Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coptic Nun Killed -- Local Police Say "Stray Bullet"

Coptic Christians continue to suffer Islamic persecution.
(Cairo) Yesterday, July 5, a Coptic nun was shot dead in Egypt.
The police called it a "tragic accident".  It currently not being treated as a crime. The nun was accidentally caught in a shootout between two rival clans. An stray bullet  killed the nun, says Fides .
The Orthodox nun Athanasia was, along with two sisters and a driver, on the way back from Cairo in the monastery Mar Girgis in Alexandria. In al-Khatatba, a bullet suddenly  struck one of the Women Religious in the vehicle. Sister Athanasia was killed on the spot.
The first reports reported an anti-Christian attack.The investigating police of Guizeh denied this, however, describing the shooting between two local Muslim clans as the reason for the "accidental" death of the nun.

Sister Athanasia +

Burned Christian houses

On June 24, several Christian homes had been burned in al-Baeda in Alexandria. A Muslim mob had gathered after Friday prayers in front of the house of Christian Naim Aziz because the false rumor was spread among Muslims, that the house may be converted into a church. The Muslims shouted the slogan: "Under no circumstances will there be a church here." To be sure, deeds followed their  words, and and they burned down the house of a Christian and a few other Christian homes for good measure.
The Church of the Christians of al-Baeda, is located  six kilometers in the neighboring town.

murdered Coptic priest

Father Raphael Moussa +

The Christians of Egypt have been experiencing a new wave of Islamic violence for months. Last Thursday a Coptic Orthodox priest was murdered on the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt. The priest Raphael Moussa was 46 years old. After the Holy Mass, which he celebrated in the Mar Girgis Church of the city of El-Arish in the north of the peninsula, he was killed in the parking lot in front of the church by a targeted shot. The murder was claimed by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).
El-Arish is located on the Mediterranean coast, with nearly 150,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the Sinai. The city, is where in 1118, Baduin I., the first king of Jerusalem, died during Crusader period, and was besieged and occupied in 1799 by Napoleon, and made the headlines recently because of organ trafficking. Bedouin tribes kidnap African migrants and remove their organs, which are sold to hospitals. This has been confirmed by the German government.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Coptictoday / Fides (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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