Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Italian Court Finds Muslims Who Tortured and Drowned Christians Guilty of Religious Hatred

A court in Palermo imposes 18 years of imprisonment because in 2015 Muslims apparently had thrown 12 Christians into the sea on their flight across the Mediterranean Sea - the judges regarded religious hatred as an aggravating circumstance

Palermo (kath.net) An Italian court last week condemned six migrants to 18 years imprisonment because they had thrown twelve Christians into the sea in April of 2015. The judges considered religious hatred as an aggravating circumstance. A defendant was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for torture, and others charged were released. Italian and Austrian media, including the daily newspaper "Der Standard", published in Vienna, reported on a report from the APA press agency.

Christian and Muslim refugees had dared to flee across the Mediterranean, and religious disputes arose on the ship: Christians had been compelled to pray to Allah. Muslim migrants are said to have beaten twelve Christians from Nigeria and Ghana and thrown them overboard.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


  1. If they hate and mass murder Christians why are they allowed to come to Christian counties .what's the big problem with Europe.

  2. It's about freakin' time a judge woke up. Now Maybe Europe can follow. Pray.

  3. Psychotic religion full of psychotics. JPII is partly responsible for the laxist attitudes of the West. Ecumenism is just plain evil.