Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sexual Abuse Claims Shake the Anglican Church in Australia

(Brisbane) The Anglican Church of Australia is overloaded with accusations of sexual child abuse. A total of 1084 charges have so far been received. According to media reports, 75 percent of the victims are eleven-year-old boys.
The cases take place in the period 1980-2015. The data emerge from the report by the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which was established by the State in 2013.
569 alleged perpetrators are identified. 247 of these are pastors, 285 laymen, and 37 are lacking a precise classification. 94 percent of the perpetrators are men.
The Anglican Archbishop, Philip Freier, expressed his "consternation" about the revelations of the commission of inquiry. "We are deeply ashamed," says Freier.
In recent years the Catholic Church in Australia had been shaken by sexual abuse.
"The scandal in the Anglican Church is no cause for schadenfreude because it has caught others this time. The case, however, confirms that sexual abuse of children is not a specific feature of the Catholic Church, as some have shown. Not to mention sports clubs and certain secular children's and youth groups," said Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: ANN (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

All those married protestant vicars... who would have thought?
You'll never see this on the front page of the "New York Times" nor a feature on the TV news. It certainly is only found here on the internet today.
That is tragic for a number of reason, not the least of which is that this crime is comfortably concealed as a Catholic problem when it is a vastly larger reality and more than a simple concern. It is a viral epidemic of predatory behavior that transcends preconceived notions.

geoff kiernan said...

All those Anglican 'vicars'should have gotten married and then there would be none of this scandal....

Anonymous said...

Who on earth is Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña and what relevance has he to the report about clerical abuse of Children in the Australian Anglican Church?
Is he an Australian journalist of Spanish or Latin American background?

Tancred said...

He's a journalist and Church historian in Spain, who is interested in the story for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! It would get a tiny blurb in the NYT if it was mentioned at all. Now if they were Catholic, it'd be on the front page of the international section of the NYT, if not on *the* front page.

Anonymous said...

Those poor children,they're now scarred for life!!!
These monsters have successfully destroyed innocent children who will suffer from this demonic evil their entire lives.
These demons who did this are Rotten sick Bastards!!

PaxTecum77 said...

This is proof of the investigation ordered by Pope Benedict XVl. His investigation found that sexual abuse of children is more rampant in Islam, Judaism and Protestantism. He was harshly condemned for revealing this, as the world wanted it to be a Roman Catholic problem only. Will they rejoice now as they did when they thought it to be only a Catholic thing?

wilderness of pain said...

On behalf of other victims, well actually, on behalf of no one but myself, the children of clergy sexually abuse are NOT ruined.

A better phrase may be mauled or scarred.

Thr lost innocence as a young child cannot be recaptured.

The child of abuse is like a fine china or crystal. It takes precious handling from loving self sacrificing parents, professional counselors and humble faithful trusted clergy to guide the child after the abuse through puberty to healthy balanced adulthood.

The abuse is/ need not become the identity of the child. Rather, the abuse is physical/spiritual/emotional hurricane that often crushes a child at their most vulnerable stage of developmemt.

Christ's grace can heal all of us.
I broke a leg at ice hockey as a teenager and it healed. I do not accept
the broken leg (or past abuse) as my identity.

God's grace, immersion in the Holy Sacraments and hard work can make a young boy grow into a healthy whole man.

" lost in a Roman wilderness of pain and all the children are insane...
Waiting for the gentle rain."

Please dont read into the Morrison lyrics any hidden message from me.
Just something of American culture that expresses on man's view of this tragedy.

Yes, the child abuse scandal appears to be wide spread and global. It's source is the demonic and it's goal is the God given innocence of children.

Viva Criso Rey

domics said...

I see many articles making comparisons with the numbers relating to the Catholic Church in Australia without pointing up to this:

"In her opening address, counsel assisting the commission Gail Furness SC said the scope of the survey of Anglican Church dioceses was different from that of the Catholic authorities.
"As I have explained, the data results do not include all complaints of child sexual abuse relating to all institutions associated with the Anglican Church in Australia and do not indicate the total number of incidents of child sexual abuse in Anglican Church institutions in Australia."

Actually the Royal Commission surveyed 201 Catholic Church autorities and 23 Anglican dioceses! The report on the Anglican Church has a chapter on 'Data limitations' to read.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for obvious reasons; but it was not obvious who he is. His name appears suddenly at the end of the article as if we all know who he is without explanation.