Sunday, April 9, 2017

Media: Pope Francis Dismisses Vatican Swiss Employee

Greg Burke did not want to comment on the circumstances

Vatican City ( According to Italian media reports, a high-ranking Swiss employee in the Vatican has been dismissed by the personal intervention of Pope Francis. It was Eugene Hasler, secretary of Bishop Fernando Vergez Alzaga, the second man in the Governorate of the Vatican, onlinemedia reported on Thursday. The motive for the unusual papal intervention was to be internal tensions. Hasler appears to have an authoritarian style. The layman Eugene Hasler is the son of the former major of the Swiss Guard, Peter Hasler. His father served 42 years in the papal guard.

The Vatican confirmed Hasler's departure. Greg Burke did not want to comment on the circumstances. Hasler has not been working in the Vatican for a week, says Burke. Hasler's mother Maria Michela Petti, according to the reports, said that her son had not yet received a letter of dismissal.

The governor is responsible for the infrastructure of the Vatican, from the post office to the nursery. It is often referred to as the government of the smallest state in the world. At the top is the Italian Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello. The Spanish Bishop Vergez, the immediate superior of Hasler, as general secretary, is a sort of deputy head of government. 

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  1. There was a sex scandal directly associated with the head of the Swiss guard, Peter Hassler. There is no doubt that the dismissal of the son is directly related. The mother has a sorrowful demeanor and is apparently well aware of the politics involved with both the husband and the son. The story will now be buried.

  2. So JBQ are you saying both the father and son are homos? A sex scandal in the Vatican is far far more likely to be of the homosexual variety.

    Seattle kim

  3. Seattle Kim
    If they were, wouldn't that make their promotion rather than dismissal inevitable in the current climate?

    1. Good point, anonymous.

      Well maybe they aren't sodomites but well aware of the homo activity around them and perhaps privy to something they shouldn't know.

      Seattle Kim

  4. Francis discovered he was a heterosexual traditional, orthodox Catholic.

  5. If Bergoglio intervened and dismissed this Swiss Guard, I can only imagine the Swiss Guard did something right against one of Bergoglio's ghouls.

    1. That is probably the most accurate. If only more Cardinals, Bishops and faithful priests working in the Vatican would stand up to Bergoglio and company (aka Francis), maybe he would take the hint and quit.
      Francis himself said last week that he wasn;t too sure if he'd be around long...stating that people his gae pass away at any time. Do us a favor Francis and do just that.
      Not necessarily die...just pass away out of the Vatican and Papacy.
      Damian Malliapalli

  6. @Unknown: Evidently, the son is an innocent victim. The forces of evil have their agenda. If you can't get the source, then you go after sons or nephews. That is the mafia way.