Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In Memoriam of Fabia Bernabei: Counterrevolutionary

Edit: we never knew him, but his work was extremely important to this blog, especially his continuing the work of Roberto de Mattei. Here's the obituary from Messa in Latino.

In memoriam of Fabio Bernabei

In memoriam (see in Italian HERE and HERE ) of a close friend who died prematurely. Cultured and faithful lover of Tradition. Scholar of the damage of drug use and dangers of sodomy (see HERE how he is  remembered by aberrosexual militants)

RIP and let us remember in our prayers.

by Guido Vignelli

Fabio-Bernabei Saturday, May 28, 2016 died Fabio Bernabei. Born in Rome on 1 November 1963, his untimely death is due to the return of a bone tumor which had struck him when he was just 16 years, from which he was soon cured, but it has taken decades after it and struck down 52 years of age.

Journalist and essayist, who trained at the school of counter-revolutionary prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, he was promoter of many initiatives and battles in defense of Christian civilization, especially as a founding member of the Association of Family Tomorrow and Cultural Center Lepanto, of which he became president in 2006, succeeding Professor Roberto de Mattei.

Fabio Bernabei was known for his documented and passionate denunciations of the promoters of moral dissolution and policy, especially drug trafficking, of aberrosexualism and "Christianophobia". His campaigns had win him numerous attacks by the Transnational Radical Party and in particular Emma Bonino.

Fabio Bernabei was Director of the online magazine, corresponding anti-drug international journal Narkotikafigan, Italian delegate of the National Rapresentative for European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD, Stockholm) and the Drug Watch International (DWI, Washington), and a consultant of the Policies Department of National Drug Control at the Italian Government. For his denunciation of the "drug culture", he had received Dublin's prestigious "International Veronica Guerin Award" in the category of freelance journalist.

Among his books, we remember those dedicated to refuting the drug ideology: Modern History of Drugs, I Libri del Borghese, Roma, 2010; Medical Cannabis?, Sugarco, Milan 2012; but also against militant aberrosexuality: Church and Homosexuality, Faith & Culture, Verona in 2009, and the one against the Western anti-Christian policies: Christianophobia. What Freedom of Apostolate for Catholics Today?, Solfanelli, Chieti 2010 (proceedings of a conference in Rome organized by him).

With the untimely death of Fabio Bernabei, he joins those other brave friends like Mario Palmaro, Enzo Peserico, Brutus Maria Bruti. We invite our readers to remember in their prayers and to recall in their hearts those other voices, that despite their health problems, have always been involved with sacrifice and courage for the holy Catholic cause. Requiescat in pace.

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