Sunday, April 2, 2017

Castro Mistress: Fidel Received the Last Rites

69-year-old in an interview with the Italian church broadcaster: Dictator met with a priest every day and developed a positive attitude towards Christianity

Rome ( The long-term Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (archive photo) had received the sacraments before his death in December 2016. "Some Jesuit fathers have told me that Fidel Castro died being comforted by religion, and they said to me, "be quiet because Fidel died in a Christian way," said Anna Maria Traglia, a former lover of Fidel Castro, for the Italian Church broadcaster "TV 2000." According to her information, the "Maximo Lider" was visited daily by a priest.

Traglia, now 69 years old, is the niece of Cardinal Luigi Traglia, who in turn, in the 1970s, was the vicar of Pope Paul VI. In Rome. When she was 27, she had met Castro by the intermediation of his relative, the secretary at the Cuban embassy in Rome, whom Traglia had met and befriended. For years she had been Fidel's lover, said Traglia, who spoke of a "great love" until the end of her life and lived in Cuba for a long time. 

On her urging, a parish was opened in Havana, where she had attended Mass every Sunday afternoon, said Traglia. After the service Fidel was waiting for her in front of the church door in a car with the number plate "Comandante 1."  She had also unintentionally introduced a meeting between Castro and Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. When she was invited by the nuncio at that time, Castro had simply come along, causing the Vatican diplomat to be embarrassed, as there were no instructions for this situation. However, a "mutual sympathy" had developed immediately between the two men.

Traglia traveled to Cuba a year and a half ago, when Castro was already in bad health. By May 2016 there had also been regular telephone contact with the ex-dictator. On her last encounter she found Castro "very changed", said Traglia. "One day he told me: I often think of your words, referring to my Christian faith."

Trans: Tancred


  1. "Some Jesuit fathers have told me that Fidel Castro died being comforted by religion..."

    If this is true, I don't know which is the bigger miracle - that Fidelito returned to the Church or that those responsible for his re-conversion were Jesuits.

    1. Was he ever in the Church? Wasn't he from a Mexican Jewish family? If it was a deathbed conversion great.

  2. Sadly the question is that, being accompanied by a Jesuit, did he truly convert or was he only affirmed in his sins?

  3. Makes Catholicism and Jesus Christ a joke and mere good luck charms.

    If this please God, truly, I hope that my faithfulness to broken vows, disgusts God and he banishes me to Hell.


    1. Karl,

      Your faithfulness to your vows does NOT displease God - rather, the spouse who abandoned you and is unfaithful to her vows displeases God. Nor should you curse yourself. (Cursing literally is wishing evil upon a person, including yourself.)

      You are the living icon of Christ the Bridegroom:

      God bless!

      In Christ the King,


    2. St. Charlemagne the Great was an adulterer.

    3. Obviously, Napoleon, and many other terrible sinners were reconciled to the Church before they died.

    4. It is a fundamental injustice for scandalous sinners reprobate for a lifetime to squeeze into purgatory even as their victims may despair, lose faith and be damned.

      If God is so unjust to allow that, then I am better than God, certainly more just and I REALLY must reject him.


    5. I hope he received extreme unction from a valid priest.
      Karl you sound the angry older brother in the prodigal son story.No offense Bro I have bad days too believe me!

    6. I have always felt like the older brother. He was right!


    7. I have experienced overwhelming injustice from the Catholic Church and it's hierarchy. It is long past time for it's comeuppance. If God judges victims harshly, God is wrong!


    8. You sound like a leveler, or some kind of proto-Anarchist revolutionary.

    9. Nope, just an old guy who believe in mercy when there is true repentance but not otherwise for aggressive, victimizers.

      If that scum Castro was repentant, he should have said so before cameras with his brokenness obvious even to hardened hearts.

      Mercy should never be denied to the repentant, if it is sincere. But, sincerity, in my life's experience, is obvious through the acts that accompany it.

      Now, let the FAKES cry foul.....merciless. Poor, poor terminal Fidel was too weak to show his brokenheartedness.



    10. I guess if it were up to you, he'd be screwed.

    11. No, it is God's call. He knows his heart. I do not.

      It is just that in my understanding, I must believe that God
      also considers scandal. Perhaps, that is a facet of Purgatory
      and how it applies.

      I will always wish for mercy, but for those who truly confront
      what they have done, completely regret it and act to address
      it, as comprehensively as possible.

      The Church does not address restitution except in word alone.
      By doing so, as I was taught and as rational thought guides,
      the Catholic Church, fully, intentionally and knowledgeably,
      participates in and incurrs TREMENDOUS RESPONSIBILITY,
      for, horrible sin and injustices. It gives incentive for every sin

      Regarding marriage, where I have, personally, seen divorce
      , adultery, theft, deceit, child abuse encouraged and supported
      (among many other grave sins, still ongoing) the scandal is

      And the monsters refuse to address it and they deny it, from the
      Rectory to The Vatican and where Jorge hangs his hat.

