Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Germany: Foreigner Brutally Attacks Old Married Couple

Edit: who else is going to roam your streets and attack your country's grandmothers? This is the welcome culture.

[Focus] A couple in Hanau have been victims of a brutal assault. In the night on Sunday, the couple came out of the jazz cellar and went towards the castle to their car. Shortly before the Kinzigbr├╝cke it was about 12:50 when they were approached from behind the attacker.

The stranger spoke or stammered  in a foreign language, the police reported. When he was on the same level with the couple, the perpetrator, asked the woman in broken German. When the 65-year-old confirmed this, the man hit her in the face without warning.

Her husband intervened - and was now attacked. The attacker struck him several times about his head. When he lay on the ground, the perpetrator stomped him repeatedly.
The 63-year-old had to be treated at the hospital. The police are now searching for the brutal attacker: he is about 25 years old and about 1.90 meters tall. The perpetrator had black curly hair, dark eyes and a three-day beard. He was slim and clothed with a black jacket, light gray jogging pants, and white sneakers. The police asked witnesses, who were also on their way to the beginning of Sunday, to report under the number 06181 100-611.O


  1. I hope Trump lives up to his promises or we will turn into Germany & Switzerland.

  2. This kind of thing is almost a daily occurrence in the large US city I live in. And it is not migrants who are doing it (since as yet we don't have many at all). Our neighbor, Chicago, is having even worse problems from the same group.

    It has been going on for fifty years and is getting worse by the day.

  3. This is horrible but it's not an immigration problem or street hug problem.Germany has been invaded by a hostile army and her own leaders invited these people in.

  4. Oh my, who could it be... a Chinese, a Canadian, a New Zealander??? We may never know. Sadly the idiot Merkel has brought this upon her own people.

  5. Couldenhove Kalergi plan.
    This "migrant crisis" was planned during the 1930's.