Thursday, April 13, 2017

Libero Poll: 84% Miss Pope Benedict

The daily newspaper "Libero" has been conducting an online vote since yesterday with clear results. In the picture Pope Benedict XVI. as a cardinal.

(Rome) The Italian daily newspaper Libero has been conducting an online vote since yesterday. The question is: "Are you missing Ratzinger as head of the church?"

The current voting result

Only one-time voting is possible. The vote is counted after a few seconds and the current result is published as a percentage. It is not known how many readers have been involved in the vote. The reconciliation result is continually updated and is unambiguous. On April 13th, at 8:57 am, it looked as follows:

84 per cent of Libero readers have replied: Yes, I am missing Ratzinger as a church leader. Only 16 percent have so far denied the question.

The well-known Italian journalist Antonio Socci, who takes a very critical attitude towards the reigning Pope, writes for the daily newspaper Libero.

The comments on the online vote reflect the mood among the voters. Some examples:

A Franco Ranuzzini wrote:

"Ratzinger spoke of God and frequently quoted the Bible, but it is only understood that Bergoglio was a Pope because he is dressed in white, otherwise he would be considered a politician."

A Francesco Cenatiempo added in response to Ranuzzini's comment:

"No, Bergoglio is the Imam of the Vatican."

A Riccardo Cavalli wrote:

"The Pope is Benedict XVI.  In his recent sermons, Bergoglio crosses the line. He said that Jesus was the devil! And made himself a serpent! Is there any doubt about who Bergoglio is and who is Pope? Read the visions of Emmerich and Neumann. Let us remain faithful to the everlasting doctrine and the constant teaching of the Church!

Giorgio Collarin wrote:

"High on the emeritus pope. Happy Birthday!"

The representativeness of the survey can cast doubt on the overall question as to whether a Catholic Church head should be measured in surveys. In any case, the Libero Initiative makes visible a part of the mood among the people, which is a counterpoint to the likely attitude of the leading media toward Pope Francis.

Is it also the case that 84 per cent miss Benedict XVI as Pope because Francis "makes himself invisible"  on the Triduum, to  the Church, and celebrates the Mass of the Last Supper not in the Lateran basilica with his diocese and the world church, but to their exclusion and in the public From?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Libero (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Really bad vibes coming out of Rome. You have to think that the pontiff would consider moving the Vatican. I am sure that Moscow or Beijing would be high on his list of possible sites.

  2. This is so obviously fake news. Everyone knows that online polls are notoriously unreliable indicators of the real state of affairs. I suspect the actual figure who miss Pope Benedict to be nearer 99% - with the remaining 1% composed solely of Frs.(Messers?) Rosica, Spadaro and Martin using multiple aliases to try to turn back the tide.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Where can I cast my vote? I cried the day he announced his resignation, and I still miss him.


  3. I know many who have a phenomenal abhorrence for Bergoglio. Why is it that so many experience this and its only among those Catholics who truly love the Church. I believe this Phenomena comes from Heaven. Pope Benedict XVl remains the true Pontiff. That is why so many desire his return. My obedience remains to Pope Benedict XVl through his writings. If this Poll was taken among only Catholics who truly love the Church, it would have been 100% of Catholics who miss Pope Benedict XVl.

  4. I think the poll is accurate because not everyone who reads Libero or Socci is a traditional/faithful Catholic....there's some liberals and moderates as well. So, if the results were 99% miss Benedict XVI, I would think it was fake, because there is a small minority of progressives who like Bergoglio. The 16% who voted that they don't miss Benedict XVI are representative of this group of radicals and others who love Bergoglio. I personally can't stand him....and yes, I very much miss the great Pope Benedict XVI.
    Francis is NOT a popular Pope in Italy, no matter how much the liberal/secular media tries to spin it.
    Francis would be popular if he were to resign. :)
    Damian Malliapalli

  5. Vittorio Feltri, Libero's director is atheist, the only Catholic journalist writing in it is Socci, I do miss Pope Benedict, and especially in Easter time.