Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Pope and the Order of Malta -- Here Comes Another Commissar

by Roberto de Mattei

Has the Pope appointed an external commissioner to the Order of Malta? Pope Francis undeniably likes the strategy of appointing external commissioners as he has already adopted this draconian measure against two religious communities considered too “traditional”: the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the religious of the Incarnate Word.  Further, it is not by chance that the announcement of a commission to “gather suitable elements to inform the Holy See thoroughly and swiftly with regard to the matter which has recently involved the Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta, Mr. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager”, was given by the Vatican Press Office on December 22nd, precisely while Pope Bergoglio was transforming his traditional Christmas greetings to the Curia into a bitter chiding against those who are resistant to his project of radical change in the Church, with implicit reference to Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Patron of the Order of Malta. However, in this case, the appointing of an external commissioner is not at all possible. - 



  1. good luck with that "pope" putzburger.

  2. As always, Francis the Vindictive and the Sly Operator. I have always wondered why he seemed to oppose the Italian Mafia, since their modus operandi and his are almost identical Perhaps the answer is that they were in tactics too close for comfort.

  3. This is extremely worrying. Professor Mattei seems to be suggesting that the Pope has jurisdiction over those who in the Order of Malta who have taken religious vows. For some time there has been the suggestion that there is a split between those with religious vows who believe that the Order is a religious order and those who think that the Order is merely a charitable NGO which can disregard the teachings of the Church on such subjects as abortion and contraceptives. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the UK where the religious side - the Grand Priory - has tried to maintain Catholic ethics at the Hospital of St John & Elizabeth whilst certain other members of the Order in the British Association have tried to undermine that policy. Please pray that we are not about to see another attack on orthodoxy from Pope Francis's henchmen.

  4. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it is very likely that this machiavellian pope knew of the Grand Chancellor's uncatholic actions and also knew that appointing the righteous Cardinal Burke would eventually end in a confrontation---the perfect opportunity for the fake Supreme Dialoguer to set up a "Commission" to begin the more difficult destruction of a worthy prelate whom he hates for his orthodoxy and fidelity to Christ. This scenario may or may not be actual---but it certainly stinks of Bergoglio's perfidious manipulations to get always what he wants and to crush those he deems his personal enemies: with him it is always personal.