Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Radical Feminists and Marxists Attempt to Storm Rosario Cathedral

(Buenos Aires) Every year, violent left-wing extremists and radical feminists try to storm a cathedral in Argentina with the demand for "free abortion".

The occasion is the annual Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres organized by various Marxist groups, whose 31st event will take place 8-10th of October.
The target of the attacks is the bishop's church of the city where the annual meeting takes place. This year  Rosario, with a million inhabitants, which is the third largest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

With naked upper bodies,
radical feminists - supported by male left-wing extremists - like Furies, attempted to storm the cathedral on Sunday evening. Walls were built around the church by the Catholic side. Before that, Catholic men gathered together and formed a living shield, while the attackers insulted them with insult and curses.

Although every year the attack on the Episcopal Church is the "highlight" of the left-wing extremist spectacle, the security measures of the state were little more than meager. The police, charged with the protection of the church, allowed the demonstrators to dismantle the defenses in front of their eyes. It was only late that the police dispersed the attack with tear gas and rubber bullets. Throughout the demonstration, violence, vandalism and material damage had taken place. Hundreds of shop windows were broken, garbage containers were lit, street barricades erected, slogans were written on house walls and asphalt.

The terrifying hate was revealed  by stones, bottles, and iron shells, which were hurled against the police and supporters by the violent protesters, because they kept them from the storming of the cathedral.

The half-naked abortionists mocked the pope and shouted, "We want to abort. No pig controls our bodies." There were banners like, "No Revolution without Feminism" and  "The Church in the Trash." 

The following chant was heard:

"We swear, the churches will burn".

The civil war-like conditions in the town of Rosario caused by radical feminists and other left-wing extremists, with significant material damage, convey a sense of what would have happened in the cathedral if the wild mob had gained access.

Although the Marxist demonstrators are the attackers, photographing the "adversaries", whether of the Catholic prayer or the police, seems to be a kind of superstitious, left-wing extremist ritual.

The following two videos deliver first pictures of the unleashed mob last Sunday. The third video shows the assault two years ago against the praying Catholics who protected their cathedral, to give an impression of what happened in front of the cathedral this year. Because of the scenes shown, sensitive people are discouraged from the viewing.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


  1. The long lasting effect of Cardinal Bergoglio

  2. Could they possibly look more demon possessed? This is jorge's old stompin' grounds. 31 years of this intensifying crap...he did a real bang-up job, eh?...and he's doing the same thing now on a universal scale. "chaos out of order"....gee, where have I heard that motto before?

  3. Satan is a subtle, manipulative liar, but sometimes he is blatant and crude, ugly and obvious.

  4. Why does our Lord never put me there or similar places so I can punch faces in? God knows but I do ask God to at least let me do what Saint Pius X said to do and one day allow me to punch some faces of these demons.

  5. Where is the outrage against this blasphemy by "Pope" Francis? You won't hear a thing form him. He's too bust packing the Sacred College of Cardinals with more dissidents,heretics and radicals like himself, whining for the fate of his beloved Muslims (you can almost hear him boo hooing from Casa Santa Marta!), and hosting a big gathering of Muslims at the Vatican within a few days.
    No wonder lightening struck St. Peter's again.
    Anyone with eyes to see can read the signs.
    But yet we have a chorus of spineless Cardinals who have said nothing in protest against this guy and his initiatives.
    All we see them to is grovel before Francis, and bow "Yes Holy Father, No Holy Father, whatever you say the Church should be, Holy Father!" That's B.S.
    Damian Malliapalli

  6. Give Bergoglio some time....he'll come around to their demands.


  7. By rioting, instead of just getting an abortion, which they probably have the money for and for doing it in a country that offers it, they kind of prove the Pope, by their definition of "control",  controls their bodies, which they say he can't do. That's liberal "logic" for you.


    Hundreds and hundreds
    Of solid men
    Faced the gates
    Of Hell and then

    Faced the dogs
    Who eat their vomit
    With chain-linked Rosaries
    A grace-ringed grommet

    Protecting Holy
    Mother’s portal
    Their deed will ever
    Be immortal

    Hundreds and hundreds
    Rosaries prayed
    As cursing curs
    Their hate displayed

    Dog-like flesh
    Eating mammals
    She hyenas
    Cud-chew camels

    Mongrels, thousands
    Diablo’s dames
    Sex slaves relieth

    But hundreds and hundreds
    Of solid men
    Each decade prayed
    Were stones of ten

    Aimed at half-bloods
    Like David before
    Each Ave slung
    Gainst hellion’s whore

    Hundreds and hundreds
    Of solid men
    “As it was in the beginning,
    Is now…” Amen!!

  9. The very last video with the woman wearing a horses head is very common among satanic cults.
    Its called 'masking' and some pagans even do it with some alterations.

  10. The police ought to have set up a Maxim gun with a 250 round belt, given them five minutes to disperse, and after that commenced firing. That would teach the filthy two-legged maggots.