Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cardinal Vingt-Trois "Violent" and "Homophobe" After Attacks

France's Socialist President Hollande and the Catholic Archbishop
of Paris, Cardinal Vingt-Trois

(Paris) During the Office for the soul of Abbé Jacques Hamel,  Cardinal André Vingt-Trois denounced secular ideology yesterday, which is promoted by  France, and where  Islamic terrorism thrives in its soil. For this truth that the Archbishop of Paris dared to utter, he was insulted and ridiculed.
Since the attacks of Islamic State (IS) on the editors of the radical leftist satire sheet Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket Hyper Cacher was perpetrated by French citizens with immigrant backgrounds, France now asks how it is possible that "Frenchmen" can so despise their own country.

Thought Control

Even those who alone registered cautious doubts about the question, were brought abruptly to silence. The question of Islam in France and  mass immigration should not be raised in the official media segment anyway. The accusation is promptly "Islamophobia" and acts as a murder weapon. The corresponding, ideologically motivated changes to the criminal justice system through the introduction of opinion offenses, make it possible to make whole sets of questions largely taboo. 
Those who, despite the bombings, dared to talk about a loss of identity of France, because the identity is replaced by a secular emptiness and a wild nihilism, was attacked at best as "extremist crusade nostalgics" and mocked.
The freedom of speech is stifled in France by thought control. It is no wonder that one of the most lucid comments about the evil that Europe has spread, originated from a Muslim, Hind Fraihi. As a Muslim, he enjoys a special treatment the Frenchman is not allowed.
Fraihi complains not only against radical Islam, he also questions what Europe has to offer young Muslims that came or were brought by their parents into the country. "Europe must offer these young people an alternative. The problem is that it has none. It has no recognizable identity any more. There is only individualism, but it separates the people, it does not join them. Europe must change. As long as it has just materialism, capitalism and individualism to offer, the situation is hardly better. "
Even after the umpteenth attack in which a priest was murdered in Normandy at the altar of the church as he celebrated Holy Mass, the muzzle is still in place. It is also prohibited to name the great evil which has befallen France by name. Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris tried to scratch on the Tabu in his requiem for the murdered priest, Jacques Hamel. For this he was "crucified" by the nomenclatura and insulted.

"The Crisis of Our Society Demands Relentlessly Rethinking Our Values"

The cardinal criticized the politician buzzword of "values" that are apparently worthy to "defend," but no one knows and explains what "values" they are  because this is,  which one is supposed to use,  which since the incumbent since 2012 socialist government of France, but even their predecessor governments, has actually undermined the supporting values ​​in  corporate and social policy and in part openly oppose them.
On Wednesday, a day after the brutal ritual murder in Rouen, the cardinal said in his homily:
"The crisis that has gripped our society, urges us inexorably to reconsider our views, which are our most valuable  possessions. Often the 'values' are invoked as a kind of talisman  for which we should stand up, no matter what it costs. But we are less verbose when it comes to the content, and that's the problem. [...] For what values ​​we are ready to sell everything that we possess in order to acquire and protect them? Maybe our aggressors have finally compelled us to identify the object of our resistance?"
He continued: "We have never had such prosperity, such a comfortable life and known such security in France as it is today. So many produced and - albeit unequally - distributed goods but it doesn't prevent  that we are afraid. Is that fear stirred therefore that we could lose so much of it?"  Then the cardinal lamented the spiritual void, the "silence," in which the threat from the jihadists is mixed that paralyzes the country. "The Silence of the parents towards their children and the failure of the transmission of values. The Silence of the elites against the decline of morals and legalizing of aberrations [He could have said abominations.]. Silence at work, at home silence, silence in the city. For what purpose should we talk? The many fears create blocks, a collective fear and anxiety. The anxiety urges us to hide and hide. Where will we find the strength to face these dangers? For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, hope lies in  trusting in His Word."

Cardinal Denounced as "Homophobic" and "Violent"

Attention was ensured only for the references to  moral decay and legalizing aberrations. Esther Benbassa, Senator of the Greens, of Jewish faith, born in Istanbul and with French, Turkish and Israeli passport, insulted the Cardinal of having pronounced "outrageous statements."
Corinne Narassiguin, spokesman for the ruling Socialist Party and who specializes in "gay rights" and immigration, said she was "outraged" over the way in which the cardinal  could "attack gay marriage  in a sermon of hope in the face of terrorism." 
The former UMP minister of Youth, Health and Solidarity, Roselyne Bachelot, even spoke of an "unprecedented violence" that had been exercised through his words, and announced that "the fight against any and all discrimination" would be continued.