      When unjust divorce, which is easily discerned, objectively, in
      fair/even unfair nullity inquiries, is not fully addressed and in the face of a refusal to repent and restore and make restitution, as possible, a formal or formal excommunications are not publically announced and enforced in public, the Church intentionall and knowledgeably participates in all the crimes involved.

      When one understand that "the two are one", when infidelity is
      involved, and known and not addressed as above, in repentance, etc is refused, the Catholic Church participates in real rape, which, if it involves a lover of the other gender, is homosexual rape!!

      The perversion that the Catholic Church is involved in, fully and intentionally, is mind bloggling!!!

      When you realize, your spouse is sleeping with another and you throw up with nausea, weep till your throat burns and the tears are gone and you know the Catholic Church supports this


      You know, well, and intimately, terrible injustice!!

      As your agony is ignored and laughed at and criticized!

      But, I still hope of foregiveness and mercy, but they cannot
      separated from the necessity for public repentance, public penance and public restitition, as is possible(not convenient).

      So, those who are innocent(not perfect but who do not seek
      injustice) are the ones who get the worst screwing, with the
      full knowledge and cooperation in every way and in every sin,
      of the Catholic Church.

      I am still living it and Jorge and his compadres, approve of it!!

      There is no excuse for the long standing policies of the Catholic
      Church on countless fronts, but starting from marriage for me.

      In reality, the Dubia are not even a scratch on the surface of what
      the Catholic Clergy need to answer for. As Mundabor, too generously refers to the 4 Cardinals as kittens, these 4 have not begun to get the accountability that is long overdue ball a-rollin'

      I would never refuse mercy to a repentant sinner.

      But, repentance is something entirely different than what is
      practiced in Catholicism and what provides the incentive for
      endless injustices.

      If I refuse mercy, knowing that repentance is sincere, then I
      have no basis for hoping for mercy for my own repentance of
      my sins.

      Only God, if He exists as I was taught and once believed, can
      know one's heart, better than a freed, independent, God-given


    12. Tancred,

      If you would prefer me not to post, I will abide by your advice.
      However, I will continue to read your blog. It is informative and seems to be oriented towards truth and what is good. These are all good reasons for me to learn from here.

      My anger is evident because more than words, prayers and faith are needed in the nightmare before us. When scandalous destructive sin is present and sufficiently known, the clergy need to act on behalf of the victims, especially when the victimizer presents themself as a practicing Catholic and refuses to turn back from their abusive sin. When such public obstinance is left unaddressed, sternly and directly, the sinning increases in everyway.

      I have seen this for decades, in person, asking priests, bishops, cardinals and popes for help. I have been ignored. No actions with meaning or authentic consequences have been taken.

      Catholics need to know this in order to make informed decisions, as I was not allowed to make when I spoke my wedding vows, without being informed that the "brother and sister" accommodation could be forthrightly used by my adulterous wife to avoid ALL OF HER MARITAL RESPONSIBILITES AND OBLIGATIONS IF SHE STOPS INTERCOURSE WITH HER LOVER FOR THE GOOD OF THEIR CHILDREN, even as she and her lover fleeced me of everything, including our five children.

      If this intentional withholding of critical, pertinant information did not render our vows, null, ab initio, because I DID NOT CONSENT TO ACCEPTING VOWS THAT HAD THIS CONDITION, then something is very, very wrong here.

      But how many people are told of this "accommodation"?

      Something is very wrong. It is gravely unjust. It is causing terrible, unremitting suffering to many and it is, intentionally and knowingly, being either ignored or excused by the entire hierarchy.

      It is destroying faith.

      If you want me to cease posting, say the word. I am not here to
      disrespect you or even the Church.

      I am continuing to ask the Church to address what it is doing. But not in the way it has or has spoken about. IT MUST RADICALLY DO AN ABOUT FACE.


  4. Strange comment as we know God desires that all men be saved.It is also a call to all sinners that Our Lord will not refuse His Grace to anyone, even the likes of this man. I was told that when the Pope [Benedict?] visited him he asked him "Why did you change the Mass?

  5. Older Cubans believe he died many decades ago and was replaced. He was a splended actor if that was the case. On his last trip to NYC he allegedly stopped at the Rockf. Mansion in Long Island amazing how the great Capitalist and great Communists pariah get on so good.

  6. Unfettered capitalism leads to Communism.

  7. Fidel Castro said in a interview that the most startling surprise in his life was when he met the now St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She asked him with a Motherly voice, "Fidelito, Cuando te vas a convertir?", which is translated, Little Fidel, when are you going to convert?. I long believed that St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta planted the seed of conversion, God granted Castro all the graces. Fidel Castro did not trample on the Blood of Christ but accepted the salvation offered to us all. Deo Gratias!