Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Catholic" Register Regurgitates Media Campaign Against Bishop ofAlbenga-Imperia

Update: a kindly reader corrects us that this is actually the Canadian Register of the demonic Salt and Light, which is in some ways worse than its American counterpart. 

Edit: they may have gotten rid of a few bad eggs they could afford to lose, but they show their true character by uncritically reposting the unsubstantiated rumors being circulated by the Bishop's enemies.
They are truly vile, worse than the National Catholic Reporter, because of their undeserved reputation for conservatism and link to the network gone wrong.

VATICAN CITY – An Italian bishop who was a hero to traditionalist Catholics has resigned following a Vatican investigation into priests and seminarians accused of various scandals including posting naked photos on gay websites and sexually harassing parishioners.
The Vatican gave no official reason why Pope Francis on Thursday (Sept. 1) accepted the resignation of Bishop Mario Oliveri of the Diocese of Albenga-Imperia nearly three years before the official retirement age of 75.
But it was clear that Francis wanted him gone.
Oliveri’s small northern Italian diocese, which he had run for more than 25 years, had become a magnet for devotees of the old Latin Mass and other high church rituals.’s+Catholic+news+source+since+1893%29


  1. You can write a book about the left-wing bias of that rag.

  2. this catholic register is a canadian paper and not the american national catholic register