"Polemic Perfect Proof for What the Cardinal Wanted to Say"

 From the side of the Cardinal, it was noted that Vingt-Trois did not specifically mean "gay marriage", but a whole series of legal actions on issues of bioethics, of life beginning and the end of life.The Socialist government of President Hollande has been in power since 2012. Within a few years a number of measures in these areas, including so-called "gay rights" as well as the "gay marriage" and adoption rights for homosexuals, or  like surrogacy and euthanasia. The government advertises aggressively for the killing of unborn children and fights life rights organizations. France registered in 2015 218,100 abortions. It created public places where drug addicts can  shoot up legally. Gender ideology was adopted to be the official foundation of the entire education policy. It is already taught in the nursery and to children where they are early sexualized and aberrosexualized.
Cardinal Vingt-Trois criticized this "secular offensive"  and put them in a context of Islamic terrorism, which has shaken France, because it relates to the question of what the foundations of the state are, how good are these and what causal, direct or indirect connections there to the attacks. For this he was denounced as "homophobic" and "violent".
Vincent Neymon, spokesman for the French Bishops' Conference , responded by saying:
"Cardinal Vingt Trois had the courage to say what he thinks. This polemic is the perfect proof of what the cardinal wanted to say."
Text: Andres Becker
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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Ivan said...

When the eldest daughter of the church falls from grace, she will be punished more severely than the rest.

Barnum said...

It sounds like the Cardinal has awoken from his ideological slumbers and might even be wiping laicite from his eyes.

Pray for France. St. Remy, intercede for her and for us!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope so. In Catholic Prophecy by Yves DuPont, he mentioned a prophecy (sorry, the name escapes me) in which it says that France will cry out to God to save them. In return, God will finally send the King who will restore France.

O France, cry out to Him Who loves you with all the intensity of His Sacred Heart. He will hear you!

Anonymous said...

Everyone notice how at least 2x during his trip to Poland Pope Bergoglio used occasions with massive crowds to shove his beloved Muslim immigrants down their throats.
This I the whole reason for his trip to Poland I believe, NOT to participate in WYD, but rather at the times of the biggest audiences, to hammer his radical agenda and try to force people to first accept, and then welcome, these Muslim refugees/terrorists into their country. He harped on the issue incessantly. Like a broken record. The H with the Muslim "refugees"!

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Steve..This is most likely going to happen in every Western nation eventually.The importation of Muslims and non-Christians into the Western World has been planned for over a century.
Don't be deceived or naive,we are possibly on course for a global christian persecution.
You think its cool and copacetic to cast aspersions on France behind your keyboard when in fact we live in a very sinful nation ourselves?
We are all guilty and part of the problem,none of us are innocent.

Anonymous said...

Yet some traditional groups want to join and work with this very organization Francis lead's..let that sink in for a while.

Clinton R. said...

And yet Islam is not violent according to the Pope on his flight home from the WYD. If he talks about violent Muslims, then he must talk of violent Catholics. When was the last time anyone heard of Catholics beheading people? What nonsense!! Islam has been violent from the very start. Blood of many Christians has been spilled in the 1400 years since that dillusional fool Mohammed started this demonic cult.

Tancred said...

Leads, not lead's.

Anonymous said...

That's because Pope Francis is the ultimate deceiver. He'd twist anything to achieve his own agenda. And to the commentator above who spoke about the SSPX ,a traditional group wanting to join the Church Francis leads....think again. Bihop Fellay gave a speech basically saying no way...the way things are now under Franci...AND THE Vatican IS TRYING TO PUT SPIN ON THAT TOO. Example, Archbishop Pozzo and his comments.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

...originated from a Muslim, Hind Fraihi. As a Muslim, he enjoys a special treatment the Frenchman is not allowed.
I'm not entirely sure, but isn't Hind Fraihi a woman? Or are you talking about a different Hind Fraihi?

PaxTecum57 said...

Europe has become its own enemy. Pope Benedict XVl as Cardinal and Pope spoke out against the the attempts to de-Christianize Europe. The Peoples and the Government of Europe ignored the dangers. I believe Europe must take back its Christian identity to successfully battle Islam.

Tancred said...

Maybe GN isn't familiar with her gender. I'll check.

Anonymous said...


Ivan said...

I suspect that the US will be wiped out, not by Islam, but by fire and brimstone. Cool huh?

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't know what's going to happen.
Anything is possible at this point.
Some traditional clergy have suggested in order for the West to clean up its act,a persecution is coming.
The blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church.
Pray for final perseverance daily.

Unknown said...

Francis is truly demented. He compares common criminals who happen to be baptized Catholics with Islamic jihadis who are out to subjugate the world to Mohammedism.


Anonymous said...

"Mohammedism". That's a really antique word, of course to describe Islam/Muslims. Another older....but not entirely gone way of saying it is Moslems. Today most people spell it Muslims. I think it's actually a wrong spelling. The Nation of Islam, an Afro-American group used "Muslim" to describe themselves, but it's probably a wrong spelling. The oldest of all, is musselman (that's a Victorian era spelling for those following Islam.) And of course the oldest of all is Saracens (dates from the 11th century....but who knows where that came from).
One can use whatever word to describe them you want, but down thru the centuries it's always instilled fear. It's not a religion of peace, like Catholicism or Judaism or Buddhism( which probably has the most non-violent record of all) !
Damian Malliapalli