Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election: Peronist Pope Disfavors Donald Trump -- Supports Hillary Clinton

Edit: at the matriarchal society of the Huffington Post, this article appeared.  What better endorsement do American voters need to vote for Donald Trump?
When we were in school, most of the clergy teaching at our school were evil, and therefore voted for Democrats.
[Puffington Post] If you’ve ever wondered how terrible a person must be to get the pope to condemn them, look no further than GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
At the World Meeting of Popular Movements at the Vatican on Saturday, Pope Francis spoke about the danger of building walls to keep people out and “false prophets that exploit fear and hopelessness to sell magical formulas of hate and cruelty.” 
Sound familiar?
Francis never uttered Trump’s name, and, as The Atlantic points out, his comments could generally apply to other leaders. But it’s hard not to think of Trump himself when the pope talks about walls. 


  1. The enemy of an enemy is our friend. ☺

  2. Why do people continue to expect anything from voting in an election. It's a farce, an illusion, a fraud. Communism will absolutely march down the field unabated until a pope, a real, actual pope makes the consecration. Until such time, expect no peace.

  3. It's going to cost something to be an actual, believing Catholic, now in the United States. After four years of the coming tyranny, there will probably be many of us behind bars. We will find out who believes and who doesn't.

    1. What?? Hilary didn't get elected, Trump did! I never got the impression he's a Christian hater; whereas with Hillary there is no doubt.

  4. Pay attention, Francis. "My sheep hear my voice: and I know them, and they follow me." Nobody listens to you. No real Catholics anyway. Except when you speak like a Catholic pope. You would not know that because you ain't done it yet.

  5. Anon at 6:14-
    That's ridiculous, and a violation of valid judgement. Obviously you have not read any of Donald Trump's speeches, or know what he believes in. Thank God we have him, and not a.h. first class Hillary Clinton. What you said applied to Clinton et al....but not Trump. He is a believing, pro-life Christian. His children with his first wife, Ivana, were raised as faithful Catholics. I don't know about the rest of them.
    It is a miracle Trump was elected. The immoral vision of Hilary Clinton almost prevailed....and I for one thought it would. It made me sick the thought of it.
    But God instead brought us a decent family man who does not support abortion, who is a believing Christian with much of his family Catholic, and who will strive to make this a strong and great country.
    Clinton would have opened the doors to gays,lesbians, transgenders, and a flood of Muslim "refugees"
    I thank God we have Trump and his good values.
    If you prefer Clinton;s values, then look to her.....or to Pope Francis, who is the Hilary Clinton of the Catholic Church in mindset ,words,and deeds.
    Damian Malliapalli

  6. It is simply amazing how blind and irrational people---even those who are traditional Catholics---can be. Trump's victory has in effect saved us from a hard-Left tyranny (one that the Marxist Francis would naturally favor just as he favors all evil causes) and destructive appointments to the Supreme Court for generations to come. And here we have someone who fails to recognize God's great mercy to us. I certainly do not suggest that Mr. Trump is our earthly savior (Scripture: "Trust not in princes") or that he will be all that we wish a Catholic ruler would be, but from his competence as sharp businessman, from his defiance of the whore leftist press, and from his personal courage in the face of feminist harpies we can conclude that we have been given a reprieve from the Almighty. Deo gratias! And here we have a Catholic (Anonymous) speaking like a lunatic about the coming tyranny!. We have been spared that tyranny, ingrate; thank God "from whom all blessings flow."