Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Protestant Theologian: Conservative Party Has Capitulated to the Zeitgeist on Abortion

Rector of the Freie Theologische Hochschule Gießen: "It is not conceivable that the CDU has nothing to say" - although abortion is punishable, the actual handling of the population leads to the impression that abortion is legal

Cologne (kath.net) In the topic of abortion, Stephan Holthaus has charged politicians and especially the CDU of a "capitulation before the Zeitgeist". Holthaus is a rector of the Freie Theologische Hochschule in Giessen and a professor of Christian ethics and apologetics. He spoke at a discussion in an Lutheran Freikirche in Cologne, which was also attended by deputy CDU chairman Armin Laschet. The Protestant "pro media magazine" reported on this. "100,000 abortions a year are an ethical catastrophe. I can expect that a political system that inscribes a Christian human image on the flag will protect life. "For him," it is not conceivable that the CDU has nothing to say." Although abortion is a punishable offense, the actual impression among the citizenry is that abortion is legal.

Holthaus demanded that politicians should speak more clearly about the fact that only a small percentage of abortions would be carried out because of problematic pregnancies. In addition, said Holthaus, according to the "pro media magazine", they should support the policy initiatives that accompany women in conflicts during pregnancy. Laschet replied that his state did exactly that, he then criticized the fact that the Lutheran Church did not have a clear position here.

Laschet had previously appealed to the participants to participate politically: "There are too few Christians in politics. It is good for the entire political spectrum that Christians engage. "It is conceivable to actively participate or at least choose to go."

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  1. Is it better for Catholics to dedicate their life to politics or dedicate their life to the Church?
    Recently Traditio.com stated
    "The first 315 years of Catholicism,most Catholics practiced their faith in private and were executed in public"
    Interesting thought and I am no expert on Roman empire history.
    I don't know the answer as both questions have positive aspects if the answer is yes.
    Anyone else have an opinion or know the answer?

  2. You ask 'Is it better for Catholics to dedicate their life to politics or dedicate their life to the Church?'

    That's an easy one. We should all take our lead from the current pontiff and concentrate wholly on the former.

  3. Anon @10:46 am - I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying--what Catholic has been publicly executed? The Catholics I know who have dedicated their lives to politics (like Pope Francis, Cardinal McCarrick, Danneels, Gomez, McElroy, CUpich, O'Malley, Marx, Kaspar; plus all the 'politicians' Pelosi, Brown, Ryan, Boehner (and across Europe) have been dedicated to overthrowing Jesus Christ/ Christendom. If Catholics were practicing their faith either publicly or privately 1 billion innocent babies would not have been murdered in the womb since 1980--and Christian brothers would not be declaring that they are going to start murdering their 'patients.'


    1. They were referring to Catholics from 33 A.D to 315 A.D.
      when the edict of Milan was passed!!
      I'm going to politely disagree with you.
      The people you mention are not Roman Catholic in my opinion.
      God bless you.