Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump isn't racist.

All of EF's readers should read the following article written by a secular Jew who does not support President-elect Trump:

Any news outlet that calls Trump a "racist" is now, by definition, spewing fake news. Disown them.


Anonymous said...

President Trump is the Boss Man!!

Anonymous said...

President-elect Trump is independent of the globalist tyrants---and therefore unacceptable to those who would control us all. Only the leftist types approved by Bergoglio and the perfidious George Soros will do for their plans---but the Immaculate Queen of Heaven may have plans different from theirs (hopefully for this year of the centennial anniversary of Her apparitions at Fatima).
We certainly dodged a diabolical bullet this past Nov. 8th, and Europe seems to be waking up (hopefully not too late). Let us pray for the conversion to the True Faith by Mr. Trump and his lovely family as well as for the guidance of the Holy Ghost during his presidencies (I am hoping for 8 years for good, lasting work to really "take"; let us organize and act even now, as the Left most assuredly is already doing).