisement or it is not. If he is indeed trying to pull a "Houdini", this will trip him up. If he is truthful, then he will use this event to define right and wrong instead of what is believed to be his view on the obsoleteness of sin.

  2. What is confusing, too, is that while Francis is canonizing Jacinta and Francisco, he also has up for beatification the notorious Helder Camara who spent his entire "priestly" life implementing Marxist principles in the Church. This is not to mention Francis' praise of genocidist Nelson Mandela, abortionist Emma Boninio, and globalist Ban Ki moon, so his motives for canonizing the Fatima children raise serious questions. Is he sincere, or is it just a "love the poor" facade to conceal his global connections? In the globalist-abortion camp, the classic argument they use to defend population control is that we should not bring children into the world to suffer, but should first take care of the "poor" and "hungry" among us. Makes you wonder.

    P.S. Malachi Martin was a good man, but John XXIII never said the Fatima children were hysterical, nor did he believe this. Something has been twisted. Though he was fearful about releasing the Third Secret--an imperfection indeed---John XXIII was a good and saintly man who was betrayed by the pirates of Vatican II. He had nothing to do with the changes, but was against them.

    1. Have you talk with John 23rd at any point in your life?